jscholes, to accessibility
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If you're wondering, an appropriate response to someone posting about their issues with a product is not to point out that the maker of the product considers it to be .

RareBird_15, to RSS
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Can anyone recommend a good feed reader for that does well with both text and audio ? I recently subscribed to The Old Reader (https://theoldreader.com) and like how it lets you add text RSS feeds, , and channels, and I'm looking for a good app for it on my phone. I've tried , but it doesn't seem to work well with podcasts.

janriemer, to rust

A feature in that is actually useful and will make it much more for all:

  • diagnostic namespace
  • diagnostic::on_unimplemented attribute

It will allow you to customize compiler error messages! :awesome:

It will be available in the next 1.78 🎉

Docs in Unstable:

Stabilization PR:

We don't need postfix match, we need these kind of high-impactful features!

msquebanh, (edited ) to nature
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Lynessence, to Dragonlance

I'm having an issue with my Zoom recorder. I can't listen to any of my files on my phone or my Mac. I am told the .wav file is not a valid file. I have reformatted the SD card and a test recording seems to be working just fine. I also updated the firmware, so here's hoping whatever was wrong was fixed. Unfortunately, my audio recording of the plane taking off was lost, and the version I copied to my Mac is corrupted. My next flight is in May, so I will try another recording then.


@munchkinbear The thing is, it did read one of my file. It may have been an issue with the SD card. After reformatting the card, I did a test recording and I was able to listen to it just fine on the Mac, and one of my CSUN talk recordings is listenable. Also, programming the date and time is not with the zoom h1 essential. The year is stuck on 2030, the month on January, etc. I hope this can be fixed in a future firmware update.

VE3RWJ, to money
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Earn #money sharing your #LivedExperience to make the digital world more #accessible! Join the tester community at Fable if you are either:

  1. A User of screen magnification built into #Windows or #Mac or #Zoomtext, and #iOS, or
  2. Alternative navigation users of #DragonNaturallySpeaking, #VoiceControl, #EyeGaze, #HeadMouse, #SwitchSystems or #SipandPuff. Mention that Chris Smart refered you when you apply at:
    #accessibility #A11Y #AccessibleJobs #Disabilities
sasquatch, to telegram
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So, I've been arguing with myself over whether I should resurrect my account or not. From various sources, I get the impression that their platform isn't all that secure despite their claims. If memory serves, one of the sources said they wouldn't trust it with anything more than a casual conversation, and definitely wouldn't trust it with more sensitive topics. I'm not interested in using services, so things like & are not options I'd consider. At this point, my messaging options are and even though the latter isn't the most option. Heck, when you get down to it, the former has a few accessibility annoyances on which is the mobile platform I use. Decisions, decisions...

Beavernotes, to opensource
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3.0.0 is now out! This new release features a bunch of quality-of-life updates, including a toggle to expand the page, better links, improved tables, fixed sync, a new, more feature-rich commands prompt, and more. As always, the full release notes are available on GitHub at https://github.com/Daniele-rolli/Beaver-Notes/releases/tag/3.0.0. Please consider contributing to the translation effort to make Beaver to even more people. To check it out, visit https://danieles-organization.gitbook.io/beaver-notes/dev-guides/translations.

zersiax, to linux_gaming

Ok Ok! This wallop Wednesday, we take leave of our senses ...or well ...one of them. We look at the results of Itch.io's jam 3, an initiative where people essentially hackathon a bunch of games together in a short amouunt of time. We'll be looking at this year's entries and see what innovations we encounter. Join me in an hour over at https://twitch.tv/zersiax

msquebanh, to random
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’s Mobile , in partnership with (SAHI) volunteers, is providing & programming for older South Asian adults in who require assistance with activities.

SAHI volunteers work to ensure the recreational activities are both enjoyable & for clients & also support the day-to-day activities of the program.


msquebanh, to free
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Recognizing the need to provide top-down support, YES has launched the YES WorkAbility (YWA) project. This employer training initiative is designed to assist businesses in creating and to support employees who identify with .


*It's available online & offline. For folks in BC

msquebanh, to China
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accounts for 15% of the world's , with the population of this special group reaching 85 million. A environment allows them to live a normal life & integrate into society better.

In recent years, authorities across the country have reached out to disabled households with tailored solutions, making public infrastructure & their apartments more .


RareBird_15, to herbalism
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Hi all. How's everyone doing today? I have a question for those with who use natural remedies, particularly , to help with your illness, instead of or along with western medicine. My mom got me some stuff to start a since she thinks I'll love growing my own food and , and we also think it would be good to see if we can find any herbs that might help with my health issues. She seems to think it's enough to just look up herbs and what they do, but from what I'm reading, there's a lot more to it than that, since they might need to be prepared in a certain way, or there might be a certain tradition or way of use behind them, so I'm trying to find resources to teach me about herbs and how to use them, and maybe just natural and alternative medicine in general. There seems to be a lot of stuff on YouTube, but it's hard to know what's reliable or might be too visual since I'm . I've looked at online courses, but I don't know about and most cost a lot of money, which we don't have. Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can learn about herbalism, , and things like that in an affordable, way?

msquebanh, to ontario
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Bodnar is part of a looking to break down barriers and make trails at Brandon's more . She wants to find out how Brandonites use the city's largest to make it more and welcoming, especially for , and members of the community.

Striving for what is called where everyone feels safe using the trails regularly..


msquebanh, to Games
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Broadly speaking, aims to avoid excessive or unnecessary difficulty, but there’s a lot more nuance to it, too. So let’s unpack what accessibility truly is, why difficulty is different for everyone, and what you should play that are both & keep challenge intact.


StephanieOrtoleva, to delhi
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The #Delhi High Court has criticized the sluggish pace at which #access audits for the #disabled are moving. The targets set as part of the #Accessible #Indian Campaign are never met https://bit.ly/4bMPt4z
Acting Chief Justice Gita Mittal and Justice C. Hari Shankar said on Wednesday: “We don’t want lip service from government agencies... we want action.”
#accessibility #DisabilityPolicy #DisabilityInclusion

msquebanh, to Fitness
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individuals and those with disabilities face unique challenges. Still, they can reap the benefits of physical activity with the right support and .

The industry must embrace and provide options for all, focusing on the of individuals rather than just physical appearance.


davidbisset, to webdev
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ChrisChaffin, to iPhone
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New Accessible iPhone AI Memo App. The app is called Whisper Memos, and this app lets you record a quick memo, and once your done, it will transcribe it, and then email the results to you. The app is free to download and is totally accessible. I heard about the app on Jonathan Mosens Living Blindfully podcast. Here is the app store link. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/whisper-memos-speech-to-text/id6443658039. #iPhone #App #iOS #Whisper #AI #Transcription #Email #Free #Accessible #Blind

click2carney, to accessibility
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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Your site is not accessible.
Now you’re worried they’ll sue.

Let’s show some love and make the web . 💜

ChrisChaffin, to apple
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Apple Watch and the new widgets introduced in OS 10. The watch widgets are not just a way of scrolling through your watch complications. Watch widgets are totally separate. And in fact, I use widgets as additional complications that I might not access as much. Here is how to add, remove, and work with widgets on your Apple Watch.
To access and scroll through your watch widgets, on your clock face, just flick up until you hear widgets and double tap. A list of your current watch widgets will appear.
You can navigate from widget to widget in 2 ways. By turning the crown, and by swiping from one to another.

Editing watch widgets.
To put your widgets in edit mode, just double tap and hold on any of the widgets. It will bring up your list of widgets in edit mode.
To remove a widget, just flick up on the widget and choose remove while in edit mode.
To add a widget, just choose the add button at the beginning of the list while in edit mode. It will bring up a list of all of the different apps to choose from. Double tap the app you want to add a widget from, and it will bring up a list of available widgets from that app. Just double tap the widget you want to add from that app to add it to your widget list.

To rearrange the order of your widgets.
While in edit mode, go to the widget you want to move. flick up and choose pin. This puts it in arrange mode. Then just double tap and hold on the widget and drag it to the position in the list that you want.

Like I said, I personally use widgets as a way of having additional complications that I can access quickly, but maybe not access them as much. For example, on my watch face I have the complication of the current weather conditions. And as one of my widgets, I have the current days forecast.

I also noticed that the heart widget actually shows your current heart rate, where some face complications do not show this.

I am all about being able to access information easily and quickly. So I really like the new watch widgets, and since they can be totally different than your complications, I think they can be very useful. Great job Apple!

#Apple #Watch #Widgets #HowTo #Voiceover #Accessible #blind

1sabelR, to Podcast
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Something @theEllamo and I do for our is share a bunch of general + academic sources from each episode so listeners can know where we’re getting our info from and fun places to start when they’re keen to explore topics further ✨

These are some , generalist sources from our latest episode~
If you’d like to see more, we’re currently most active on Insta as “sci_burst”

…anyway, back to plotting away for season 2 😎🤫


fastfinge, to iOS
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RareBird_15, to mastodon
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Back to using as my client on . There's a lot I like about , but I missed autocomplete, and Tweesecake has a habit of stopping responding and seeming to slow everything else down after a while of being open. Not sure if it's my crappy laptop or something else. There are things I like about both clients, but Semaphore seems to be the only one that works well in my situation for now. Hoping to eventually get a better computer, but can't afford it right now.

RareBird_15, to headphones
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To #blind #techies, does anyone have any suggestions for a pair of noise canceling #headphones purchasable on #Amazon that can connect to my computer running #Windows10, preferrably wirelessly or through Bluetooth. It's even better if they can somehow also connect to a second device and let me hear when my mom calls my #iPhone. This would be something I could use with my computer on days when our dogs are barking a lot so I don't get such bad #SensoryOverLoad. Of course, they need to also either not have software for the computer, or that software needs to be somewhat #accessible. My budget right now is about $80, but I may have up to $120 or so if I wait a day or two.
@mastoblind #ActuallyAutistic #accessibility #iOS #tech #technology #Windows #WindowsTen

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