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Samsung Scummy Repair Contract Forces Shops to Destroy YOUR Phone! iFixit Drops Samsung Partnership!

Samsung forces repair shops to sign a TERRIBLE contract, that requires technicians to destroy your phone if they find non-Samsung parts in your device! iFixit is dropping their partnership with Samsung.

Why isn’t this bigger news?

argv_minus_one, avatar


Not only scummy, that's outright criminal.

SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

@argv_minus_one If we had regulators with spines...

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for all the in the fediverse, what is your best choice of carry on bag if you have to carry gadgets and equipment?

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@dekkzz76 I would say anything from keyboard/split keyboard to cameras to laptop to cabling

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laptops, cameras etc need to be in suitcases in the hold wrapped in clothes or bubble wrap

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I gave a talk at @republica in Berlin earlier today on the growing backlash to data centers.

As tech companies build more hyperscale data centers around the world, they demand even more energy and water — and some communities are fed up.

Check it out:

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Firefox Tip of ze day :

  • Sur mon laptop, je ne parvenais pas à ajouter ZoTop comme moteur de recherche, en usant de la méthode classique de sélection de l'url/click-droit/ajouter à la recherche.
  • J'ai ZoTop en moteur de recherche par défaut sur ma station de travail.
  • J'ai chopé le fichier search.json.mozlz4 de la conf du FF de ma station pour remplacer celui du laptop
  • Ça fonctionne, ZoTop est parmi les moteurs utilisables sur le FF du laptop.


@brunus J'ai le petit "+" dans la barre de recherche, mais ça m'envoie un message erreur du type "could not download the search plugin"

Alors j'ai installé une extension qui permet d'ajouter des moteurs de recherche

Et ça marche

brunus, avatar

@joannarrativa Yep ! J'avais le même message d'erreur en utilisant la méthode de la barre de recherche/d'url.

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“The thing that really upset Dorsey: Bluesky users demanded moderation and Bluesky put it into place. Yeah, that was the whole issue.”

Good reflection on “decentralized” social media and what Dorsey really wants from it by @davidgerard:

wjmaggos, avatar

@mpjgregoire @parismarx @davidgerard

with so much money and already working, he had to go build his own? I'm disappointed in him. harrumph.

mpjgregoire, avatar

Mr. Gerard mentions in his article the strange omission of ActivityPub from Mr. Dorsey's interview. I can see why he might think ActivityPub doesn't meet all his goals for a protocol, but the fact that it already exists and is growing should be reason to work for improvement, not to start a new initiative.

@parismarx @davidgerard

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Did Meta, “Call of Duty” and gun manufacturer Daniel Defense “groom” the shooter who killed 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas? Wrongful-death lawsuits brought by the victims’ families say yes. Read more from Tech Crunch:

danie10, avatar

@TechDesk crazy how would car manufacturers be held accountable for a driver who drives drunk or drives over a pedestrian... Games like this, too, can also help alleviate the rage that some people feel. If the allegation is correct, the majority of these players should be committing shooting crimes specifically.

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Is there an established term/neologism for the whole tech-bro attitude/belief/common-response of

"there is no UI issue, this is a good tool, anyone who's bothered to learn it understands this ... you just have a skill issue"

vimism? (genuine suggestion for a genuine question ... it's the term my brain uses)

underlap, avatar

@maegul Over-complicated?

dalfen, avatar

Although encrypted and stored locally on the hard drive, I wonder if the three months-worth of snapshot data could be used against someone in a court of law 🤔

(I’m not a lawyer, but my guess is—absolutely)

~ New Windows AI feature records everything you’ve done on your PC~

Galley, avatar

@dalfen Don’t give them any ideas! 😄

Linkshaender, avatar

At a certain point in time your stuff is geeky high-tech, the next moment you walk into the „early telecommunications“ exhibition in a museum and there‘s your old mobile phone. 😆
(Museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci, Milano)
#tech #history #retrocomputing

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pro tip: label your usb cables with their capabilities. maybe your hdmi cables too. #usb #tech

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In this week’s roundup, the couple who’ve made themselves the face of pronatalism keep their kids in a freezing home (they say by choice) and slap them to teach them right from wrong because they saw tigers paw their cubs in the wild.

Plus, Google’s AI fail, Kenyan workers write letter to Joe Biden, and more!

#tech #ai #pronatalism #ea #effectivealtruism

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Finally took a picture of all my laptops, took hours to set up😂

Hardware here includes:

  • ARM / x86_64 / x86_32
  • Chromebooks
  • MacBooks / MacBook Pros / MacBook Air
  • Many various PCs
  • SDR-DDR4 era

Operating Systems includes:

  • macOS Snow Leopard, Mojave, Ventura, and Sonoma
  • Windows 8.1 Embedded Pro, 10 Pro / Home, Windows 11 Pro
  • Ultramarine Linux 39 / 40, GNOME / KDE / Xfce
  • Bluefin DX
  • Arch
  • NixOS
  • Haiku
  • And begrudgingly, ChromeOS (one for testing, one I found that I have not yet submarined, whoops)

Laptops in the stacks are broken laptops.

There are 38 laptops here.

Yes I have a problem.

happyborg, avatar

@owen thank you. I now feel much better about owning four!

gintoxicating, avatar

microsoft replaced a tool that made "paste" always paste plain text with "an AI enhanced tool that enables you to intelligently paste the text from your clipboard into any format needed"

fuck you too microsoft, fuck you very very much

18+ Frances_Larina, avatar


next year: Microsoft is baffled as to why use of Notepad has skyrocketed.

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Anyone else's Google Assistant going crazy? On my OnePlus 12 and my Pixel tablet, this survey notification is replicating like crazy. Keep wiping them out, but they keep coming back.

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to Mute Assistant notifications???


@SomeGadgetGuy that's their way of nudging you to install Gemini instead

SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

@Ahslan LOL RIGHT! Google negging me all day 🤣

andrew, avatar

Looking for an outlet to place my more #tech-focused (and thus less #tax or strictly #law) policy writing -- anyone know of an outlet that might be amenable to a freelance contributor?

DMs are open, I'm a weekly columnist at Bloomberg Tax, contributor to Forbes Money, among some others. Looking for a tech publication that wouldn't mine hearing a tax/tech attorney and prof opine on things like the currently being contemplated #FCC AI rules, etc.

LouisIngenthron, avatar

@andrew TechDirt?

andrew, avatar


Good idea! I’ll do some digging.

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