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"You're not technical enough" is often said to women. In the Tech Leading Ladies blog, Michelle Gleeson unpacks the reasons for this and suggests how to push back on it.

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Early access on Patreon! Geekom's new mini PC is a MIGHTY MOUSE at a great price!
This tiny PC is now packing the most powerful laptop chip AMD makes!
Funnily enough, Microsoft threw AMD and Intel under the bus.
NONE of the current selling "AI" PCs qualify for the "CoPilot" branding.
Who knows, maybe you don't want that new Microsoft Recall feature on your system anyway?

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Good idea. You wouldn't want someone looking at and sharing private information on your screen.

"It’s all designed to prevent you from sharing screenshots with competitors, relatives, and journalists using Microsoft Edge for Business."

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So this makes sense, and many of you will probably know this, but that the "print screen" button on our keyboards used to print the actual screen.

"In essence, whatever is currently on the screen when the key is pressed will be printed."

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Accessibility isn't a luxury or a burden—it's essential and affordable.

The negligence and indifference embedded in current designs are a direct affront to inclusivity and equity.

It's time to stop treating accessibility as an afterthought and recognize that without it, everything remains fundamentally broken.

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For the latest news about artificial intelligence and its impact on society, check out these 5 Magazines to follow from the Flipboard community.

AI Revolution: Curated stories about what's on the horizon with artificial intelligence technologies.

Artificial Intelligence and Misinformation by The Literacy Project: Here, we'll share articles on what to watch out for to avoid sharing misinformation about AI or created by AI.

Artificial Intelligence by The 74: Rolling coverage of how artificial intelligence and tools such as ChatGPT are changing education in America

The Age of AI: Capturing the biggest need-to-know stories about artificial intelligence technology and what its rapid advancement means for our future. Stories collected by Flipboard's editors.

The AI Economy: Exploring artificial intelligence's impact on business, work, society and technology.

Wondering what a Magazine is? A Flipboard Magazine is a curated feed of posts about a specific topic or interest that is followable, just like a profile.

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If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’re big on the Fediverse.

It was incredibly important for us to create an instance and provide everyone with a social network free of ads and algorithms.

Join us live this Saturday as we talk about why it was important for us to do more than just be around here.

We’ll be joined by @beardedtechguy and @cliffwade from @AllThingsTech, who will also talk about the Fediverse and why it matters to them.

🎧 Join the audio event here:

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Netris is an open-source and self-hosted alternative to GeForce NOW, inspired by Stadia

It’s a cloud gaming platform where the latest titles and your beloved classics are always just a click away, ready to be played on any device you own.

Imagine the freedom to dive into your favourite gaming worlds on a lazy sofa Sunday with just y ...continues


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ICYMI: Apple's "Crush" ad came off as tone-deaf and dystopian in a time when corporations continue to decimate creative industries brutally. Here's why it earned a particularly disdainful reaction in Japan.

#japan #unseenjapan #ujwebsite #technology #tech

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If you've been thinking of switching browsers or contemplating whether you should set the Vivaldi browser as default, find out what @xdadevelopers has to say about what makes our browser stand out in the crowd. 👇🏻

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The Seagull’s arrival is expected to intensify the competition among as they transition to the post-combustion-engine era. The vehicle, which has received acclaim for its , , and , is already performing well outside of , particularly in .

Lands In : BYD's Seagull Poised To Disrupt With Sub-$21K Price Tag Even After Tough Tariffs

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Judging from all the posts I'm seeing on #Mastodon, I feel like a lot of people will be switching over to #Linux soon. 😅

#tech #technology #Microsoft #AI #MicrosoftRecall #windows

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It's going to be a summer of Laptops and PC reviews, and this is one of the most unique systems I'm test driving!

Who wants "thin and light" when your laptop could be mistaken for RoboCop's lunch box?
Military grade rugged convertible PC is GO!

#tech #technology #geek #video #youtube #getac #rugged #pc #windows #bbtg #laptop #windows11 #intel #youtube

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"The various decentralized social media systems that have been growing over the past few years offer a very different potential approach: one in which you get to build the experience you want, rather than the one a giant company wants."

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Following a bunch of techies on Mastodon be like:

I am a run-of-the-mill Android-phone-Windows-desktop-Gmail-user but now I'm in the process of transitioning from Gmail and using Duck Duck Go to research how to set up a Linux desktop.

Oh, and also now Signal-curious.

What is this place? Some kind of privacy cult LOL?

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Climate change is a reality in Nigeria: heatwave kills 200 people in Adamawa state in 2 weeks following the temperature records of about 47-50°C.

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We have capacity! WAO is looking for new and exciting projects. We work at the intersection of , and , designing and developing learning programmes, badge ecosystems, digital transformation, better processes and a whole lot more. We work for social-good organisations large and small. Get in touch!

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Scientists have discovered a new earth sized planet with 17 hour year. It will be interesting to know what type of planet is it.

In an exciting development, scientists have discovered an Earth-sized exoplanet, SPECULOOS-3 b, orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star approximately 55 light-years from Earth.

#news #journalism #technology #galaxy #planet #science @mastodonindians #travel

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Apple needs to explain that bug that resurfaced deleted photos: Can we trust Apple’s PR?

It’s understandable that people freaked out last week when photos deleted years ago had suddenly reappeared in their iPhone photo library.

While we wait to hear the reason, it does seem to appear that deleted photos are still not deleted after 30 ...continues


#apple #privacy #security #technology

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Doing the final edits on my next tech column this lunchtime, and the real lesson in this one is just how badly IBM fucked up their PC business right from the start.

They never wanted it, and when they got it they were so keen to use it for managerial positioning that they fucked it all up.

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AI-Weekly for Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - Issue 113

The Week's News in Artificial Intelligence
A Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication

Subscribers: 19,873 Opt-In Subscribers were sent this issue via email.

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Welcome to reality about the A.I. Hollywood...

»ScarJo voices anger at OpenAI’s unauthorized sound-alike:
Sam Altman liked the sound of a fictional ScarBot, which makes this all a bit creepy«


#hollywood #reality #ai #ml #openai #voice #reality #scarlettjohansson #it #chatgpt #sound

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@marcel @miriamkl so then #AI is digitised exploitation in order to turn away from responsibility as a #human being and yet #profit and be praised as progressive because of the #technology? let's think about whether there was something like this besides #cryptocurrencies and older similar behaviour? 🤔 </rhetoric-question>

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