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QuikFlow is now available for Windows 🚀🪟

Create flowcharts with a mind mapping workflow!

Available on the Microsoft Store and the Mac App Store:

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Making a Tiny From a Zero : 18 Steps (with Pictures) :apple: :raspberrypi:

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Ah, #LEGO fixed the #LEGOPartDesigner for #Mac​s with #AppleSilicon. Great. 👍

Version 2.24.2_1, Feb 13, 2024
Fixed Sonoma 14.2, 14.3 Input issues.

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Back in December, I paid $1,425 to replace my MacBook Pro to make my LLM research at all possible. That had an M1Pro CPU and 32GB of RAM, which (as I said previously) is kind of a bare minimum spec to run a useful local AI. I quickly wished I had enough RAM to run a 70B model, but you can’t upgrade Apple products after the fact and a 70B model needs 64GB of RAM. That led me to start looking for a second-hand Linux desktop that can handle a 70B model.

I ended up finding a 4yr-old HP Z4 G4 workstation with a Xeon® W-2125 Processor,128 GB of DDR4 2666 MHz RAM, a 512GB SAMSUNG nVme SSD, and a NVIDIA Quadro P4000 GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 GPU Memory. I bought it before Ollama released their Windows preview, so I planned to throw the latest Ubuntu LTS on it.

Going into this experiment, I was expecting that Ollama would thrash the GPU and the RAM but would use the CPU sparingly. I was not correct.

This is what the activity monitor looked like when I asked various models to tell me about themselves:


An ubuntu activity monitor while running mixtral


An ubuntu activity monitor while running Llama2:70b


An ubuntu activity monitor while running llama2:7b


An ubuntu activity monitor while running codellama

The Xeon W-2125 has 8 threads and 4 cores, so I think that CPU1-CPU8 are threads. My theory going into this was that the models would go into memory and then the GPU would do all of the processing. The CPU would only be needed to serve the results back to the user. It looks like the full load is going to the CPU. For a moment, I thought that the 8 GB of video RAM was the limitation. That is why I tried running a 7b model for one of the tests. I am still not convinced that Ollama is even trying to use the GPU.

A screenshot of the "additional drivers" screen in ubuntu

I am using a proprietary Nvidia driver for the GPU but maybe I’m missing something?

I was recently playing around with Stability AI’s Stability Cascade. I might need to run those tests on this machine to see what the result is. It may be an Ollama-specific issue.

Have any questions, comments, or concerns? Please feel free to drop a comment, below. As a blanket warning, all of these posts are personal opinions and do not reflect the views or ethics of my employer. All of this research is being done off-hours and on my own dime.

#Llama2 #LLM #Mac #Ollama #Ubuntu

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Mensch kommt selten darum herum #Win & #Mac im #Business zu nutzen. Meistens stelle ich fest, dass da eine komplizierte Regeln für das nutzen von #Software vorhanden ist. Nicht das sie Unrecht haben aber da wäre zB @chocolatey, #Scoop oder @homebrew doch eine rel. simple Lösung für die Admins. Kennen fast keine #IT-Fachmenschen, weil es kein #Microsoft Produkt ist? Es ist so praktisch wie die #Installation auf Linux.


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I hope there will be a based distro based on . Either that or I'm just clueless.

I say this as I will probably put my on a distro when it's not supported by anymore.

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Just discovered Porting Kit for macOS - it allows you to download and install a few Steam/plenty of GOG games on your mac:

Finally, gaming has come to the mac 😂 😂 😂

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My hand-me-down Macbook shuts down the screen every ten minutes or so. At first it dims, then a minute or so later, it shuts off. Only way I have to get around this is to close the lid and re-open. Help! This shouldn't be this way.

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Built the #ADB to #USB adapter based on Matt Medsker's guide. Pretty easy and cheap, just a #Teensy 2.0, a female S-Video connector and a 1K resistor. Works like a charm!

Added a 3D printed case and label for looks. Now I just need to find a way to fit the huge #Apple Extended #Keyboard II on my narrow desk. #mac 😅

Instructions at

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A History of Mac Viruses (and Why People Thought They Didn't Exist)
Apple computers aren't as virus-proof as you might think.

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What's my next computer going to be? Please advise.

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@qurlyjoe @stshank I agree, we are keeping our devices much longer than we use to these days, makes sense to max it out. I have an M1 13 inch MBP and bought it with the default 8 GBs, but its been working great. I honestly don't see myself in the market for a new Mac until 2027. Then again, I have a Windows laptop I also use, so I am thinking of swapping that out for a M5 Max base #Mac Studio in the interim.

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Finished the Phantom Liberty DLC last night and what a ride that’s been. Epic.

I’ve also had a peek at Resident Evil 4 and while it’s not a game for me, the graphics it pulls off on Apple Silicon are amazing.

Between the and some AAA games coming out now with Metal 3 there’s a glimmer of hope for gaming.

Please stick with it and push it more, Apple 🤞

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Crazy to think a Raspberry Pi 4 demolishes this dual-G4 1.0 GHz system... and using less than 1/10th the power.

A Pi 5 goes even further, and a modern M-series chip is like 100x the G4's performance!

Still a fun system to play with.

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Wir haben gerade das alte MacBook Pro A1211 meiner Frau gefunden. Es läuft noch! Falls jemand Interesse an dem alten Backstein hat, gerne melden!

Ich werde jetzt erstmal den Akku laden und schauen auf welche MacOSX Version es hochbringen kann.

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Classic Mac Emulator on Apple Vision Pro! | Macintosh Librarian

#Videos #YouTube #Apple #VisionPro #Macintosh #Mac #Emulation

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Vicious Rumor: Apple to retire Macs and MacOS next year to focus on iPad and VisionPro.

#apple #mac #wwdc

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This from Luke Miami is very, very stupid, but thoroughly entertaining.

#Apple #VisionPro #Mac

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OK, Rclone is really useful and cool.

#Mac #Linux #Windows

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An oral history of Apple's groundbreaking “1984” Super Bowl ad.

Lots of great Apple and Steve Jobs anecdotes, from a time that truly changed computing.

#Apple #History #Mac #Macintosh

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Liebe Schwarmintelligenz.
Nachdem meine NAS von WD schon seit über einem Jahr keine Updates mehr erhält und mich WD mit nervigen Aufforderungen bombardiert, ich möge doch eine neue kaufen, beginnt mich das zu nerven und ich halte Ausschau nach einer neuen, einfachen aber zuverlässigen NAS, auf der ich meine Timemachine Backups vom Mac und ein Filesystem für wichtige Daten anlegen möchte, also nichts komplexes, keinen Mediaserver oder ähnliches. Habt ihr eine Empfehlung für mich?
#NAS #mac

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Minders 1.2 is now out!

You can now share from the app, making it a great place to start social media posts.

You can also share to the app to start a new post. Share a link directly from Safari or images directly from Photos.

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