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Lol, at that paywall, it only let's you see a single sentence.

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Advertising, especially if it is intrusive and everywhere, can distract and irritate users. This can reduce interest in the content and make it difficult to navigate the platform. What do you think? Perhaps you know celebrities who have achieved success in various fields?


I admire Jessica Nigri because she has found her passion and developed in different areas. Interestingly, Jessica Nigri uses films about fictional characters as a source of inspiration and education to better understand and embody them through her cosplay images. Perhaps this is what attracted me to the Fanslet site, where there are quite a lot of celebrities who have achieved high results in their careers. For me, it reflects the depth of research and the desire to improve in the art of cosplay. It is also important that she strives to pass on her knowledge and experience to the next generation of cosplayers. It is a way of helping to develop a community and preserve its cultural significance. Development and growth in this field is not only a professional goal for her, but also a way to contribute to her own community and its future.

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Link to paywall-free version of the article: https://archive.is/6l9Ei

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Thank that garbage meta

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I mean, I would agree. I still use social media, but not as often or as enthusiastically as I did a year ago. I'm pretty sure you already know who I blame for this.


On the flip side, people might have just realized they simply had nothing to post about. Or this was my case. At most, I was posting on groups, where I was sure people would read what I posted, or I was addressing them (e.g. Hey everyone, what did you listen to lately?). But other than that, I was mostly commenting or even just liking.

What annoys me the most on Facebook is that you are being served content from people you do not follow, and is sometimes for things I am not even interested in. Like, I just want to follow my goddamn friends, is it that hard for you to do it, Meta?


on Facebook is that you are being served content from people you do not follow, and is sometimes for things I am not even interested in

It feels like the enshittification is almost complete. People came to Facebook because their friends and family posted there. Now Facebook is deprioritizing posts of friends/family in favour of ads.


@sbv exactly. And it's not just plain ads, like posts that are clearly evident that they're ads. It's simply posts from other public accounts/pages (that your friends might have interacted with, okay, but still) that you have no connection to begin with. Or - what's worse - pushing public groups posts in front of you; when you reply to these, they just show up as pending, as you're not a member of that group and the admins have to approve your comment (based on the settings they have for the group). What the hell, Meta? 🤯


These platforms recommend me falsehoods with braindead comments, on FB I can't even fight them because it forces me to use my real name.

The rest of the contents is ads from fake profiles. As everyone got tired of their bullshit, my friends aren't there anymore, except those who fell for propaganda and conspiracy theories.

If I post something I'm giving away my privacy for free and for company profits, whose greed is destroying democracy as it is and was.

Why would I go there?


Facebook got so bad that you couldn’t even see anything your friends posted. It was all sponsored content. So eventually most people completely stopped posting, myself included. It looks like they backed off that BS a couple of days ago, but it’s probably too late, the flight away has already occurred.

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@Anticorp Never used but wow, didn't know it got as bad. Good for you that you stopped posting on there, I would've the same.


People are tired of being farmed and manipulated?

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Umm, I don't know about y'all, but I'm not seeing any adverts here. Like none.

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It feels like the tragedy of the commons all over again, a public space becomes dominated by private interests and eventually destroyed.

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this is the correct usage of the term, if any. it was a stupid concept as originally envisioned

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Users say excessive ads, bots and misinformation have sucked the fun out of sharing publicly.

i think the fediverse might solve for a lot of this.

its still very early, the 'verse software space is still pretty wild-west, and there is no telling how 'the emojid masses' will take to the fediverse. That also assumes it can achieve sufficient momentum.

there would theoretically be enough diversity in the fediverse to account for many of those concerns. dont like bots? there are bot-free instances. hate ads? there are many self-sustaining , user-supported models.

not a given, but not outside the realm of possibility

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I worry about if the corps ever notice the fedi. It feels like it wouldn’t be very hard to overwhelm it with astroturfing, especially with the currently available tools for moderation

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I think commercial social media does a lot of subtle things to "drive engagement" that I don't think fediverse instances are doing. Like a sort of gamification of getting likes and followers and of course the algorithms that show us things that provoke our emotions.

Reading and participating here is a lot more relaxed feeling than I've had on profit-driven social media sites.

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i feel like gamification will become more pronounced as more applications allow for more expression of the full AP protocol.

i think youre wrong about fediverse implementation. lemmy is already pushing for downvotes everywhere, the 'bins expose 'reputation points'. gamification is somewhat inevitable as its a part of human nature, and seems to already be happening with or without 'commercial social media'

i agree with the relaxed feeling but i havent used those commercial sites (cept reddit) in decades, i cant really relate. the verse feels very early reddit-y to me, which is what i wanted.

... no ads, just people and links and nonsense, hooray!


lemmy is already pushing for downvotes everywhere

The only instances I’m familiar with that disable downvotes are Hexbear and Beehaw, which are hives of scum and villainy

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the 'bins do not federate their 'down votes' either, which bothers me.

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also, most of us aren't in it for money. that changes everything.

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I hope not

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