leodurruti, to DOOM Italian
@leodurruti@puntarella.party avatar

Lo Stivale continua a produrre del buon doom:

Haunted – Stare at Nothing [full album]


leodurruti, to punk Italian
@leodurruti@puntarella.party avatar

che non ho visto arrivare e che mi sta prendendo a manate in faccia:

Obey Cobra – Mwg Drwg


yeti, to nerdfighters
@yeti@emacs.ch avatar

Can You Make A Computer Out Of Food?

(not yet:)

TheMetalDog, to metalcore
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jake4480, to Metal
@jake4480@c.im avatar

A new find for this week's , another band I found via a flyer of a band I dig (I forget who) since both bands are playing together soon.

Chicago's VOIMATON play a great, chuggy mix of death doom that is infectious. It's tough to make a full length death metal album and make the whole thing damn great, but Voimaton definitely did with 2022's 'Profane Vestige'.


@HailsandAles @wendigo @Kitty @BlackenedGreen

ViciousGames222, to RPG
@ViciousGames222@mastodon.social avatar

A new version of Open Doom : Hardcore edition is here... Now there is a new feature - PERMADETH! Now you can enable roguelike gameplay with the red switch... When you do your first death ends your playthrough!
Download it here:


AubreyDeLosDestinos, to DOOM Polish
@AubreyDeLosDestinos@101010.pl avatar
joeo10, to DOOM
@joeo10@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

Non-Euclidean , where the value of pi is not 3.14159

This is one hell of a gem!
h/t @bstuf for this one.

SubtleBlade, to DOOM
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Oregon_Pacifist, to DOOM
@Oregon_Pacifist@retro-gaiden.com avatar

The #Atari Jaguar received a fine console port of #DOOM that used BOTH of the Jaguar's main processors to handle the graphics. Typically one processor would handle the graphics and the other would handle the sound.

That's why the game runs so smoothly on the system and why there is no in-game music (only between stages).

It was developed in-house at id Software and served as the basis for virtually all other home console ports moving forward. :atari:

#AtariJaguar #RetroGaming

mrundkvist, to music
@mrundkvist@archaeo.social avatar

All doomsters should check out last year's album "Beyond Vision" by Acid King. Majestic shit!

jake4480, to Metal
@jake4480@c.im avatar

For this week, something special I somehow missed from 2023.

Canada's COPROLITH (what's in the water up there in Canada?) released this grody, crushing, disgusting self-titled demo last year. It starts with this wall of sound type riff and then it devolves into this midtempo riff, and goes back and forth.. THIS is the shit I LOVE. And then 6 tracks of this. 🤯

Rotted Life Records have some INCREDIBLE bands on their roster.


@HailsandAles @wendigo @Kitty

abcdw, to DOOM
@abcdw@fosstodon.org avatar
rhyswynne, to wordpress
@rhyswynne@toot.wales avatar


Can WordPress run id Software's classic 1993 FPS shooter Doom? Of course it can, here's how I did it using WordPress Playground.

Sorry if you were busy today....


bloodaxe, to linuxgaming
@bloodaxe@fosstodon.org avatar

It took me a while, but I finally got things set up to play on Doom. I've been watching @El_Draculo for a while, and I've really wanted to give it a go myself. It was super-easy to set up thanks to , so tnx a bunch for that 😍

Now to learn how to play... 😅

larsmb, to H5N1
@larsmb@mastodon.online avatar

I know doom runs everywhere and on the fridge, but whoever ported it to Earth: please stop.

leodurruti, to DOOM Italian
@leodurruti@puntarella.party avatar
governa, to DOOM
@governa@fosstodon.org avatar

doom-htop: The classic #DOOM game over htop, the text-based process viewer


ActionRetro, to random
@ActionRetro@bitbang.social avatar

NEW VIDEO! Running Mac OS on an Apple II


@unicornCoder@fosstodon.org avatar

@ActionRetro OMG this video was awesome!!

thanks for such a wonderful fun time.

ldodds, to DOOM
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TheMetalDog, to DOOM
@TheMetalDog@mastodon.social avatar
cutefloor, to DOOM
@cutefloor@mastodon.social avatar

Freedoom is a free and open-source first-person shooter game using the DOOM engine. Initiated in 1999, it aims to provide a complete game experience compatible with custom levels, music, and graphics from the DOOM community. Version 0.13.0, released on January 29, 2024, offers enhanced compatibility, removal of Boom features, bug fixes, and new content. This video shows Phase 1.


#Freedoom #DOOM #GamingHistory #RetroGaming #Gameplay #DOSGames

boilingsteam, to linux
@boilingsteam@mastodon.cloud avatar
Turgon, to DOOM German
@Turgon@rollenspiel.social avatar

Schon mal #Doom mittels einer Prozessanzeige #htop gespielt? :rm_nerd: :rm_love: :rm_yay: 🤩



icastico, to vinyl
@icastico@c.im avatar

Boris - Flood @vinylrecords

Wata is so versatile- a true guitar god

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