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J’effectue mes recherches avec le mot : climat
I do my research with the word: climate

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Snoro, to Germany
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Germany to construct massive power cable linking to England

Planned with a capacity of 1.4 gigawatts, the electric cable is expected to provide electricity to up to 1.5 million households. Its completion is slated for 2028. NeuConnect is predicted to elevate the security of electricity supply and positively impact prices


#Germany #England #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

Snoro, to Toronto French
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Avez-vous fait votre ménage du printemps? Il n'est pas rare de retrouver des objets, anciens ou non, à divers stades de détérioration, mais avant de les jeter, le Repair Café offre de leur donner un second souffle.

Que ce soit des vêtements, des jouets ou des appareils électroniques, les bénévoles de l'organisme Repair Café s'activent à réparer les objets abîmés au cours d'une série d'événements à travers la ville, gratuitement.


#Toronto #Ontario #canada #environnement

Snoro, to edinburgh
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Edinburgh council bans SUV and cruise ship ads in climate crackdown

Allowing adverts from fossil fuel industry is ‘inconsistent’ with net zero target, it says



Snoro, to uk French
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UK Climate Deniers & Fossil Fuel Sector Have Donated £8.4M to Tories

As the UK gears up for another election, an investigation shows the Conservative Party has accrued £8.4M in donations from fossil fuel interests and climate deniers since winning the last election in 2019


Snoro, to China
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Climate change: China aims to introduce nationwide corporate ESG disclosure standards by 2030

The Ministry of Finance is seeking public opinion on draft guidelines that aim to monitor sustainability disclosures and push ESG development in China

The set of proposed guidelines released on Monday is the highest-level document to emerge so far on sustainability disclosure in China


Snoro, to pakistan French
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52°C au Pakistan, 48°C en Inde... Quelles températures maximales le corps peut-il supporter ?

L'inde et le Pakistan sont respectivement sujets à des températures extremement élevées (48°C et 52°C) depuis plusieurs jours. Si le corps humain a la capacité de s'adapter en cas de chaleur intense, des experts ont établi qu'il ne peut pas supporter plus de 50°C


#Pakistan #Inde #ExtinctionDeMasse #pollution #écologie #environnement #Climat

Snoro, to conservative
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Dozens of countries, including Brazil, Bolivia, and Costa Rica, adopt common carbon accounting standards. A total of 21 countries, including Brazil, Bolivia, & Costa Rica, or jurisdictions covering many states, will adopt common extra-financial accounting standards on climate for their companies, the body that already manages the IFRS financial accounting standards, applied in 140 countries & jurisdictions, announced on Tuesday


Snoro, to Montreal French
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Vers un réchauffement d’au moins 4,3°C à Montréal

La lenteur des États à agir pour réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre risque de provoquer un réchauffement qui dépassera facilement les 4 °C dans le sud du Québec bien avant la fin du siècle, prévient le Groupe d’experts en adaptation aux changements climatiques (GEA) mandaté par le gouvernement Legault


#Montréal #Québec #ExtinctionDeMasse #pollution #écologie #environnement #Climat

Snoro, to Quebec French
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Voici comment le Québec devrait s’adapter pour survivre aux changements climatiques

Si le Québec veut survivre aux changements climatiques, il devra accélérer la protection de 30 % des terres et des eaux sur son territoire et mettre à jour rapidement le Code de construction du Québec pour tenir compte des changements climatiques

Le défi de la cohérence pour Québec

Il va falloir en faire beaucoup plus et beaucoup plus rapidement

Snoro, to spain
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UK holidaymakers warned as climate change triggers super-sized cockroach infestations in Spain

The alert was raised by the National Association of Environmental Health Companies (Anecpla) which said the insects will emerge in their masses this summer


Snoro, to pakistan
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Pakistan Temperatures Cross 52 Degrees Celsius Amid Severe Heatwave

"Pakistan is the fifth most vulnerable country to the impact of climate change," said Rubina Khursheed Alam, Pakistan PM's coordinator on climate


Snoro, to random
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used cement is an effective substitute for lime flux, which is used in steel recycling to remove impurities & normally ends up as a waste product known as slag. But by replacing lime with used cement, the end product is recycled cement that can be used to make new concrete.

The cement recycling method developed by the Cambridge researchers, reported in the journal Nature, does not add any significant costs to concrete or steel production & significantly reduces emissions

Snoro, to France French
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"étonnant" que "le climat ne prenne pas plus de place dans le débat électoral" alors que "80% des législations environnementales françaises proviennent du droit européen"

"les partis moteurs de l'ambition", à savoir les partis de gauche et retrouve du côté de l'extrême droite une "opposition constante à toute ambition environnementale"


#UE #France #ExtinctionDeMasse #pollution #écologie #environnement #Climat

Snoro, to conservative
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While recent reports have stated that more than half the world's largest lakes, including lakes in the Tibetan plateau, are drying up, a paper published in Nature Geoscience today (May 27) suggests that, by the end of this century, land-locked lakes on the Tibetan Plateau are set to increase exponentially, resulting in major land loss and related economic, environmental and climatic impacts


Snoro, to France
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Tear gas, rubber bullets, stun grenades used on French climate protestors

Law enforcement made 58 forceful arrests on Saturday in Gennevilliers (Hauts-de-Seine) during a demonstration organised by Earth Uprising activists after some protesters had deviated from the planned route



Snoro, to conservative
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First proof of 'flickers' before climate tipping point

The new findings point to the possibility of a future climatic tipping point, where the climate shifts suddenly and drastically to a new state.

These rapid environmental changes had a major impact on humans in northern Africa, as grasslands, open forests, and lakes disappeared


#MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

Snoro, to Norway
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Environmental activists sue Norway over seabed mineral plan

OSLO, May 24 (Reuters) - Environmental campaigners have filed a lawsuit at an Oslo court challenging Norway's plan for seabed mineral exploration, citing insufficient impact assessment of the mining, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and its lawyer said on Friday



#Norway #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

Snoro, to Colorado
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Climate change will reduce streamflow in the upper Colorado river basin as groundwater levels fall, study finds

The Colorado River makes life possible in many Western cities and supports agriculture that sustains people throughout the country


Snoro, to Canada
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Powering Up: How Canada keeps the lights on

The darker the province or territory, the greater the percentage of its electricity was generated by fossil fuels


#canada #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

Snoro, to uk
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Research reveals more people died from hot or cold weather conditions than COVID-19 in parts of UK

Research has highlighted how weather extremes worsened by climate change are now a major national public health threat


#UK #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

Snoro, to uk
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‘Make for break for net-zero’: Rishi Sunak calls a July general election

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced in a surprise intervention that the UK general election will take place on 4 July this year, with green groups stressing that this election could either ‘make or break’ the UK’s net-zero future


Snoro, to australia
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Eraring lifeline criticised by climate, environmental groups
Rod Thompson
5–6 minutes

A decision to provide the Eraring Power Station a two-year lifeline has been criticised by climate and environmental groups


Snoro, to conservative
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Snoro, to california
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Snoro, to maui
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Maui students March for climate action and policy participation, aligned with International Biodiversity Day

Today, as the world commemorates International Biodiversity Day, the Maui Mayor’s Office of Innovation & Sustainability (OIS), in partnership with ʻĪao Intermediate School, successfully concluded an event aimed at fostering climate justice education and youth engagement in public policy


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