yamini, to food
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Delicious food, amazing company, and laughter that fills the soul.


FoodieKenobi, to Ottawa
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My first time at Delicious Steakhouse in Orléans and it was great. Filet mignon was on point and the lobster cake was like a croquette.

luthien1126, to food
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Dinner is chicken liver adobo. A dash of muscovado sugar makes a big difference. 😋

msquebanh, to random
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I'm far too tired to cook dinner today. I ordered delivery food from Ferris' downtown. Got their bouillabaisse - local fishes, shellfish, tomato fennel broth, parsley, saffron aioli & fingerling potatoes. They usually deliver a good sized serving - I usually have enough for a late night leftovers snack.


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yamini, to vegan
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Come on down to The Edgy Veggie for a global taste bud adventure!


msquebanh, to food
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Made some #chicken #curry for our family #dinner tonight. Made it medium spicy as my middle brother doesn't like super spicy. We're having it with jasmine rice.

#AsianMastodon #food #homecooking #SpicyFood #SouthEastAsianFood #TootSEA #AsianFood

kellyosullivan, to cooking
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Thankfully I headed the migraine off and just have a mild headache. I finished my work to a good stopping point then went downstairs and made a hash for dinner. Just look at that yolk!

A colorful plate of kale, potatoes, red pepper, with an egg in the middle. The yolk is flowing into the hash.

yamini, to food
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Tonight's all about feeling the French vibes, ooh la la!
Dimmed lights, a decadent spread (that quiche is calling my name!).
This is the kind of soul-satisfying meal that makes me savor every bite.
#frenchnightin #cookedhappiness

rnatale, to photography
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Kauneonga Lake, NY eating dinner on the outdoor deck as the sun was setting over the lake


bunvoyage17, to cooking
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Finally got around to making the Paneer last night. Decided to make Paneer Khurchan. One of our favorite restaurants in Chicago (“Essence of India” in Lincoln Square) does it really well and we were craving it. It is not a dish you often see on a menu here in the US.

vwdasher, to roadtrip
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Satori, to food
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Well, that’s cheeky. 🥔

bunvoyage17, to Marriage
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Watched “Love at First Sight” on Netflix tonight. Very simple and sweet - a nice cozy date movie for a cold Friday night 🤗

Made us reflect a bit on when we first met. This is probably the earliest photo we have of us from almost 10 years ago. Our boss took it before we had told anyone we were dating. Maybe she had a hunch? ❤️❤️❤️

asmellyogre, to pizza
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It's which means it's time for creative uses of leftover matzah. Today is with mushrooms and anchovies.

dnc, to food
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david, to food
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Approx two trays of hand made potato gnocchi. One will be dinner with an osso bucco ragù. The other, I’ll freeze for later use.

#food #gnocchi

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The slow cooked osso bucco ragù was delicious, and went very well with the gnocchi which was boiled then fried on one side in butter.

dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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dnc, to food
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