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The Jewish state learned that it can commit its own Holocaust in Gaza and deny that it exists.

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Ever noticed how Second Holocaust Deniers will constantly interrupt and talk over anyone who tries to bring it up? This is because they know you are right. If they knew you were wrong, they could simply wait for you to finish talking and then present the opposing evidence, which they'd have if you were actually wrong. But instead, whenever there's a TV interview or anything, the deniers will simply do their darnedest to prevent the other side from speaking at all.

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Iran said that its retaliation for Israel's April 1 attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus would be "deemed concluded," while Biden reportedly told Netanyahu that the U.S. would not back an Israeli counterattack.

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"The colonized took up arms not only because they were dying of hunger... but also because the colonist treated them like animals & considered them brutes. As soon as they are born, it is obvious to them that their cramped world can only be challenged by out & out violence.”

By international law, the occupier has no right of self defence against the occupied. The latter has the right to armed resistance:,and%20to%20liberate%20their%20countries.


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Israël a tenu bon face à l'attaque de l'Iran mais le coût financier est abyssal: entre 1 à 1,2 milliard d’euros pour une seule nuit de défense, selon le quotidien israélien Ynet. La supériorité technologique et militaire a un prix

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(Tasnim) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi cautioned the Zionist regime to avoid further adventurism, lest it receive a blow much harder than the lawful retaliatory strike

that Iran launched against the Israeli military targets early Sunday.



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#Germany #CancelCulture #Israel #Palestine #Gaza #HumanRights: "Watch/read the speech that I could not deliver because German police burst into our Berlin venue to disband our Palestine Congress (1930s style) before I could address the meeting. Today, because I dared publish this speech here, the Ministry of Interior issued a “Betätigungsverbot” against me, a ban on any political activity. Not just a ban on visiting Germany but also from participation via Zoom. Judge for yourselves the kind of society Germany is becoming when its police bans the following words:"

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"Voices for Gaza" : Faire entendre les voix du peuple palestinien

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Opposing genocide isn’t antisemitic.

Saying that opposing genocide is antisemitic is antisemitic.

You know what’s inhumane? Genocide. You know who’s committing genocide? Israel.

You have zero moral standing to assess me. Those who commit and are complicit in genocide never do.

So yes, most definitely, goodbye.

#israel #palestine #gaza #apartheid #ethnicCleansing #genocide

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"Giving people who lost their humanity, people were reduced to nothing, giving them their dignity back … Psychologists can’t do that alone. We need responses at state and international level. We need the rest of the world to stand with us.”
Dr Samah Jabr, Head of the PHA mental health unit.

‘Chronic traumatic stress disorder’: the Palestinian psychologist challenging western definitions of trauma | Gaza | The Guardian

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So it turns out Yanis isn’t banned from Germany and it was just a lie told by the German police to stop him from speaking at the event?


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Israel’s war on Gaza live: Iran launches retaliatory attack on Israel | Israel War on Gaza News | Al Jazeera

While the Iraq retaliation has everyone distracted...

  • Israel continues to strike Gaza after Iran attack
  • Israel enables West Bank settler attacks: B’Tselem
  • WATCH: Artificial intelligence unleashes terror in killing fields of Gaza


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Headline bias

Headline from The Guardian:
"Israeli military says 99% of Iran’s 300 drones and missiles intercepted; Biden denounces ‘unprecedented’ attack – live"

The FT:
"Iran launches 'unprecedented' missile and drone attack on Israel"

No mention of the attack being in retaliation for Israel's attack on Iran. I didn't even bother with the right wing point

The Independent mentions it:
"Iran launches drones and missiles towards Israel in retaliatory attack: Live"

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PM of Australia when Hamas attacks:

Anthony Albanese condemns ‘slaughter of innocent people’ by Hamas – video

When Iran attacks:

"Iran's ongong flouting of international law, its egregious human rights abuses and threat to International security is why this Government has imposed targeted financial sanctions and travel bans, including Magnitsky-style sanctions, on 85 individuals and 97 entities."

What about when Israel attacks? Can someone share what he said?

#Iran #Palestine #Australia

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While the world is looking the other way: Hundreds of armed Israeli settlers storm village in the occupied West Bank

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Since October 7, my friend Aseel watched as her community in Jenin refugee camp became a target of Israeli attack. "They have even been aggressive toward the infrastructure, as though every inch of our city was resisting them," she said.

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A direct hit by an Iranian missile in Hebron


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@libremind seeing as Hebron is mostly Palestinian when I lived in Israel (have family in Hebron) this isn’t a good thing 🤦‍♂️. So Iran just struck a majority Palestinian area, like not even a slight majority area. There’s like 215,000 in Hebron and only a little more than a thousand consider themselves Israeli.

So let’s just fuck the Palestinians even harder I guess!? WTF!?

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Despite hundreds of arrests, Jordanian protesters keep coming out to demonstrate in front of the Israeli embassy in Amman. They are calling for an end to Jordan's 1994 peace treaty with Israel in response to the genocide in Gaza.

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@justicesandwich @mondoweiss @palestine @israel literally advocating the destruction of an already existing state, & the extermination OF its citizens.

There. Fixed it for you.

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Berlin police raided and cut off electricity to the Palestinian Congress conference before banning the three-day event. Organizers say Germany’s antidemocratic authoritarian response to Palestine activism is growing by the day.

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Germany is very good at Holocaust denial, they have first hand experience with it, and now are helping Israel.

#Gaza #Palestine #gazagenocide

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I was just informed by one of the admins that I have 14 days to leave after I called a troll doing genocide apologia in my comments a zionist ape, where should I go? What servers don't bow to the complaints of ? are claiming I'm simply a multiple offender of their rules, which i will admit is true ever since they changed their rules, but I would like for it to be clear. They changed their rules in October specifically to accommodate Zionists complaining about my posts, the very day a tagged post of mine blew up and became among the most shared BDS posts on the activity pub network. I initially agreed to CW political posts, but as 's in has accelerated, killing all but one of my students in Gaza along with most of their families, I've concluded that hiding this behind content warnings is itself bowing to mild repression for the sake of satisfying the demands of the most extreme oppression: genocide.

I've seen plenty of pro-genocide posts in the local server feed. I dont think they are being asked to leave or even getting their posts censored, as mine increasingly have been (even removing posts with many likes from months ago, apparently on demand).

I'm sad I'll be losing all my past posts, especially those about and that I occasionally rediscover. Where can I go that won't turn similarly sour? My time with the may be up tbh. After being blocked and soft-blocked by nearly everyone I was buddies with in the community (for years!) for being an anti-genocide Jew, and now this, its quite clear that even spaces that act like they stand for universal liberties above all are actually willing supporters of the most oppressive regimes and ideologies on the planet. At least insofar as they are in origin and character.

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@voxofgod @rml

It does seem that some quality pro-Palestinian folks get censored by Mastodon Dot Social. I left them when they clamped down on a pro-Palestinian guy I followed, who happened to be Jewish! They remind me of those Germans in WWII dancing a polka on the other side of a concentration camp fence: see no genocide, hear no genocide, speak no genocide. Ignoring a looming genocide in Gaza, & punishing those who point out Israel's mass murder of 15,000 children, is wrong.

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