RayKuntz, to cycling
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8 inches/20cm of heavy wet snow has blown in 3 days after the ski mountain closed for the year. The drifts were well over a foot deep in some places and I had do a bit of “fatbike cyclocross” to get to town.

derekvanvliet, to cycling
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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1332

WTL, to cycling
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cyclingtogether, to legal
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Thanks to Myriam, to @m4lvin and to @BIKE_PEDRO for the donations 🤩 we love that you support our journey 🫶


ssamulczyk, to cycling
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! It’s absolutely and hell out there. are very brave and that’s how you build grit and character. They’re hardened up to a point they said it wasn’t that bad today…🤡 @cycling @rower


pete, to cycling
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cyclingtogether, to cycling
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Our route, the only existing road, led us all the way up into the mountains. Since we hadn't seen snow in a long time, it was kind of exciting. But the most amazing part of being there was smelling the cool, fresh air without air pollution from cars and trucks. Although it looked on the map like it should have been a big road, there was barely any traffic. When we arrived at the mountain pass (2250m), a very nice downhill awaited us. Wow, this was great 🤩
Around midday we reached Yüksekova, where we had lunch and bought a Turkish sim card. In the afternoon we cycled on with the idea of finding a nice campspot and finishing the cycling day early. It turned out to be super difficult to find a spot to pitch our tent. We cycled along the Nehil river. The land around the river was extremely wet and muddy, not a good idea to pitch the tent. Then the landscape changed from wide swampland and farm fields to a narrow valley with steep rocky mountains on both sides, also no possibility to pitch the tent. So we kept pedaling and pedaling. Finally, we saw a flat and grassy place 20m away from the road. We pushed the bikes up there when we suddenly realized we were being watched from the mountain peak. Armed military men shouted down to us 'yallah, yallah,' sounding like 'get your butt off here...' and that's what we did. We almost lost hope. Finally, we found a place where we saw no military posts or guards around and where we could set up a bivouac (no tent).
We cooked a very delicious meal with lots of veggies and fell asleep immediately 😴

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jhilden, to cycling
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The familiar observation that old houses usually lack proper bike storage made me wonder: how did people actually park their bikes back when bikes were the primary mode of urban mobility?

Out in the streets! Photos of 1940s bike stands answering the riddle, courtesy of Finnish archives.

Also, there are more bikes per capita now.


#BikeTooter #cycling

Wooden bike stand somewhere in Swedish Lapland (Torneå) in the 1930s–1940s, with bikes parked under a roof at a 45° upward angle

benfulton, to cycling

Philadelphia: Activists partied to stop cars from parking in bike lanes

This story is depressing for its implicit assumption that churchgoers have no way to attend church if they don't drive cars. Sure, "Some are elderly with mobility challenges while others are young families" but that implies that some are not. Can they carpool? Take the bus? Ride bikes?


theTractor, to cycling Italian
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C'è necessità di partecipazione

ssamulczyk, to cycling
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with the from hell. The weather went to shit with wind speed of 30km/h with gusts up to 60… No because I was to busy pushing them so they can make it to school…🤡 @cycling @rower


meganL, to cycling
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derekvanvliet, to cycling
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meganL, to cycling
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Guarded good news! Sometimes writing on a comment card or giving feedback for a business works!

I had written before with a suggestion a year or more ago. But I wrote again recently and have now received two replies. If they agree to meet, I will demonstrate to them how bad these "lightning bolt" racks are and see if we can get staple racks or Sheffield racks there.

lioracle, to Seattle
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Nothing like the pleasure of seeing my tiny (~30lb) 5 year old blaze around the park having newly mastered the Woom 2 pedal bike. Edmonds civic center park, great for this purpose!

mckra1g, to cycling
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It’s a gorgeous day to take Gladys out for a spin.


#GladysOTR #cycling #bike #authorLife #biking #park #chicago #BikeTooter #selfCare

jitensha_oni, to cycling
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Passing distance experiment no 124, April 2024.
Best month since last June, though the word hasn’t yet got round to many Walton-on-Thames residents. A refuse truck driver gets the best driver prize 🏆.

jhilden, to cycling
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Oldtimey weird family
“Johan August Florin and daughters Hjördis and Lisi Florin cycling”, photographed in Tikkurila (Vantaa, near Helsinki) by Floria Lydin, around 1887

tfrank_de, to cycling
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Super Interesting! Cane Creek unveiled it's new Gravel suspension fork, the "invert".

As the name suggests, it's an upside-down design.

And other as the marketing suggests, it's of course by far not the 1st gravel fork nor is it even the 1st gravel suspension fork. From June on, there will be 2 versions. 1 with 30 and 1 with 40 mm travel.

I welcome the addition and hope more variants from other brands will follow.



ssamulczyk, to cycling
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wmd, to cycling
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Ready for interrail/bike journey! I think, I now hear my bike needs a cover for certain french trains.😅

cyclingtogether, to iran
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Contrary to our fears, the border crossing went very smooth.
Of course we had to -still on the Iranian side - remove the bags from the bicycles and slide them through the x-ray scanner.
At the passport and visa control, the officer tried to convince us that our visa had expired. 'No, that's not the case' we explained and showed him that he should not consider the time period for picking up the visa, but rather calculate 90 days from the date on the entry stamp. He kept the visas (for Iran it is on a separate paper, as some countries would refuse entry when having an iranian entry stamp in the passport) and gave us back our passports.
In the next room, we were greeted in High German and immediately led to the next x-ray scanner. All the locals, with their worn bags, old suitcases, and dozens of plastic bags full of tomatoes, had to wait. We felt totally uncomfortable and so sorry when we saw how the Turkish border guards treated these people.
As quickly as possible, we packed all the bags from the bike into the scanner and were then asked to push the entire bicycle through 🤣 Wow, we had never experienced anything like this before! - too bad we didn't have a photo of that! - then got the entry stamp and off we went...

The first thing Fiona did, on turkish ground, was removing the headscarf 💁‍♀️

The temperature was quite chill up there and the snow was within reach. From the border we pedaled ~15km uphill until almost sunset and until we found a suitable campspot for this night 🏕️ 😴


AmiW, to Amsterdam German
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⚪ Mehr... Lieblingsfotos?
🟤 More... Favorite photos?
📷 by Artist: #GosseBouma in Loc.: #Amsterdam Netherlands 🇳🇱 - Title: "Illumination"- #Art #Streetart #PhotoArt #Fotografie #Photography #Artist #Fog #Cycling #Bike #Streetphotography ➡️ #APhotoLove Website: https://www.gossebouma.com/

LabSpokane, to cycling
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I’ve been hot waxing my bike chains for about a season now, and the difference in wear versus wet lubricants is astounding. I would have ground through at least one chain by now. Instead, there’s hardly any wear at all.

This is only dry conditions riding. No mud no rain. But this is totally workable for me. Best results have been starting with a new chain and waxing that versus an old, dirty chain.

All I needed was a $15 crock pot and paraffin canning wax.
#BikeTooter #cycling #chainwax

schizanon, to portland
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The 7th First Annual Ladds 500 took place in southeast Portland today and it was absolutely amazing. Well over 500 people (estimated!) pedaled circles around Ladd Circle Park until they hit 100 miles. They began at 10:00 am and some of them are probably still pedaling as I type this.


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