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Making plans for .
I'm taking Mom out for weekend of fun & pretty sights. Butterfly Gardens, on West Saanich Rd, offers free admission for all Moms on Mother's Day. We will go there, after family brunch at home. We're going to drop a crab trap at a small dock in Sidney before Butterfly Gardens & check it a few hours later. We'll visit a nature park for walk & have picnic eats by the seaside. We'll go feed some goats, after picnic. Then go check my crab trap & hopefully catch a few 😊

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Moms with young children, there's this event at :

Meet and greet real princesses from Island Princess Parties in enchanting settings, styled to princess fantasy perfection by I Dream in Decor.

Our high tea inspired menu will include tea sandwiches, scones served with cream and jam, mini cupcakes, petit fours, macarons, hot teas, cold teas, and other sweet and savory surprises. All moms get treated to a Magical Mom Mocktail.

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To report a spill & any pollution or illegal activities you witness in in & areas - please add this number to your quick dials:


I suggest you record your call(s) for backup accountability purposes.

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I like taking unidentifiable photos of strangers & park enjoyment scenes, when I'm out & about in parks.

Today, my stranger subjects were a family. Parents enjoying a sunshine filled, park walk, with their baby.

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#birdwatching at the #GorgePark #estuary & nature conservation area. Lots of ducks & other waterfowl were out on this sunny afternoon.

It was a lovely time, in a nearby park 😊


#YYJwalks #nature #ducks #waterfowl #wildlife #Esquimalt #Saanich #VictoriaBC #VancouverIsland #PNW #wetlands #marshes #ecosystems #ProtectNature

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Gizmo is 7 months & was rescued from Fort St. John, a few months ago. He's already grown a lot since adoption date. There's a few other puppies from same place that have been adopted to families in Victoria.

Vid of us meeting him:

#AdoptDontShop #RescueDogs #DogsOfYYJ

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Gizmo enjoyed his first adventures at today. He was very curious about some folks who were hanging out, under the bridge, on the other side of the waterway.

Gizmo's backside - on fenced off area, under the bridge - he is looking across waterway.

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