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An exploration of #VideoGame performances, this book merges #MediaTheory with performativity, revealing insights from Western art to digital storytelling.

Perfect for researchers intrigued by #Gaming, #Art, and nonlinear #Narrative.

#Ludology #Performance #GameStudies #Portal #DarkSouls #Destiny #Doom #FinalFantasy #GodHand #HalfLife #LifeIsStrange #MetalGear #Minecraft #Planescape #StarCraft #Book #Books #Bookstodon @bookstodon #VideoGames #Gamer #Literature

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🏛️🗡️📜 “! DESTINY! NO ESCAPING THAT FOR ME!” 🎱 Do you believe in stuff? Like ? And ? 🔮 We don’t, but that doesn’t mean we won’t flex for you on THE IDES OF MARCH! ⚗️✨ What and herald your ? 🌠 Ask for a card to be pulled for you, or for a shake of the Magic 8-Ball. 🌙 Friday 15 Mar 2024, >>>7pm<<< Central US time at,, &!

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So far:

  1. The campy-fascism hits a bit too close to home
  2. It is nearly impossible to play solo. I failed my first mission on the "Easiest" difficulty because I couldn't figure out how to deal with the bugs that swarm the extraction point.
  3. I "won" my second mission by running in circles avoiding the bugs, since I couldn't kill them fast enough or find and close the holes.

This reminds me why I don't play shooters. Oh well.

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Mostly I'm playing it as an "Observer of Gaming."

I played a lot of couch co-op First-and-Third person shooters when I was younger (, , , , being the ones that stand out)

I also played a bit of as an adult; which kind of broke ground on the whole "Main Story + Post-Story Events + Seasons with story + cosmetics + equipment" as a revenue / play model.

And while nostalgic, I don't play games to be "Challenged" (life is hard enoug!)

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Wow O'Brien - you are a married man. you should not be flirting with that Cardassian woman!

pbharristoo, to AllStarTrek


What the hell Quark! Trying to poison your best customer!?

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Vedek Yarka has been on a bunch of TV shows

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(watching DS9's "Destiny")

Tonight's fun fact: One of the guest stars in this episode is Tracy Scoggins who plays Gilora Rejal, a Cardassian scientist.

This wasn't her only appearance on a '90s sci-fi TV show. She played Captain Elizabeth Lochley, CO of the Babylon 5 station in the 5th and final season of "Babylon 5".


pbharristoo, to AllStarTrek


I wonder which one of them will Quark will hit on...

pbharristoo, to AllStarTrek


Cardasian scientists are ... arrogant

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(watching DS9's "Destiny")

Good evening!

This episode, with its focus on Bajoran prophecy, reminded me of Nostradamus and his prophecies.


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Evening friends!!
What the hell Quark! letting good Kanar go bad?!

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I have just scored 8/9 on a neuroticism test and I don’t think I’ve ever scored so high on anything in all my life.

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I can't tell if this is supposed to be inspiring or condescending. Sure feels weird to receive though.

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I don't think it was an insurrection but sounds like a totally crazy asshole here. Sadly there's a lot of people who appreciate this rambling, tough guy routine enough to buy whatever he sells. If it was less of a debate but more of a conversation, I would have loved to hear @ggreenwald call him out, but they were technically on the same side. Never heard of or the before but they handled the situation well.

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My brother got me a Cayde-6 mini statue! 😍 Hope everyone has a wonderful Dawning!

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Just got back into 2. What have I done?

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The Best of All Possible Worlds: Mathematics and Destiny

Optimists believe this is the best of all possible worlds. And pessimists fear that might really be the case. But what is the best of all possible worlds? How do we define it? Is it the world that operates the most efficiently? Or the one in which most people are comfortable and content?


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today released further 13 hostages, most of which are children, including two 4 years old.

While some hail Hamas for apparently being the most merciful and humanitarian hostage-taker in the world, let that sink in: you've got adult men and women who take 4 years old kids as hostages...


@freemo @kravietz > If you can show you are the direct descendant and prove it with paper work of someone 1000 years ago taking your land from you, and you can show specifically what plot of land you owned, then yea, that land should be yours. Virtually no individual jew can do that.

Wait a second, hold on. Now, this is secondhand research (I've heard mention this on his streams several times and he's pretty well-read on the subject but I don't know his sources well), but isn't that literally the main reason why Palestinians have been having trouble making the case for getting back into the homes they've been displaced from, as they didn't have written deeds?

realcaseyrollins, to Destiny

Seeing ’s brain got broken by the concept of “talking”, “seeing”, and non-exclusive dating without labels is HILARIOUS to me.

I do think that “dating” without labels is stupid and shouldn’t be on the list. After all, if you’re dating without labels, you’re just in denial that you’re in a relationship tbh. But, I do generally believe in these concepts:

  1. Talking (Speaking regularly to someone you like because you like them with the goal of flirting with them at least)
  2. Seeing (Going on dates with someone you’re not in a relationship with)
  3. Dating (An exclusive boyfriend-girlfriend relationship)
  4. Married (An exclusive lifelong husband-wife relationship)
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If this 1h "Story of " thing was great at only highlighting one thing, it's how high the story folks at Bungie are. Personal opinion.

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I mean, what can you say?

Bungie is the latest studio to be hit by layoffs - Desk Chair Analysts

#Bungie #Destiny #Layoffs #PlayStation #Sony #GamingNews

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