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May 23
Remembering prosecutor , killed by the on this day in 1992, along with his wife and three policemen, in ,

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Milky Way over Dolomites, Italy 🇮🇹

The Milky Way is best seen during the summer months (from June to August) in the Dolomites. During this time, the galactic core is positioned high in the night sky, offering the best view of the Milky Way's band of stars, dust, and gas.

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Naples region rocked by more than 150 quakes

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Europe supports, finances and is directly involved in clandestine operations in North African countries to dump tens of thousands of Black people in the desert or remote areas each year to prevent them from coming to the EU #fortresseurope #europe #eu #europeanunion #africa #Tunisia #Mauritania #Morocco #spain #germany #italy #racism #border #migration #torture #death

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Sometimes I answer to job postings even though I'm a PhD student and researchers with contract. Most jobs are not compatible with my current duties, but I see it as both a chance to "stay in shape" and getting to know interesting and interested companies and people for future collaborations or employment.
Today I have to bid adieu to a company I've been keep an eye on for years.
I sent my CV and received a mail from HR, openong with my named misspelled, asking my current salary (which is predictable with high confidence by the position I've written on my CV) because «it is useful for us to know if your desired salary is in line with our budget».
I seriously do not think that's how it works and I'm telling that.
I may be petty about the misspelling (some may say I'm aware of microaggressions), but my desired salary ≠ my current salary and no salary budget information was disclosed to me in return.
Tech workers and Italian workers are particularly bad with salary negotiation, and that must change, this looked a bit past the line.

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RT by @CopernicusEU: #EMSR712 #Floods in #Italy 🇮🇹

Over the weekend, our #MappingTeam delivered its Grading Product for the Gorgonzola Area of Interest, east of #Milano

As of 18 May, at 10:40 UTC:
➡️~43 ha of flooded area was detected 🌊

More in our Situational Reporting 👇

[2024-05-20 08:06 UTC]

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I have 2 1/2 weeks of travel. Doing a bit of Belgium, & France, then getting Lisa so we can hike in the Dolomites.

The distance is only about an hour more than what it used to take us to go from the outside of Houston to Dallas.

Places in Europe are sooo close together!

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There’s one crucial point on which the #Dutch will still keep the faith with #Europe: #Ukraine. Just like #Italy’s right-wing Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, the Netherlands’ new far-right government will stick with Ukraine. The incoming government will support Kyiv, truly, deeply and constantly. As I have previously written, paying obeisance at the western world’s newest shrine, Kyiv, appears to have become a purity test of sorts.

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The Kh-101 is made entirely of Western components. The USA and other Western countries find themselves unable to stop the supply of their microelectronics to Russia, yet they forbid hitting Russia with Western weapons

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"The inhuman tragedy" of what is happening in "brings to mind the tragedies and devastation" that occurred in the Second World War and "call us to a renewed commitment against dictatorships.

From all this comes support for Ukraine".

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In German Chancellor Olaf Scholz's SPD party, voices began to be heard for Western troops to take part in the defense against Russian airstrikes in Ukraine.

"In the current military situation, I consider it necessary and responsible to deploy German anti-aircraft missile forces on NATO territory on the border with Ukraine in order to protect the airspace over Western Ukraine - for example, with the help of Patriot systems," SPD defense expert Joe Weingarten said.

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@pepe @noelreports

#France sent the missiles for the SAMP/T battery provided by #Italy.

Anyway I was thinking why Ukraine can't have an air defense managed by NATO, like #Kuwait or #Israel, as you said.

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