TwoClownsEating, to random avatar

Too many folks not using recently. I've soft blocked (block then unblock to mutual unfollow) a few people recently, mainly people who post lots of images. They are nice people, the things they post are nice but I'm increasingly irritated by it.

No text, no boost. If you can't be arsed to do it, I can't be arsed to see it.

ternbicycles, to random avatar

5 reasons to ditch those car trips for bike trips:

  1. Save Money 💰
  2. Improve your physical health 💪
  3. Improve your mental health 🧠
  4. Protect the environment 🌏
  5. More quality time with family ❤️

What would you add?!

Andres4NY, avatar

6. Discover delightful things about your city/town.
7. Randomly run into friends & family on your trip.
8. Lead by example, showing other people that getting places (and hauling cargo or kids) by bike is not just possible, but fun.

as an aside, adding [ to your images would make them more accessible and increase the likelihood that people will boost them.]

paul, to random avatar

Retoot for Bart Louwman

paul, to random avatar

Retoot for anna_lillith 🇺🇦🌱🐖


kate, to random avatar

Something about the : people describing their own images with language that is precise like a signature. The photographs of @HonDuMuc come with a painterly layer of description that brings out secretive detail. Filmmaker @dilmandila describes flowers exactly as you’d expect a filmmaker to do. @paralithode uses the language of careful poetic observation and I learn every time.

I seek out like someone opening a window in an advent calendar, and every time I’m so grateful to all the screenreader users here like @bright_helpings who keep pointing the way to this intimate space of wonder that makes things better for everyone.

jendefer, avatar

@kate You might also enjoy the by @handmade_ghost where bird pictures that are already really impressive gain an additional layer of reflection or commentary.

dielinke, to random German avatar

Seit Wochen dreht sich die politische Debatte um Kürzungen von Sozialleistungen. Statt darüber zu reden, was uns die Armen kosten, sollten wir endlich darüber reden, was uns die Reichen kosten!
Wir wollen den Superreichtum der Wenigen auf die Breite der Gesellschaft umverteilen. Vermögensteuer jetzt!

ErikUden, avatar

@dielinke Bildbeschreibung:

Ein politisches Cartoon mit zwei Abbildungen. Die obere zeigt ein großer Fisch welcher viele einzelne Fische jagd und frisst. Die untere Abbildung zeigt die einzelnen Fische zusammen, nun in einer Formation welche sie aussehen lässt wie ein großer Fisch, wie sie den großen Fisch aus dem ersten Bild jagen. Darunter ist folgender Satz geschrieben „Milliardäre abschaffen! Wohlstand für alle statt Reichtum für wenige”

LaVi, to interlingua Italian avatar

🇮🇹 Due scarabocchi neri su fondo rosso. Uno dice: Non ho commesso nessun reato. L'atro risponde: E perché?
🗺️ Duos maculas nigre es en fundo rubie. Un dice: Io non ha facite alcun contravention. Le alie responde: E proque? ()
🇬🇧 Two black scribbles on a red background. One says: I've committed no crime. The other replies: And why?

Rihilism, to wildflowers avatar
soundclamp, to random avatar

A helpful guide from The Perkins School for the Blind on how to write .

Rihilism, to wildflowers avatar

Some native bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) popping up from among last year's fallen leaves along .

Started a small shade garden & have planted some maidenhair ferns, Jack-in-the-pulpits, & some spring beauty is coming this week.

Bloodroot is next on my list but probably for next year.

jhilden, to random avatar

I thought I had figured out a clever way to automatically add alt texts to images for InDesign using and the 'ImageDescription' field, but then I learned that said field is ASCII only.

The XMP data could support unicode, but working with that is apparently a total pain.

jhilden, avatar

YES solved it.

If you need to programmatically add alt texts to image metadata with non ASCII letters for use in e.g. , use Exiftool. It works like a charm!

Simple as:
exiftool -s -AltTextAccessibility='Pig saysBröther give me some öats' edited-exif-ps.tif
Your alt text is now readable in as From XMP:Alt Text (Accessibilty) under Object Export Options in InDesign.

nocontexttrek, to StarTrek avatar
richard, avatar

@nocontexttrek Do you play Twister? lol

thegamerstavern, to ai avatar

Lately I've been tinkering with a python bot to help me write for all my photographs through Copilot. I'm not really into AI but I believe this is one of the useful use cases in which AI might help.

Of course human reasoning cannot be compared but if it helps accessibility I'm all for it.

I'll post the GitHub link when after writing down some documentation

Shibanarchiste, to LGBT French avatar

Après ça on accuse la "génération Z" de ne pas vouloir travailler... mais paie la gueule de notre futur aussi l'ancien ☝️ 😐

#anticapitalism #anticapitalist #antifa #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #doomer #incel #masculinistes #meme #alttext

Rihilism, to gardening avatar
peterjelinek, to random German avatar

Das gute Leben könnte so einfach sein.

DaWoDerPfeffer, avatar

So lieb und freundlich erklärend, wie Du um einen bittest, haben es schon viele getan - ohne jeglichen Effekt.

Ein Blick auf sein Profil zeigt: @peterjelinek erstellt aus Prinzip keine Alt-Texte. Dies ist ein ganz normales Verhalten für Ableisten.

Die einzige Lösung welche ich inzwischen für Ableisten nur noch sehe ist, daß die Software im jegliches Tröten von Bildern ohne AltText verhindert, oder Tröts hinter automatischen ContentWarnungen versteckt

A11yAwareness, to random avatar

If you put links or hashtags in your alt text, no one will be able to click or select the link or hashtag. It's just going to be read out loud. If you have a link or hashtag to share, that should go in the written part of your post or your tweet, but not the alt text.

ahimsa_pdx, avatar

@A11yAwareness Good tip!

Hashtags also aren't clickable when they are put in the subject line for CW (content warnings) posts. Better to put those hashtags in the body of the post.

stefan, to accessibility avatar
GoodAaron, (edited ) to random avatar

Sometimes the best stories need time to set up.

Many great novels don’t kick into high gear until at least page 50.

Some of the best television I’ve ever seen didn’t hit its stride until the second season.

Incredible films are built upon a third act.

Often, patience pays off. W

richard, avatar


Close-up image of Yoda from Star Wars. He is looking down. Caption reads "PATIENCE YOU MUST LEARN"

BlindQuilter, to random avatar

I just want to say another thank you to those of you wonderful people who use on your photos. I so love to “see” the pictures, too! ❤️🫂😘

Rihilism, to gardening avatar
Rihilism, to wildflowers avatar
Rihilism, to Birding avatar

Got the hummingbird feeder up other day for early arrivals. This is my 3rd yr w/ one.

Not positive but I'm assuming this is a female ruby-throated. Not sure if it's the same bird but I've had the same type of female visit for the past 2 yrs.

Was very busy w/ the garden last yr & wasn't able to get a any good pics the few times I had the camera in hand. So we just enjoyed each other's company.

This is from 2022.

GottaLaff, to random avatar

Via Lawrence O'Donnell, who snapped a photo...

The revolution will not be televised. Because they didn’t show up. Couple million voters live within an hour of courthouse. Maybe 50 showed up.

tiamat271, avatar

@GottaLaff Overwhelming

A photo taken from the courthouse in New York showing a small crowd of people gathered below, some with trump flags. It is very sparse.

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