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Holter and the Nazis knew they needed to control the courts to raise their Third Reich.

The knew the same thing when they corrupted by installing theocratic puppets.

The is following the Nazi roadmap to raise their .

American democracy is dying.

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🎯Via Shannon Watts:

Sen. Mitch ’s legacy will be that he purposefully undermined America’s first Black president, he broke the Supreme Court, he helped elect a fascist President, and he abetted up an insurrection on American soil.

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@GottaLaff How his legacy is written may depend upon who is writing the history. If the get full control, which I am not at all sure will not happen, he may well appear in a Riefenstahlian documentary as a early hero of the Reich.

Let's hope there is a massive voter turnout in the fall. Even then, the already controlled states may perfect the coup attempted last time around, as Hartmann has described.

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    Here is an anti- reading list from December 2016 👇🏽 @bookstodon

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    Macron pays false tribute to French-Armenian resistance fighter Missak Manouchian

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    Haley Wins Richland/Columbia, Charleston and Beaufort counties in
    The most populace counties. Finishing with 39.6% overall.

    ▪️Haley won 3 of the state’s 10 largest counties, and in 4 of the 7 she didn’t Trump failed to get out of the 50s
    ▪️Haley may have done well enough to get delegates from the primary

    The rapist is a loser and a madman and 40% of his own team knows it.

    The rapist is the "incumbent repub nominee, just went to one of America’s Reddest states for a Red primary and—facing one opponent—managed to get only 59% of the Red vote.
    Meanwhile, his sole opponent got a higher vote share on Election Day in South Carolina than she’d ever gotten in any South Carolina primary poll."

    So of course the rapist came out and lied: Republican fascist never been more one has ever seen unity like this. Bla Bla Bla.

    And US major nodded along dutifully.

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    "The idea that voters in vote today for a man who wants summary on-site executions—the death penalty without investigation or trial—for shoplifters is stunning, especially considering the odds that most of their white teenaged kids have shoplifted at some point. Imagine voting for a man who wants to k*ll your children and who just proudly told you that on video." -s.a.

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    so awesome how theres guys with #nazi flags marching across various #american #cities and it gets minimal #media attention while we can all deep dive into the minutia of the lives of ivy league #students for fucking months because students supporting #palestine on #college campuses is such a #nation gripping #controversial and important #phenomenon unlike actual #fascist #rallies i guess

    #fucknazis #usa #america #australia #antinazi #classwar #oppression #repression #killyourlocalnazi

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    Monster Charlie Kirk Wants Coca-Cola Sponsored "Televised" Executions of Trump's Political Opponents
    Kirk suggested children should be forced to watch them too

    Video and story ⤵️

    Circuit court blocks judge's decision to release white supremacist for being 'selectively prosecuted' (

    A federal appeals court panel on Thursday moved to stay a district judge’s order that cleared the release of an alleged leader of a white supremacist organization who had previously fled the U.S. to evade prosecution....

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    Chris Rufo Has Ties To Yet Another Fascist Racist Right-Wing Rag, Surprise Surprise!

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    broke into and defender home at 06:00 local time and her and took her to an facility in


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    "Americans must not fall for the two greediest and most unscrupulous businessmen in the world—DONALD TRUMP and ELON MUSK—tossing our democracy into the toilet to enrich themselves.
    These men have betrayed our country, are now endangering the whole world, and must be kept far from all government functions. Trump must be jailed and denied re-election; Musk must see all his government contracts and taxpayer subsidies end immediately.
    Americans should not be paying for the destruction of America." -s.a.

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    Russia-Ukraine latest: X suspends Navalny wife's account - as Moscow puts brother on wanted list (

    The widow of Alexei Navalny, Yulia Navalnaya, has had her X account suspended. Meanwhile, his brother has been put on Moscow wanted list's. Listen to a Daily podcast special on Russian opposition in the wake of Navalny's death as you scroll.

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    ▶ Right-Wingers FIGHT Over Who's The Better Fascist

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    The whole "let's replace Joe Biden with an invisible pink unicorn at the convention" thing is nothing but a fantasy that is apparently entertaining to some political and media types, but it is a delusion.

    The time to get Biden not to run for reelection was late 2021. Which would have also destroyed his ability to get big progressive wins like the Inflation Reduction Act.

    The politics of replacing Biden at this juncture are disastrous and no one should pretend otherwise:

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    @LALegault @mattsheffield
    And I prefer the genocidal maniac ( ) to the genocidal ( ).

    Noch Fragen?

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