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'I'm so proud of her!': Far-right trolls post video bragging about their baby saying a racial slur

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First Gen Z Congressman Lays Bare A 'Damn Hypocrisy' Of Marjorie Taylor Greene

#farright #genz

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A politician in 's had been dismissed from a post. The deputy parliamentary group leader in the parliament, , was sacked from the administration board of his local church after the diocese of ruled that he could not serve in a church office. "As the face of a party that represents attitudes that contradict the view of humanity, he damages the credibility of the church"
H/t @marion_grau

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Fox News Contributor Trashes 'Idiot' Marjorie Taylor Greene In Damning Opinion Piece

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New Zealand unions collaborate with thousands of job cuts

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Speaker is plowing ahead on a plan that has roiled his conference & prompted 2 to push an effort to oust him….
But instead of the complex 4-part plan he floated this week, Johnson now intends to try to pass 5 bills — 1 each for to , , & allies, …a wish list of priorities & a 5th…to address widespread Republican… [ ] demands….

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#GOP leadership announced that the #House would stay in session until Sat to consider the bills.
[good friggin luck]
The new approach is risky & is already blowing up on the speaker, who…is being threatened by …#MarjorieTaylorGreene to invoke a “motion to vacate” to topple #MikeJohnson if he puts #Ukraine #aid on the floor, something to which many #FarRight #Republicans aka consumers of [#Russian #disinformation; #Putin & #Trump lackeys] object.

#HouseRepublicans #NationalSecurity #democracy

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"" zealot, , has based his entire identity on outrage over nonexistent . He wants a system where the electorate is comprised exclusively of white, , conservative men, just as intended. So you might be surprised to learn that he's just been caught forging hundreds of signatures on his petition to run for state office.

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Speaker ’s job is in serious jeopardy as members are threatening to oust him after the leader proposed a complex plan intended to key foreign during wartime.
Johnson introduced a 4-part prop Mon night to decouple for , which faced a barrage of missiles & drone threats from over the weekend, & help for in its fight against , along w/2 other measures.

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Anti abortion insanity comes to #Italy.
Italy passes measures to allow anti-abortion activists to enter #abortion clinics | The Guardian #farright #womensrights

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Italy's far-right prime minister brands surrogacy 'inhuman' as she calls for greater penalties

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Far-right TX activist starts new group months after white supremacist scandal bust

#farright #white

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Germany's far-right AfD polling high, despite legal scrutiny

> The German nonprofit investigative newsroom Correctiv has looked into the cases of 48 members of the Alternative for () party, many of whom are accused of brutal physical attacks, verbal assault and incitement to hatred.

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Planet Fitness outlets receive bomb threats after far right derides gym policy

#backlash #farright

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Sunak urged to stop Braverman speaking alongside far right at Brussels convention

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'Goebbels would be proud' of Tucker Carlson's 'unabashed hatred of Jews': NewsNation host

#farright #tuckercarlson

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The #farRight continues to invent lies to prop up their fact-free worldview. It must be a constant struggle to make up nonsense to keep their fundamentally broken, anti-intellectual followers steeped in ignorance. To be clear, the media, including mainstream and progressive outlets covered Rep. #JacksonLee's factually baseless #eclipse claims almost immediately. But that doesn't fit the #rightwing narrative, so #TheBlaze has made up this bullshit.


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Prominent conspiracy theorists are going to court over the rights to the anti-COVID-vax film 'Died Suddenly'

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Two far-right conspiracy theorists to pay up to $1.25m for robocall campaign

#farright #jacobwohl

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Far-Right Alliance Defending Freedom Behind AZ Abortion Ruling


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