jake4480, to microsoft
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With the impending doom of ICQ in June and the new crappy version of Teams coming in July, I would like to post this meme one final time

jadugar63, to microsoft
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Best comment I've read today on Ars Technica by user Resolute:

"When we talk about the risks of Microsoft's Recall feature, it's not Microsoft that I worry about. It is the fact that OpenAI is a major partner that gives me pause.

This company is rapidly approaching Facebook levels of evil."


publicvoit, to security
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I write a blog article on the #security breakdown of #Microsoft, focus on lost #Azure #cloud keys, not realizing being compromised by state actors for years & infiltrated security team. See list on https://karl-voit.at/cloud/

I need a catchy but not too clickbaity/exaggerated title so that I don't lose potential readers but also express the importance/impact.

Help me brainstorm.

My draft: "The Security of Microsoft Services and Many Windows Hosts Is Compromised" but I'm afraid that is too weak.

Vivaldi, to microsoft
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Is Microsoft's new feature a privacy nightmare?

Microsoft recently announced ‘Recall’, a feature that lets Windows users to search for content across time on their PCs.

According to Microsoft, Recall takes screenshots every five seconds, which are then stored locally.

However, it's unclear if these will be used for model training, cloud backups, or online analysis.

Our developer and privacy expert, Tarquin Wilton-Jones, shares his take with @theregister ⬇️


What do you think about this feature? Tell us in the comments section 👇

ErikJonker, to microsoft
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Although i am very enthusiastic about the functional aspects with regard to Microsoft Recall, it's a potential security nightmare. We should not be fooled with promises about local encrypted data, that can be compromised, also through federated learning, data could still reach microsoft. Also probably part of the compute will be in the cloud.
#Microsoft #Recall #cybersecurity #privacy #AI

Diluvium1976, to microsoft German
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Stimmt. Persönlich ist am PC dann wirklich nichts mehr.

@norberteder ich glaube, deine Guides zum Wechsel auf Linux werden Fahrt aufnehmen.


Cc @kuketzblog

kubikpixel, to internet
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☝️ Yes, the was not broken yesterday, only from and therefore these so-called alternatives, which apparently resist . You should expand your naive belief and behaviour via and/or search. You can find it by 'ing for the corresponding hashtags in .

I think the internet is officially broken.

voorstad, to microsoft Dutch
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Not happy with the privacy nightmare Microsoft is introducing with 'Recall' in Windows 11?

Do consider installing Fedora. I am happy user for a while now. It works perfect and it looks the part!



Pool, to microsoft

will recall be able to help me find out a mastodon post I read about cute puppies? no, because who uses an actual interface when you have an invisible one. :-D

WhyNotZoidberg, to microsoft
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Between the speech given where literally want to cloud base Windows (calling it Windows 365), the "Callback" wife beater tool and AI eating the Bing API for half a day today almost the entire W11 subreddit seems up in arms. I have never seen so many "I am switching to " and "I am saving up for a " comments as today.

davidbisset, to microsoft
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aby, to tech
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“Most people are not aware of the resource usage underlying ChatGPT,” Ren said. “If you’re not aware of the resource usage, then there’s no way that we can help conserve the resources.”

In July 2022, the month before OpenAI says it completed its training of GPT-4, Microsoft pumped in about 11.5 million gallons of water to its cluster of Iowa data centers, according to the West Des Moines Water Works. That amounted to about 6% of all the water used in the district, which also supplies drinking water to the city’s residents.


br00t4c, to microsoft
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Microsoft's new Windows chief on the future of the OS, Surface, and those annoying ads


stefano, to microsoft
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Big companies can't go down.
Big company services will never stop.
Big companies have THE CLOUD!

#Cloud #Bing #BingIsDown #Microsoft #Down #BigTech #IT #SysAdmin #CloudComputing

br00t4c, to ChatGPT
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Microsoft Bing issue takes down Copilot, DuckDuckGo, and ChatGPT search features


kaffeeringe, to microsoft German
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23.5.2024 - Der Tag an dem offensichtlich wurde, dass Bing praktisch die einzige verbliebene Alternative zu Google ist. Alle anderen "Suchmaschinen" sind Bing mit Schlapphut und Trenchcoat. 🕵️


larsmb, to microsoft
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Look, I hate like everyone else does, but that it singles out DRM content really isn't surprising - because that's rendered differently and the system knows.

It doesn't know about passwords, because most applications do not annotate their fields/windows for this.

The way how DRM content is handled is obvs entirely problematic in itself, but the context matters a lot for how much malice to assume for Recall rather than oblivious incompetence.

tuneintodetuned, (edited ) to random Spanish
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Encuentra todos los niveles a los que esto es una mierda inútil:
"Truecaller lanza una función que duplica tu voz con IA para responder las llamadas no deseadas"

MelaNews, to microsoft Italian
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Truecaller collabora con Microsoft per permettere alla sua AI di rispondere alle chiamate spam con la tua voce. Questa funzione sfrutta l'intelligenza artificiale per imitare la voce dell'utente. 📞

https://kiro.it/noB3x http://community.truecaller.com/forums/topic/659-truecaller-partners-with-microsoft-to-bring-personal-voice-to-ai-assistant/

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br00t4c, to microsoft
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Floppy, to DuckDuckGo
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going down again ( to everyone there) has really reminded my how much my unconscious workflow depends on a search engine these days.

@scribe@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@Floppy ... and how much depends on 😶

GossiTheDog, to random
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@viennawriter @GossiTheDog @gabboman Agree. Calling just a front-end is technically true but also it does add a lot of value on top acting as a privacy shield not letting track the users. I also like the features it provides on top like bangs, etc. Also hopes it builds its own index sometime. They say they have their own index but I doubt it as it was unable to return any results even for simple queries when Bing was down.

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