GoemonIshikawa, to accessibility

The Screen Reader Sanctuary is live!
My friend has a little project going on finding what ever he can about the screen readers of old.
If you want to learn about the screen readers of the past and those of today, you can check it out at https://thescreenreadersanctuary.brothersoft.me/

accessibleandroid, to RSS
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Today’s a bustling day at Accessible Android! If you’re an RSS enthusiast and want to keep up with our latest posts and app listings all in one feed, here’s the URL for your RSS reader: https://accessibleandroid.com/feed

accessibleandroid, to android
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And in case you're interested, Accessible Android also has a Telegram group for any accessibility-oriented discussions related to the Android operating system.

accessibleandroid, to accessibility
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List of accessible audio recorder apps for Android on AccessibleAndroid.com, apps which are updated on a regular basis:
Advanced Audio Recorder: https://accessibleandroid.com/app/advanced-audio-recorder
ASR Voice Recorder: https://accessibleandroid.com/app/asr-voice-recorder
Easy Voice Recorder Pro: https://accessibleandroid.com/app/easy-voice-recorder-pro
ShurePlus MOTIV: https://accessibleandroid.com/app/shureplus-motiv

MoritzGiessmann, to accessibility
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I’ll do more freelance Accessibility Work in the future!

🧑‍💻 Accessibility Audits and Reviews
🧑‍🏫 Accessibility Talks and Workshops
♟️ Accessibility Strategy Development
🖥️ Semantic-HTML Audits
✨ UX Reviews
⚡️ Web Performance Audits

If you think we could be a match, I’m just a mail away: https://moritzgiessmann.de/blog/work-with-me/

Sharing this post would mean the world to me 🙏❤️!

davidbures, to swift
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Is there anyone out there who knows a lot about accessibility on macOS that would be open to joining Cork’s Testing team?

I wanted to improve the accessibility of Cork drastically in the next release (there’s no accessibility at all right now 😢), but I know nothing about this topic.

If you haven’t heard of Cork before, you can get a quick overview here: https://corkmac.app

Dianora, to mastodon
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I had given up on pleading for more alt-text but I'll try again!

Please add alt-text to your photos/pictures it only takes a minute and does not have to be fancy. My policy is not to boost images without alt-text and I am not the only one.

This is one of the cultural things I like about Mastodon, the inclusiveness. Please don't ruin it.


vik, to accessibility
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Managed to try the Quirkey keyboard out on an with a USB adaptor, and it seems to work. Certainly well enough for a deeper dive...

talksina, to wordpress Italian

- if you're blind and want to go back to 90s technology, use editor's "move block" upwards or downwards key combination. ctrl-alt-shift-t for up, ctrl-alt-shift-y for down, well, screen reader won't tell you the block has been moved and you'll relive the 90s experience when you had to count button pressures to learn a remote control or cd player's usage. Moving block from toolbar is correctly notified instead. Hope it's fixed soon! https://github.com/WordPress/gutenberg/issues/61168

Chris, to accessibility
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I'm stuck on an question, if anybody has any concrete advice.

I have a background video. According to WCAG 2.2…

  • SC 2.2.2 indicates that there should be a means to pause moving, blinking, scrolling, or auto-updating information

  • SC 1.2.1 indicates that there should be an alternative or audio for video

Assuming the only "information" in the video is just vibe setting, is anything really required here beyond a text description? Am I missing anything?

masukomi, to accessibility
@masukomi@connectified.com avatar

I've just pushed a bunch of changes for screen readers to the main branch of FediThready. ( It makes long texts into post sized chunks)

I've run through it with and it seems ok. HOWEVER it all feels like it's "usable" instead of "good".

If there's a geek out there who uses screen readers regularly I would REALLY appreciate some suggestions on how to make this actually feel good for folks who rely on screen readers.


siblingpastry, (edited ) to keyboard
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I've been playing around with keyboard scrolling of overflow regions, and I was interested to note how Firefox's native behavior doesn't expose any additional semantics -- i.e., it doesn't apply a role or accessible name when the scrolling region becomes focusable.

And I think that's the right thing to do -- that our standard workaround of including role="region" and aria-label or aria-labelledby (along with tabindex="0") creates unnecessary verbosity.


@siblingpastry@mastodon.world avatar

Because navigating an element with the virtual cursor isn't affected by scrolling. Virtual navigation already allows for keyboard access to the overflow, and it makes no difference to navigation or spoken output.

Tab navigation is affected of course, because it's the difference between whether an element creates a Tab stop or not, but this also doesn't require a label, I don't think, because Tabbing to such an element causes the first line to be read anyway.


siblingpastry, (edited )
@siblingpastry@mastodon.world avatar

I've created a demo script on that basis, which doesn't add a role or label, it simply adds or removes tabindex based on whether the region actually has overflowing content.

It's triggered by a ResizeObserver so it continually updates in response to anything that changes the element's size (and you can test this by resizing the window, increasing zoom or font-size).


Thoughts etc.?


pixelate, to accessibility
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Lol, folks. Listen to your article before you post it. Doesn't matter what voice. You'll catch things like this from macrumors.com. In the app's settings (accessed via ChatPGT ➝ Settings… in the menu bar when the app's main window ...

peterreeves, to accessibility
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It's always so frustrating when all the web accessibility content only talks about text heavy websites and forms. Like yes, I get it, I should have alt text on images. But there's so little information about how to build accessible web apps. What do I do if 80% of my page is a WebGL canvas and the other 20% is all buttons/sliders? How do I structure this if there is basically no "regular text" on the entire page?

stvfrnzl, to UX
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Today in my #LinkedIn inbox (excerpt and hashtags added by me):

They're looking for individuals experienced with the following:

My response:

"Thanks for the offer but if there's one thing I don't want to do as a developer then it's 'dealing with stakeholders'. Not my job!"

#WebDev #Frontend #JobSearch

@stvfrnzl@mastodon.online avatar

Also shoutout to everyone who writes me because they think I'm an "excellent fit" for their client / company / startup.

And then ghost me after I tell them that I would be interested improving the of their product

news, to news
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Top Tech Tidbits for Thursday, May 23, 2024 - Volume 964

The Week's News in Access Technology
A Mind Vault Solutions, Ltd. Publication

Top Tech Tidbits. The world's #1 online resource for current news and trends in access technology.

Subscribers: 18,208 Opt-In Subscribers were sent this issue via email. 170 Premium Subscribers were sent this issue via email.

elkraneo, to accessibility
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I was going to leave Feedback® about making SwiftUI .accessibilityLabel work with SSML, but I found out that we could cook it ourselves


chikim, to random
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BeMyEyes Privacy Policy 1/2: We record and store video streams and other images to enforce our Terms of Service, to promote and preserve safety, and to improve our Services and create new Services. We may provide recorded video streams or images to other organizations that are performing research or working to develop products and services that may assist blind and low-vision people or other members of the general public.

@chikim@mastodon.social avatar

Do not feed images of your online meetings to BeMyAI unless you have consent from everyone involved to use their faces and names for AI training. https://www.bemyeyes.com/privacy

aardrian, to accessibility
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Re-filed a Chrome bug that was closed because the reviewer confused <abbr> for abbr:

abbr attribute (not element) not exposed to users

Mostly I want to use <th abbr> to spec. The attached video demonstrates a common use case.

Just rolling that windwill up a hill.

JAWS with Chrome navigating a calendar table where each column header is an abbreviated weekday name.

puneetsiinghal01, to accessibility
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Accessibility isn't a luxury or a burden—it's essential and affordable.

The negligence and indifference embedded in current designs are a direct affront to inclusivity and equity.

It's time to stop treating accessibility as an afterthought and recognize that without it, everything remains fundamentally broken.

Bec, to Epilepsy
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Begging creators and developers to use this tool to see if there are harmful flashing effects. I’m sick and tired of people slapping a “strobing effects” warning up front and calling it a day.

The most egregious example of this is video essay editors using literally flashy effects that make their videos impossible to watch. You chose to use those filters. Stop it.

msquebanh, to Toronto
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A woman is calling for more in after she had to be carried off an plane in a badly broken aisle chair, an experience she says was & .

Tori Lacey, 26, chronicled the troubling incident on her & pages, where she usually posts content about her exploits as a person who uses a .


aardrian, to accessibility
@aardrian@toot.cafe avatar


I am once again a bronze supporter of Inclusive Design 24.

I want to see all of you presenting cool stuff (and making me look good as a result), but you won’t get that chance if you don’t submit before 7 June.

Prior years are up there if you want to see the range of talks that have been accepted in the past.

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