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Buying plants online,:a short thread. There's no substitute for a good plant nursery/garden center near where you live. I'm lucky to have several. But not everyone does, and sometimes if you're after something specific, something rare, you can find what you want online. But will you get what you paid for? Will they survive?

Here's my latest shipment from Far Reaches Farms in Port Townsend, WA. Let's open it and see how it's done.

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Buying plants online, part 2. First, sellers need a license to ship plants across state lines in the US. There are some restrictions state-by-state. This is to prevent invasive species and diseases from spreading. Make sure any online vendor you work with follows these rules. Shipping internationally is even more restrictive, for very good reasons. Sellers on eBay often flout these rules, please don't use them. Ditto with Amazon.
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Is there anything more than a willow (or other natural fiber) basket? I use the for , plant supports, living fences, , kindling, garden terraces and so much more. Cutting it makes it grow vigorously. It’s grows wild in the ditch or creek and in cultivation in the field. It composts! I keep discovering new uses every day.

Basket under construction in the snow
Handmade willow basket holding green beans
Woven willow structure holding compost

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Today, on International Earth Day, I bring you a photo of my favorite Chilean plant. Puya alpestris or chagual, this beautiful plant is slow growing, and can take many years to flower, between 2 and 5 years. Human action has caused the population of these plants to decrease, which is affecting species such as the largest butterfly in Chile, which is now in danger of extinction. You never know how the disappearance of one species could doom another.

In the photo, a plant endemic to Chile, Puya alpestris appears as a bush of gray-green and pointed leaves; It has tall stems arranged in an inflorescence containing many very unusual blue-green flowers.

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Someone holds a dandelion in their hand, inside a forest.

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A bit late for - Wood Speedwell from the grounds of the American cemetery at Cambridge last weekend.

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on growth & form
seasonal psychedelia

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Some places where crabapple blossoms naturally fell & landed

Pot with banana peel & yard cuttings, I use to make enriched water to fertilize plants, naturally. Banana peels are one of my super boosters - been using them for years to create natural plants boosters.

Crabapple blossoms on ferns
Crabapple blossoms in birdbath, with succulent propagation
Crabapple blossoms in pot with banana peel & grass & weed cuttings.

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Yooooo! Some spring cleaning in our front yard. My crepe myrtle, lillies, and forsynthia all came back strong!
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Slipped my handlers and absconded to the nursery. 😈

They aren’t going to get any Carolina Reaper peppers in this year at all, so if the Farm Witch can’t find them for me, I’m SOL.

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Good luck little buddy! You did great in water, time to move on to dirtier pastures!


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Sunflower kisses and butterfly wishes 🌻


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"Food connects us all.
It represent our culture, our identities and biodiversity.
To protect the seeds, crops and fruits that have nourished our communities through generations is a powerful act of resistance."



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