richaesthetic, to finalcutpro avatar

Where are custom keyboard command sets stored? I deleted FCP as I the SFX folder isn't anywhere on my Mac, but forgot to export my command set before deleting the app. Luckily I have a time machine backup, so if I would know where the command sets are stored I could find them! 😅

felipebaez, to apple avatar

Funny, I didn’t see a lot of comments about the last event being shot on iPhone and edited on . Wondering if people didn’t really notice? 😂

matt, to random avatar

My super basic feature updates I want to see in my most-used pro apps:

Lightroom needs to let me bulk denoise images.

Final Cut Pro needs to put a progress bar on the dock icon when rendering out a video.

Give me these and I'll be happy forever.

tantramar, avatar

@matt progress bar plus a system beep when it’s done exporting.

Ric, to random avatar

Does anyone have a suggestion for the best plugins, transitions, effects, lower thirds web site for cc @geerlingguy

WTL, to apple avatar

Once again, I'm blown away at what my M2 Max MacBook Pro can do on battery power. While on battery power, I edited and exported a two and a half hour video out of , and the 4K HEVC export was 45 minutes.

It's going to take hours to upload the 43GB file because Rogers is garbage here. 🤷🏻

WTL, to random avatar

It continues to completely blow my mind that I can export a nearly three hour long video while on battery power on my MacBook Pro without cratering the battery. It's ridiculous.

WTL, to random avatar

Here's something I'm still getting used to on my 16” 2023 MacBook Pro; the completely insane battery life. I imported, edited, and exported a 4K video over three hours and seventeen minutes long in , and exported it on battery power, and it used about 21% of my battery. Doing this on my 2019 MBP would have crushed the battery to zero about half-way through the export.

WTL, to running avatar

Day 52 of recovery break. Smokey start to the day as a haze covered from wildfires. Got 34km of in, though the battery on the camera gave up after 27KM or so. Construction detours are as unclear as I was told. Might be cycling with a mask tomorrow if the smoke gets much worse.

WTL, avatar

@colin_gourlay Sure thing! I use a first generation DJI Action Cam (update the firmware and turn on RockSteady), a handle-bar bike mount (this one:, and use Final Cut Pro () to edit them - mainly trimming front and end, removing time at traffic lights and adding text. I’ve started a how-to video on on it.

adamschoales, to random

This morning, after upgrading to 10.6.6 I noticed a bunch of my audio stopped working. I dug into it and a bunch of my audio plugins are now appended with 2 at the end. Not all, but some.

Was this intentional, or a bug? Because it broke a bunch of stuff…

latenite, to random avatar

@stroughtonsmith I created an app that allows you to convert Final Cut Pro (for Mac) libraries into Final Cut Pro (for iPad) projects.

From idea to App Store submission in one day. Still waiting for Apple to approve or reject sadly. My first app to be released that uses Swift and Swift UI!

One-time payment of $4.99 in your local currency (i.e. AUD4.99, USD4.99, CAD4.99), otherwise it will default to a USD$4.99 equivalent (i.e. ¥700).

jann, avatar
WTL, to random avatar

Exporting a 160 minute 4K video on laptop battery power because I'm too lazy to get off the chesterfield, walk to the desk, and plug it in. It absolutely blows me away what is possible with modern hardware.

WTL, to random avatar

Here's a weird one; popped up a requester just now asking to download a bunch of fonts, one at a time. 🤷🏻

RGPphotog, to random
stroughtonsmith, (edited ) to random avatar

Apple brings Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to iPad: “Beginning Tuesday, May 23, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for iPad will be available on the App Store as subscriptions.” ($4.99 (US) per month or $49 (US) per year)

kbsez, avatar


This appears to be a big deal --- a big move. Right?

Will this mean Apple will start taking more seriously from a promotion and support point of view?

I've owned the Pro Suite of tools for years and have them on my MBP that I take everywhere so I'm not sure about this but I know a lot of people have been asking for an iPad version.

I just hope this means big things for and that Apple starts promoting it and supporting it in the pro market as well as the prosumer

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