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Current student, future #MentalHealth counselor 💬💗💭

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_ohcoco_, (edited ) to Russia
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Ex- operative explains why is ‘scared’ after ’s death, and Navalny's reports that she has been told to have a private for her or else they "will do something to his >>>


_ohcoco_, to USpolitics
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_ohcoco_, to random
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_ohcoco_, to Russia
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#Amanpour to ex-#Putin adviser: Why do you want to send your men to be slaughtered? >>>


Amanpour is a world-class #interviewer 💪


_ohcoco_, to ethelcain
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jcutting, to random
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My wife bought this kettle from a cute antique store located below an overpass in Tokyo. I like it, but it never seems to run out of water and loudly moans at night when no one is around.

I tried to go back to the store to ask about that, but all I found was a brick wall where it should have been.

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@jcutting 😏

slcw, to church
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Commander #MikeJohnson is treating the #HouseOfRepresentatives like his own private #church. He calls meetings to address legitimate government business, and spends 2/3rds of the time preaching from his #Bible, and butchering history to craft Biblical rationalizations for his predetermined agenda. The People's House is not a goddamned church, or a venue for #Christofascist pigs to inject #Christianity into our secular government.

#ChristianNationalism #religionOfHate


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@slcw oof

PatrickoftheG, to random
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Hello Mastodon.

I am once again looking for some fun accounts to follow from Australia and New Zealand. I am often up late and my Home Feed just dies a miserable death.

Having some people who are up at that time would be good for me.

Give me your recommendations.

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@deborahh @PatrickoftheG @dgar @capibarabot @hourlykitten I follow hourly otter & racoon :o)

br00t4c, to apple
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@br00t4c I need to find a nice watch like this for a friend, but one that also has fall-alert capability. I think he'd pay around that...lmk if you see anything?

_ohcoco_, to music
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Father John Misty - Real #Love Baby Official [#Music Video] >>>



_ohcoco_, to relationships
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_ohcoco_, to Futurology
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’s Biden Witness Told Feds He Got Stories From Russian Officials >>>

admitted to federal authorities that he had ties to high-ranking Russian officials, according to a memo from special counsel David Weiss filed on Tuesday, who said that those ties "are not benign...During his custodial interview on February 14, Smirnov admitted that officials associated with were involved in passing a story about Hunter []."


LALegault, to random
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Everything’s fine.

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@LALegault 😔

_ohcoco_, to animals
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Phoebe Was Terrified Of #Kittens - But Now Can't Leave Their Side ❤️ | The Dodo >>>



_ohcoco_, (edited ) to science
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Growing up, Mimi felt ashamed because she wasn’t like other #girls, but a chance discovery at 21 changed that. >>>

When she was first told about the enzyme deficiency, she says she was "reassured that I was...a girl, but that I just couldn't do the things that typical girls could do. I was also told that I couldn't tell my siblings or friends about this."



_ohcoco_, (edited )
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Edited notes from the #Australian Broadcasting Channel >>

#Intersex is an umbrella term for a range of #chromosomal #variations that are #natural #biological events, estimated to happen in ~1.7% of #population (about the same as #redheads, which my child is :o)

There are over 30 intersex variations with varying degrees of impact. For some, intersex features are noticeable from birth, while others don’t realise until they try for children. For more information, read:


_ohcoco_, to Ukraine
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Son of #Russian #oligarch known as ‘only man #Putin trusts’ mysteriously dies at 35 after complaining he was 'suffocating' >>>

The death of Ivan Sechin, 35, heir to #IgorSechin, 63, who runs #Rosneft, was kept quiet for two weeks.

Yes, I realize this comes from The Sun 😏

If you scroll down, they have a section on all the "elite Russians," many connected to the energy sector, who have died since the invasion of #Ukraine.


StillIRise1963, to random
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It's weird that people come into a room full of empty chairs and decide to sit next to you during a PANDEMIC.

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@StillIRise1963 @pseudonymsupreme I also used to do that, and for a long while after '20 I didn't, but now I've started again because I miss people. I sit further away and wear a mask 🙃

_ohcoco_, to random
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#Neurosurgeon pioneers #Alzheimer's, #addiction treatments using ultrasound >>>

One man who received the ultrasound treatment for addiction said that he no longer had cravings! Dr. Ali Rezai has previously developed treatments for #parkinsons and other #neurological disorders.


_ohcoco_, to Nashville
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csilverman, to random
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(iOS 17 came with increased zoom levels in Notes, so I got real tiny for that last one)

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@csilverman That's cool :o)

il, to random French
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@il wow - I've never seen that moment from this angle. How frightening

StillIRise1963, to random
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Citizen Trump is selling sneakers.🤣

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@dalfen @StillIRise1963

He's a huckster, through and through.

violetblue, to random
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This is a reminder that most people are not getting accurate covid information or access to free prevention and survival resources.

We're headed into a very rough pandemic year where LOT of people will learn extremely hard lessons.

Please share to raise awareness: https://www.patreon.com/posts/huge-free-covid-86871700

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@violetblue ah! I've been looking for this - thank you!

bleuje, to random French
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@bleuje oohhh that's neat!

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