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This tool extracts and displays data from the Recall feature in Windows 11, providing an easy way to access information about your PC's activity snapshots.

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#Lansweeter は世の中にたくさんの #CentOS Linux を見つけます」: The Register

「ネットワーク スキャンにより、Linux ボックスの 26% が #CentOS7 であり、今月下旬に #EOL であることが判明しました。 次は何が起こる?

Lansweeter は昨年、 PC 10 台中 4 台が Windows 11 を実行できない という前年のレポートに続き、 #Windows11
の採用率が 8% であることを暴露しました 。
Linux マシンの 3 分の 1 が #Ubuntu を実行しており、2 位は CentOS Linux となっています。

CentOS7 を使っているユーザーがどうするかいくつかのオプションを論議。

#prattohome #TheRegister

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"Microsoft is ending support for Windows 10 in October 2025, but the company is now taking the unusual step of reopening its beta program for Windows 10 to test new features and improvements."

Are they just going to start cramming more AI into it to see if they can force people to upgrade?

#miscrosoft #windows #windows10 #windows11 #enshittification #PlatformDecay #ai #news #TechNews

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Yeah, I'll say!

I just need for my OS to backup my files, not my life!

Security Researcher Calls Windows 11 AI 'Recall' Screenshotting Feature a Disaster

#Security #Windows11 #AI #Recall #Microsoft #OperatingSystem #Tech #Software #Hardware

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If the Microsoft Windows 11 PC (which I am forced to use for client/work) is any proof, every Microsoft AI feature added to the OS is subtracting 15-20% of the productivity from your employees. 🙄

Or, maybe it's Patch Tuesday.

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@ai6yr New nag from Microsoft to upgrade to Win 11 : It's time to upgrade your PC before end of suppport which they say arrives Oct 14 2025 - which they say means no tech support (that's fine) or SECURITY UPDATES (boooo!) after that date. #microsoft #windows10 #windows11

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Microsoft is determined to lose market share come Hell or high water at this case.

Microsoft blocks Windows 11 workaround that enabled local accounts

#Microsoft #Windows11 #LocalAccounts #Tech #OperatingSystem

TheLastOfHisName, to linux avatar

I see posts calling for folks to write/email/call/smoke signal/wire/semaphore their representatives about the security fuckery of Windows Recall.

I'm more of an "act locally" guy. Email your place of employment's heads of legal and IT stating your concerns, and send them this article. Hell, throw in your local schoolboards and universities to boot.

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Microsoft has patched bypasses for setting up Windows 11 without a Microsoft account. Previous methods like terminating a process or using a blocked email now loop back to account linking. Users can still bypass this via a command prompt trick.

#Microsoft #Windows #Windows11

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The mass exodus from #Windows to #Linux (and #Mac) due to #Windows11 and #AI continues. More and more articles, more and more youtube videos about it, or posts on forums. People are switching. If it continues like that, Linux should have 10% desktop marketshare by the end of the decade (and yes, that's a lot).

#opensource #foss #artificialintelligence #copilot #openai

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Microsoft bloquea la solución alternativa de Windows 11 que habilita las cuentas locales
Muchos usuarios utilizan un truco de correo electrónico para evitar la creación de una cuenta de Microsoft. Al parecer, esto ha sido detenido por Microsoft.

Me da a mi que Microsoft le está haciendo el trabajo a Linux para que este aumente su cuota de usuarios.

#microsoft #Windows11

SomeGadgetGuy, to windows avatar

It just clicked in my brain. What I haven't been able to articulate about why I'm so anxious about #Windows Recall. I'm sure others have already gotten to where I am.

It's worse than "a system that tracks everything you do" and stores that info in a basic database that could be easily compromised.
It's worse than a nanny surveillance tool for companies to spy on their employees.

It's inescapable.

It doesn't matter if I make a dozen "how to disable recall" tutorials. The second YOUR data shows up on someone ELSE'S screen, it's in THEIR recall database.

It won't matter if you're a master #security expert specialist. You can't account for EVERY other computer you've ever interacted with. If a family member looks up an old email with your personal data in it, your data is now at risk.

If THEIR system is compromised YOUR data is at risk.

I just went from "vague feeling of unease" to "actively writing templates to canvas elected officials, regulators, and attorneys general."

SomeGadgetGuy, avatar

I think I have a good feeling on what the response might be here on Mastodon, but with Microsoft pledging to improve security, and making Recall opt-in, will this change your perception of Windows 11?

#tech #technews #microsoft #ai #windows #windows11 #copilot #pc #geek #security #privacy #recall

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’s new feature, , makes the movie almost look like a fairy tale by comparison.

Everything you ever saw or wrote on your device, even if deleted, will remain in definitely remain available and searchable for users of the device, including .
Opting out requires work.

Also, in my view, I doubt that it is compliant in its current form.

Excellent analysis:

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br00t4c, to ai avatar

Windows 11's new Recall feature has been cracked to run on unsupported hardware

#ai #windows11

Adorable_Sergal, to microsoft avatar

Windows 11 won't let you do this, but Linux will.

Satya Nadella hates this!

#microsoft #windows11 #linux #installgentoo

br00t4c, to microsoft avatar

Microsoft Recall Alternatives That Remember Everything on Your Screen: Windrecorder, Rewind

#microsoft #windows11

br00t4c, to Windows11 avatar

Windows 11 is finally getting mouse settings that let you avoid the Control Panel


SomeGadgetGuy, to tech avatar

A whole slate of new laptops are coming, and of course, manufacturers are trying to impress us with THINNESS! What about test driving a machine at the complete OPPOSITE of the thinness spectrum?

It's so rad to do a sponsored video like this, and the first thing they ask is "Can you blast our laptop with a hose?"

It's big, thicc, and chunky, but there are SO MANY things on this Getac I wish I had on "regular" thin laptops...

#tech #technology #laptop #bbtg #geek #intel #windows #windows11 #tablet #video #youtube

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> disable OneDrive ages ago
> browsing web on side monitor before bed
> main desktop visible on main monitor
> all the icons flash and suddenly have green check marks on them
> wtf
> desktop flashes again
> all green checks gone
> mfw

#onedrive #windows #windows11 #spyware #microsoft #mfw

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The hilarious thing about Microsoft going all in on AI with #CoPilot and #Recall, they threw Intel and AMD under the bus. The whole last year of "AI PCs" won't get features like Recall.
The consumer reaction to Recall has been overwhelmingly negative, but all these companies are afraid of shareholders and investors wanting more AI hype to make stock prices look good.
But #AMD and #Intel have all these chips made that are falling in price fast.
You can find some CRAZY deals on computers right now that WONT run Recall, but are over-kill powerful for home systems.

Mini PC's used to sell chips that were two or three years old. This Geekom is using AMD's current laptop chip, with 32GB of RAM, and 2TB of storage for $899!

It's a REAL good time to shop a NON Recall compatible PC.

#tech #technology #review #windows #ai #windows11 #microsoft #pc

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Test drive #Linux online to find the flavor you like best:


Adorable_Sergal, to microsoft avatar

Those who are concerned about the future Windows 11 is heralding: Haiku is there for you.

Haiku will never misuse your resources. Haiku will never spy on you. Haiku is gentle. Haiku is tender. Its design is very human.

It has a web browser. It plays Quake and Doom. Install Haiku today.

#HaikuOS #microsoft #windows11 #CopilotPlusPC #copilotpc

kde, to microsoft avatar

In view of the latest news coming out of Microsoft...

Yeah, KDE's Plasma doesn't do that either. Your stuff is safe.


#recall #microsoft #windows11 #privacy

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@kde @kde
At it is in pretest and will be released soon.

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