ALTA Refrigeration: Industrial Contractors (

Leading the way among industrial refrigeration contractors, ALTA Refrigeration offers custom refrigeration solutions tailored to your business needs. Their cutting-edge EXPERT units, backed by more than 40 years of industry experience, provide exceptional performance and sustainability. They take care of everything, from design...

Custom Software Development Company (

If you're looking for a company to develop custom software for you, you might think about Keene Systems, Inc. They will assist you with requirements collection, analysis and design, development, testing, quality assurance, deployment, maintenance, and support. They are really skilled in that area.

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Pour personnaliser votre environnement Linux / Windows, ça se passe ici :

Quelle créativité !

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Georgia celebrated Family Purity Day today!
Is it okay to celebrate such customs?

Georgia's prime minister joined tens of thousands of people on a march through the capital on Friday to mark the Day of Family Purity, which celebrates so-called traditional family values in the country where animosity toward sexual minorities is strong.

#news #journalism #custom #religion #government #democracy @mastodonindians

Reasons For Opting Custom Windbreaker For Your Team (

In matters concerning fashion, are you thinking of ways to stand out from your group of friends? The perfect answer, in your case, is customization. A thin Custom Windbreaker is an incredible way to keep you dry. A bit of customization on your end will help you reflect your style. This goal can be achieved by the addition of...

Custom Windbreaker
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Anyone know of a code editing environment that live updates the preview based off of the you're currently typing? No 'save' action needed?

CSSEdit / Espresso is too old.
• Mac, please
• PHP pages

Luke, avatar

@lundimardi Oh, interesting! Even mentioned php here: Let's see if this works.

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Software I Miss from Earlier Versions of Android

My love of Android waxes and wanes according to how much the software feels like it is fighting me. On a good day, I can flash the OS and install whatever apps I want. On a bad day, I can't remove bloatware and I'm forbidden from changing the internals.

I started using the latest Google version of Android on their Pixel 8 Pro. I say "their" because it never really felt like the device was mine. Google kept popping up and asking me to do things which were clearly in their interest; not mine. There was very little way to remove Google's features. I was beholden to them. Forget that noise! I flashed GrapheneOS and regained some control.

But there are still some things missing from the modern Android experience. Things which I'm sure used to exist on earlier versions, but have since been scrapped or severely restricted.

Here's what they stole from us.

Customised Fonts

I can't remember which version of Android I first had which let me change the font to Comic Sans. But that ability doesn't exist any more - not without rooting your phone and severely monkeying with its internals.

Google's Noto font is, sadly, abandonware. Aside from new Emoji, Google show no interest in putting a modern font stack into Android. So we're left with a fairly dull and incomplete corporate font.

Button Swapping

Android originally had the back button on the right of the screen. Then, in Google's infinite wisdom, it was swapped to the left. Why? Fuck your muscle-memory, I guess?

Nevertheless, Android used to let you swap the order of the on-screen keys. This is not a particularly challenging software requirement - yet seems beyond modern Android.

Call Recording

Google is indecisive on whether call recording should be allowed. It is legal in most parts of the world, and used to be well supported by Android.

Nowadays you have to flash a ROM to get this basic functionality back.

SIP Built-in.

You used to be able to add VoIP / SIP calls to Android for free! But the latest version doesn't let you do that any more.

Custom Ringtones and Vibration Patterns

I'm sure that I used to be able to set a different vibration pattern for different sorts of alerts. But I can't find that functionality anywhere these days. Same for different alert tones for different people.

Task switcher clear-all button

If I want to close all my open apps, I have to go to task switcher then scroll all the way across. It was handy when there was a "close all" button at the bottom of the screen.

Data SIM switcher

I have multiple SIMs. They can both receive calls and texts, but only one can be used for data. There used to be a button I could press to flip between the two. Now I have to go into the settings, and fiddle with a bunch of options. Annoying!

And the rest

What software do you miss the most from old versions of Android?

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It's just so laughable that anyone trusts any company that's leapt on the "AI" bandwagon.

Just look at the companies fueling the whole thing. The big "AI" crawlers are supposed to respect a "no" in the robots.txt file, right? They're supposed to refrain. But...

lilithsaintcrow, avatar

@greyduck Cloudflare and Wordfence have articles on how to access the necessary settings. Here's Wordfence's. (Also, I use DuckDuckGo now, and a browser plugin to filter out AI search results elsewhere. That might help.)

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New pen achieved. I knew I was going to buy one eventually, but I was waiting for a used one in very good condition for a price that wouldn't make eating cup ramen for a month a necessity. I love the feel in the hand, the balance and how it writes. Welcome, my dear Custom 823.
#Pilot #Custom #823

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Kurzer Hinweis für alle, die ein Custom-ROM (Android) auf ihrem Gerät installieren wollen. Werft vorher kurz einen Blick in die Empfehlungsecke. Dort habe ich zusammengefasst, welche ROMs ihr eher bevorzugen solltet - falls ihr Wert auf Sicherheit und Datenschutz legt. 👇

#android #customrom #grapheneos #divestos #lineageos

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#Gutenberg: Introducing #Block Bindings, part 1: connecting #custom #fields
“For extenders, this is the foundation of so many features we’ve all been asking for since the launch of #WordPress 5.0 and the Block Editor. This initial iteration provides support for custom fields integration, pattern overrides, and custom bindings.”

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I'm particularly proud of this. I crammed a mITX motherboard (5600G, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe) and a 650W SFX PSU into an old Samsung BT-120AT portable TV. I also managed to find a 5.6" 4:3 LCD to replace the original B&W CRT, and a circular LCD that perfectly fit the window for the AM/FM tuner. I have USB, HDMI, and C13 ports on a custom-made carbon fiber insert.

I have a few finishing touches I'd like to sort out: better power button, a screen to go behind the VHF/UHF tuner window, maybe a way to use the knobs for something (they're just held in place with hot glue at the moment). I also need to figure out how to talk to the circular LCD on the top, which I'll likely use to display system performance metrics. Still very happy with the progress so far!

It's running Mint, and it's going to serve as our entertainment center (I'll install some emulators, stepmania, maybe a few modern-ish Steam games). Right now it's just connected to our local Jellyfin server.

A Samsung portable TV viewed from the front. The original CRT display has been removed, and replaced with a color LCD display. The display is showing the output from bashtop, a command-line based resource monitor for Linux systems.
Front/top view of an old portable Samsung TV. There are two holes where the old controls have been removed. The AM/FM tuner window now contains a small cirxular LCD which is still showing it's default message "This is your world, be creative". The Samsung logo is clearly visible here.
A wide shot of a large LCD TV, with the Samsung portable TV sitting on the entertainment center between an old laptop and a PS4. Two small speakers flank the other electronics. On the TV is an image from the 1978 animated Lord of the Rings movie.

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Ohh I missed that so hard 😆

I switched to #kde_plasma couple month ago on my private laptop and as a longtime #gnome user I love to use the [superkey] to overview all windows. Finally I got this to work in KDE😍

#linux #awesome #custom

Just use the following 2 commands.

~$: kwriteconfig5 --file ~/.config/kwinrc --group ModifierOnlyShortcuts --key Meta "org.kde.kglobalaccel,/component/kwin,org.kde.kglobalaccel.Component,invokeShortcut,Overview"

~$: qdbus org.kde.KWin /KWin reconfigure

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In Android 14 solltet ihr folgende Einstellungen vornehmen. Erreichbar über »Einstellungen -> Google -> Anzeigen«. Unter anderem kann nun die Google Advertising-ID komplett entfernt werden. Kombiniert die Einstellungen dann noch mit einer App wie AdAway. 👇

Wählt jeweils aus und deaktiviert die Option (aus): - Werbethemen - Von Apps vorgeschlagene Werbung - Erfolgsmessung von Anzeigen

kuketzblog, avatar
dragonwolfdesigns, to random avatar

If you see something on my website that's out of stock or you want it in a different color or need a different size, use the contact link and we will work with you to get you a beautiful, handcrafted piece!

kuketzblog, to android German avatar

Wie bereits angekündigt, habe ich die Empfehlungsecke überarbeitet. So wurde zum Beispiel das Kapitel Android Custom-ROMs komplett überarbeitet. Unter anderem neu dabei eine Orientierung: »Welches Custom-ROM soll ich installieren?« 👇

#android #customrom #grapheneos #divestos #lineageos

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Sometimes AI is a'ight!

I just created a Teams Custom GPT to write prompted lyrics.

The DALL-E 3 auto-integration to create an image for the GPT Bot is still broken -- so I directly asked that new Bot to create its own logo -- and this was the result!

Pretty Wowie stuff!

#AI #AIart #ChagGPT #OpenAI #ChatGPTteams #Lyrics #Custom #DALLE3

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👻 When searching for alternative blogging platforms, the first thing I look for is Drafts support. Sadly it seems Ghost is out. Damn!

nicolas, avatar

@maique Hate it say it but you’re going about it all wrong mate. Drafts can publish to API, email, share menu, HTTP request, all sorts. The question is does Drafts support Ghost, not does Ghost support Drafts.

However, instead of telling you how to use their API, they tell you it’s more important to publish quality content. That’s concerning...

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