RiversideBryan, to Florida
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JeanetteSlagt, to Mexico Dutch
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They say the haze in the city is Sahara desert sand, I think it is pollution, but whatever, maybe it is a metaphor for the visibility we all have, it is never clear.

Foto: Monumento A Hidalgo, Merida Yucatan, Mexico

#streetview #evening #sunset #Merida #yucatan #Mexico #Statue #streets #traffic #Sun

LuumeMusic, to newmusic
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Spectacular sunset this afternoon walking the dogs. The photo doesn’t do it justice.
#sunset #sunsetphotography

appassionato, to spain
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‘Sunset over the mouth of the Rio Guadalquivir where it meets the Atlantic – taken while wild camping on the beach in our campervan in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz province.’

Photograph: Damian Connelly


kovah, to egypt
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Berasategi, to ocean
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obrien_kat, to flying
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Sunset over the clouds was hoping for sunset views landing in Barcelona, but flight delays so this instead.
#sunset #Flying #clouds #atardecer

minino, to Switzerland German
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Sunset from Fallenflue. I love it :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

#sunset #rigi #zentralschweiz #switzerland #mountains

LuumeMusic, to Horizon
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EZLorenzImagery, to Seattle
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andrewblasco, to pixel

"Empezó por una puesta,
siguió por un devaneo,
engendró luego un deseo,
y hoy me quema el corazón".

José Zorrilla

#Zorrilla #Valladolid #Escritor #Writer #Atardecer #Sunset #FotografíaNocturna #PixelDroid #FotografíaMóvil #MobilePhotography #Pixel #Pixel6 #TeamPixel

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eriko_hana, to Iceland French

n°142 : Un cheval islandais contemple la tombée du jour depuis un champ sur le bord de la route 514 (région de Borgarnes) le 2 janvier vers 15h30.

reshmi, to photography
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Just another sunset ...
#Photography #Sunset


rnatale, to photography
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Who doesn't love a beautiful sunset? Captured the other evening at Twin Lakes. It was so lovely and serene to stand there.


LuumeMusic, to Horizon
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Looks like it's raining heavily somewhere.

/Not mine. I don't bike.

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