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Haiti situation 'catastrophic' and growing worse, says UN


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'Britain cannot stay silent on atrocities in DRC to protect our Rwanda deal'

'It has resulted in mass displacement, #violence and potential #genocide, jeopardising millions of lives. While the United States (US) and other European nations have publicly expressed concern at the United Nations Security Council, Britain’s silence speaks volumes.'

#Rwanda #UK #migration #asylum #politics #Conservatives #Conservative #Tory #Tories

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▶ Netanyahu Promises More Violence After Attack on Rafah That Killed 18 Children

#airstrikes #violence

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7-day stretch of violence reveals extent of issues Saskatoon faces heading into summer 2024

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Serious violence down sharply in England and Wales


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Haitians scramble to survive, seeking food, water and safety as gang violence chokes the capital

#portauprince #violence

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Inside the wave of narco-violence sending shockwaves through Lionel Messi's hometown

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"Many Nazis consider themselves Christian, which means that the bigotry in their hearts and the violence that they intend is the thing they worship as their God, which whatever you might think about Christian tenets isn't a Christian tenet."

~ A.R. Moxon

#Nazis #fascists #Christians #violence #WhiteSupremacy

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"On the other hand, I can't help but notice that a frightening number of Christian institutions and leaders and parishioners don't do much to differentiate themselves from these Nazis, at least not in the way they use their religion as a rationale both for their bigotry and for practicing the popular traditional form of violence known as supremacy."

#Nazis #fascists #Christians #violence #WhiteSupremacy

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Violence Is A Key Part Of The Republican Party Strategy


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From HQ
Joe notes there's a pattern of violence here

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Hey folks:

Looks like I'll be on Velshi on MSNBC tomorrow at about 10AM ET talking about violent GOP rhetoric and its impact.

Because being a historian of late 18th and early 19th century political violence has far more relevance than it should have...

#democracy #politics #violence #GOP #Trump

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News live: attorney general says Australia facing a 'crisis of male violence'; hospitals deliver record wait times for surgery

#attorney #violence

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Essential thread by Mark Jacob
on the use of political violence in the U.S. today.

#Journalism #Democracy #Violence


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'Violence Against Women' Is a 'Male Violence' Problem

#time #violence

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