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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ Klinik in Rafah meldet sechs getötete Kinder ++

Nach Angaben eines Krankenhauses in Rafah sind bei einem israelischen Luftangriff sechs Kinder ums Leben gekommen. Ein mit dem Iran verbündetes Milizenbündnis im Irak hat einen Luftangriff gemeldet. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/newsticker/liveblog-nahost-samstag-126.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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Exclusive: on , and the media
Mehdi Hasan interviewed AOC at Zeteo’s launch event.

Spoke on escalating tensions between Iran and Israel, the ongoing genocide in Gaza, Trump vs Biden, and U.S. arms sales to the Israeli government.

@israel @palestine


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The boss lady on a #Caturday morning, after celebrating #TheGlobalJigsaw 's New York Festivals award... yet despite the jolly distraction, she subbed and updated our latest episode on #drones - including #Iran attacking #Israel , a deep dive into the #UkraineWar and drone use in the #Sahel , plus a bit of #Drone history from the Queen bee on and #Shahed and #Bayraktar production - tune in, #CatsOfMastodon, you'll like it:


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Iran/Israël: les États de la région sur la corde raide

Alors que la confrontation entre et l’ a connu une nouvelle escalade ce vendredi, les États arabes de la région cherchent à maintenir l’équilibre entre leur relation avec l’État hébreu, en voie de normalisation, et les liens qu’ils ont renoués avec l’Iran.


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#Israel #Palestine #Gaza #Genocide #HumanRights: "What has the war done to me? How have I turned from a medical intern full of dreams into someone who must endure this agony, to see the sick every day and night, to announce patients’ deaths, to deal with cases more complex than I had ever imagined? All my plans have disappeared. My mother, father, sister, and brother are still at my friend’s house; my married sister and her three daughters live in a tent. Until the occupation withdrew from Khan Younis, we could only get information about the fate of our village from the social media accounts of the IOF soldiers, who bragged as they demolished our homes, streets, playgrounds, and mosques, as if it were a game. When I finally went back I saw that our house and neighborhood had been completely destroyed, leveled to the ground, wiped off the map. Not a single building was left standing." https://www.nybooks.com/online/2024/04/19/in-gazas-hospitals/

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Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court ordered the release of Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian, an Arab Israeli professor arrested on suspicion of incitement.

The court said that the police’s own findings did not justify the arrest.

Shalhoub-Kevorkian was first suspended from the Hebrew University for saying that Zionism should be abolished & for calling into question allegations against Hamas of rapes & other atrocities.


#Israel #Oct7 .

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"The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention has issued an “active genocide alert” over the situation for Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

"Last weekend, violence against Palestinians escalated sharply as large groups of Israeli settlers launched attacks on at least 17 Palestinian villages.

"Settlers were often accompanied and protected by the Israeli military."



faab64, to Palestine

"While Washington and the occupiers insist on presenting an image of a debate on whether or not to carry out operations in #Rafah, his children are being killed by Israeli attacks on the 197th day of the genocide."

Israel has increased the intensity of it's attacks against #Gaza, from north to the south, Israeli planes, tanks, artillery and navy bombing the already unhabitable Gaza.

#Biden seems to have given Israel the green light to "finish the job" by their veto at #UN and handing over another $1B worth of military equipment and bombs.

#SaveGaza #StopIsrael #SaveTheChildren
#palestine #Israel #Occupation #Apartheid #Politics #PeaceNow #StopTheWar #CeasefireNow
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@faab64 @palestine @israel

It is time for the Hamas terrorists to lay down their arms, release the hostages and end the suffering and killing.
and supporter

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@faab64 @palestine @israel
Would result in remaining in power. The game starts over. Money for reconstruction is used for weapons, missiles, terrorist infrastructure and the corrupt official apparatus. And politics is made with the suffering of civilians.
and supporter

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@faab64 @palestine @israel
It was stupid to refuse any partition plan. It was stupid to wage wars of aggression against Israel. It is stupid to want to destroy Israel. It is stupid to invest billions in weapons and terror instead of in civil development. It is stupid to allow yourself to be controlled by the mullahs and other religious fascists.
and and supporter

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@faab64 @palestine @israel
The Arabs have been trying to destroy for 75 years. Blind in their anger and hate. You always portray yourself as a victim, deny yourself reality and don't question your own role in this disaster. Everything the Arabs are doing is aimed at eliminating the state of Israel. And those who are threatened with destruction will defend themselves.
What would happen to the Jews if the Arabs could do what they would like? A real genocide.

thejapantimes, to worldnews
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While the U.S. may seem well prepared militarily in the Middle East, others say a strategic rethink may be necessary if the Iran-Israel crisis deepens. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2024/04/20/world/politics/us-military-strategy-israel-iran/

Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Israelis continue intense raid on Nur Shams camp | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

  • Air attack sirens heard in northern Israel towns
  • Child killed or injured every 10 minutes in Israel’s war on Gaza: UN
  • Video footage shows destruction in central Gaza after Israeli strike
  • Casualties reported in Israeli strike on Khan Younis
  • Death toll rises after Israeli attack on southern Gaza’s Rafah


inquiline, to Israel
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"we must demonstrate that one can leave Zionism and still be part of a Jewish community...

In the meantime, we must be aware of the pain that all this is causing our fellow Jews who have not yet found their way out of the web of false beliefs. As James Baldwin said, “I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly is because they sense, once hate is gone, they will be forced to deal with pain.”"


#Zionism #Israel @jewishvoiceforpeace

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US policy is leading to a wider war: Jeffrey Sachs on Middle East tensions | UpFront - YouTube


Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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Israeli raid in West Bank’s Nur Shams causes ‘worst destruction’ in decades - YouTube

#Palestine #WestBank #Israel

Miro_Collas, to Palestine
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from [gift article link below]
[Bias alert - NYT usually favors Israel]
Liberal Democrats Urge ‘No’ Vote on Aid to Pressure Biden on

House progressives who oppose unfettered military aid to Israel are pressing their colleagues to vote against the $26 billion bill, which is likely to pass, to send a message to President .

@palestine @israel


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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ Milizenbündnis im Irak meldet Luftangriff ++

Ein mit dem Iran verbündetes Milizenbündnis im Irak hat einen Luftangriff gemeldet. Der türkische Präsident Erdogan empfängt heute Hamas-Chef Hanija. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/newsticker/liveblog-nahost-samstag-126.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

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Interview with Gaza photographer Ahmed Zakot

“Fear and Terror”: Documenting the Carnage of Israel’s Assault

One of Zakot’s photos shows thousands of Palestinians fleeing their homes with their belongings in a scene reminiscent of the 1948 Nakba that displaced some 700,000 Palestinians from their homes.

“It reminds me [of] what my grandfather told me about this displacement. It’s the same [that] happened since 1948 — now we are in 2024".


#GazaGenocide #Israel ..

DrALJONES, to Israel
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Interview with anthropologist Sarah Ihmoud

“No Palestinian Is Safe”

Israeli police arrested Palestinian academic Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian on charges of incitement to violence. The Jerusalem Magistrates' Court later ordered her release.

Shalhoub-Kevorkian was suspended by Hebrew University last month after saying in an interview Israel was committing genocide in Gaza.


#Israel #Fascism #Shalhoub-Kevorkian ..

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