The enforcer: Putin Orders Prigozhin's Arrest, Breaks Deal

Video description:

Putin breaks the deal with Prigozhin and says that criminal charges will NOT be dropped. The Russian Government is falling apart and Putin desperately tries to salvage the situation. All flights leaving Moscow are booked and oligarchs are fleeing. Subscribe to the channel for more updates! Make sure to support us on Patreon so we can keep covering news like this!

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I've seen no evidence an arrest was ordered. Where's the source on this?


not an arrest, but an ongoing investigation

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Kind of defeats the psyops theory. He clearly is angry with Pygozhin. And if it was, now is the perfect time they could have used the "Russian plan to counter insurgents" excuse to saved face.

The fact he is calling it a "Failed insurrection" means it was an insurrection.

The fact he is calling out traitors, means he felt betrayed.

I know that Putin gave this speech to display power, but all it did was confirm that Russia is cracking from the inside out.

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Doesn’t look like it was ordered.

Putin made no mention of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin in his short remarks but said the organizers of the revolt had betrayed the Russian people.

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Yeah, none of this is on the NY Times website, for example. Not that that's the final word--but I'd be more inclined to believe them than whoever The Enforcer is...

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Honestly, I'm still thinking this is some next level of maskirovka to reposition Wagner in Belarus for an attack.

niktemadur, (edited )
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Nothing these creatures have done so far remotely suggests that they are masterminds capable of thinking up and executing a plan with any level of complex subtlety. They can only perform like a brute sledgehammer, even when the situation calls for a screwdriver.


An interesting thought for sure!

Reporting from Ukraine covered this yesterday: until minute 3.

The most convincing counter-argument for me was the loss of 7 russian aircraft plus pilots in the turmoil.


People are rejoicing too much while we have no fucking idea what is really going as of now.

Most of this circus does not make much sense. I am waiting for more details to make judgement.

Your theory makes more sense than the narrative.


This has felt, and continues to feel, like a Game of Thrones episode.

I'm just not sure which set of seasons, yet.


Please don't let it have a completely unecessary Ed Sheeran cameo.


Obligatory mention that James Blunt had a key role in the Ballan events destroying Russia's international clout after the USSR fell in the 90s.

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Please do elaborate on that one...

John937, (edited )

Not quite, but would've.

His general refused an order from another general to fire on Russians, believing it would start ww3.

Blunt claims he would've refused the order too as a captain in the British army, if it hadn't already been refused higher up in the chain of command


Yeah I only knew he was a tank commander there, that's "key role" enough for me.

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Its weird to think how, at some points in time, individuals decide the fate of nations, and sometimes the world. Brings to mind that USSR officer who didn't trigger WW3/MAD by not believing the incoming missile warning was legit.

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On the other hand, when the question "is Putin doing something clever or something stupid?" Comes up it's increasingly more the latter than the former. It's possible that this situation doesn't make much sense because at its core it actually doesn't make much sense.


It all seems highly theatrical. The head of Wagner makes a huge deal about a coup and then just... stops? Like, these aren't stupid people. They knew there would be threats against their families, and they knew that Putin isn't trustworthy... especially toward someone who just went against his authority. Maybe they played him like a fiddle to paint him as a villain to further popularize the idea of absorbing Wagner...

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Like, these aren't stupid people.

I'm not so sure at this point.


My theory is that Prigozhin thought he could just walk in and take power, with the regular military falling in behind him, This was partially true except the main military seemed to be taking a wait and see approach, but Putin's loyalists threatened the lives of Wagner leadership's families to get them to back off, and then Putin saw the news coverage calling him weak for cutting a deal at all. Now Putin has to backtrack on his promise, which makes him seem even weaker.

Putin also has to find and capture Prigozhin before Wagner regroups and actually marches on Moscow. Which is still on the table.

The key here is that no one involved in this mess seems to be good at their job, they all seem to be petty would be dictators (or an actual petty dictator in Putin's case).

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"The key here is that no one involved in this mess seems to be good at their job, they all seem to be petty would be dictators (or an actual petty dictator in Putin's case)."

This is what happens in a government culture that leans so heavily on the importance of machismo and appearing strong, rather than actually being competent and promoting stability.

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The key here is that no one involved in this mess seems to be good at their job

I think this is a great point. A lot of seemingly inexplicable behavior on the part of various elements in Russia starts to make a lot more sense if you factor in the likelihood that they aren’t actually competent.


I find that every conspiracy theory falls apart if you just assume a normal level of incompetence and miscommunication.

What makes more sense, Putin playing some sort of masterful game where he looks incompetent, or he was actually arrogant enough to believe that his lapdog wouldn't turn on him, and never even considered that Prigozhin would march on Moscow?

Then Prigozhin just assumed that the regular army would turn around and join him. Bitch please, you aren't a war hero, you're a fucking mercenary murderer. Prigozhin takes the blame for committing atrocities all the time, both because he (and his men) do commit countless atrocities, but also because it's his job to take the blame.

It's like Eric Prince expecting loyalty from US servicemen because they are so impressed with how Blackwater runs.

So Putin, surprised as fuck (because everyone was) and on the back foot, threatens some families and cuts a deal with Prigozhin. Then sees the press eating him alive over it and is now trying to cover his ass again.

Apply this level of miscommunication and incompetence to any event is human history, and you likely have something resembling the truth.

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That seems like a bad idea when this guy was able to thunder run to basically moscow suburbs

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He'll likely be able to do it again, but won't until his family is out. Supposedly threats to their families was what stopped Prigohzin.

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I'd heard it wasn't threats to his family but to the families of other higher-ups in the organization. Might be hearsay though, it was just in a Mastodon thread.

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Very possible. Info is obviously limited. Either way, if they can remove that possibility, then that doesn't hold them back.


The fact that Prigozhim got away with this is so 1700’s that I still don’t believe it.


Haha, Ukranian propaganda is just plain awful. Need to get your stories straight! Still waiting on that cancer you all said he had to manifest. Wasn't he on the verge of death a year ago?

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Listening to you one would think you were talking about football or a girl you don’t like in homeroom. Why are you laughing? Whatever one’s position along the spectrum that reasonable people will differ across, no one is fucking laughing.

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This whole ordeal feels like a massive mess. What is actually going on here? Where are the Wagner forces now? Why is Putin making himself appear so weak/untrustworthy? What a mess of a country...


It seems like a mess because it's propaganda, and pretty shoddy propaganda at that.


Yes, Moscow had troops ready to blow up bridges and airplanes were destroyed deep in Russia were just bad Urkanian propaganda. There are no tanks in Baghdad, er, Moscow.


Just like how Putin was going to die of cancer in the next week....last year.

But for sure they're telling the truth about this!


You already said that.

Also who said that he's going to die? A click bait from one year ago and you can't get over it?


If Putin publicly stated he had cancer and was going to die, and then he didn't, it would be comparable. This actually happened. There is no way you can just say this coop attempt is just Ukranian lies.


The way i see it, he has one of three options:

  1. Start training for them Siberian Gulag Winters
  2. Learn to fly out of a high rise
  3. Rapidly evolve to withstand radiation
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Someone is going to need to take the fall for Putin looking weak. Now that Wagner forces are spread back out, I see him being a convenient fall guy.

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This is a big mistake on Putin's part. Progozhin showed Putin is weak and so another attempt will eventually follow. The next one will not take a deal since he knows it won't be honored. The next one will dictate a deal on the steps of the Kremlin.


Why won't Prigohzin try the real deal now that he's not getting what he wants? I mean why not right?

DevCat, avatar

He's been separated from his troops. But...

  1. If his troops are sent to the African continent, that's the end of him.
  2. If his troops are dispersed into the regular Russian army, this may just be the preface to a longer story. Consider, his troops are the most battle-hardened, and, would therefore, be looked up to by other troops. What better way to swell the ranks of loyal followers?

Has he been separated from his troups? I mean the troops can be all over the place but it feels like you are saying he has been forcefully separated from his troops (or vice versa)?

For the rest yeah that seems plausible or possible.

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Prigozhin is apparently in Belarus.


Interesting. I mean he was "invited", but do you have a source on that? I mean yesterday he was claiming lot of things non compatible with leaving his army and 'fleeing' to Belarus...

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MOSCOW, June 27 (Reuters) - Russian mercenary chief Yevgeny Prigozhin flew to Belarus from Russia on Tuesday after a mutiny that dealt the biggest blow to President Vladimir Putin's authority since he came to power more than 23 years ago.

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I am in shock

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Putin's so screwed. He has to punish Prigozhin or otherwise he looks weak. He can't punish Prigozhin because he'll look like he doesn't keep his words with his own subordinate/oligarchs. Those people that keep him in charge and protect him surely have deals with Putin that are now worth nothing. They either think he's weak or unreliable. Either way, he can't be the leader anymore. Prigozhin won the coup attempt no matter how this plays out.


I do wonder who is going to accidentally fall out of a window next


How to get yourself killed faster 101. What makes Putin think this is a safe situation for him to do this? I don't think it even salvage his shattered image of being a strong leader.


Even I was like "huh, Putin is just going to let him fuck off to Belarus after this whole thing, riiiiight".

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Hmmm. Putin dodged a bullet with Wagner stepping down. Looks like they'll probably be stepping back up.

Taijk, avatar

I can't see Wagner beiing able to do this again. But then again, grab a chair, grab popcorn.

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Just wait till next Friday, when the Ruzzian army is drunk again.

Detry, (edited )
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