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Grand Theft Auto VI’s development reportedly hit by internal delays

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Rockstar developers push back against corporate demand to return to physical offices in April

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The world can wait for GTA 6. Stop forcing your employees back into the office!

Rockstar wants folks back in the office despite saying otherwise - Desk Chair Analysts

#GTA6 #IWGB #RockstarGames #Union #WorkFromHome #Gaming #DCA

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Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto 6 developers ordered back to office - Rockstar Games, the developers behind the incredibly popular Grand Theft Auto fran... -

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GTA franchise has sold more copies than there are people in US and Canada - In its Q3 2024 earnings call on Thursday, Take-Two Interactive, the owners of Rock... -

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🔥 Vorsicht, der Trailer ist ein genialer Fake von
Andreas O. Loff und seinen Freunden, erschaffen mithilfe von sieben verschiedenen KI-Tools, darunter auch ChatGPT.

Zum Artikel:

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GTA 6: ‘Florida Joker’ threatens Rockstar with lawsuit - A man named ‘Florida Joker’ is threatening to sue Rockstar Games over the likeline... -

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Alguien más de aquí ha borrado su cuenta de por los que no permiten gestionarla?

Constan de 15 MALÍSIMAS pruebas de reconocimiento de audio o imagen.

3 muestras de audio, 1 a elegir que concuerde con lo que se pide reconocer por escrito, se mezclan y en ocasiones reproduce 2 idénticas.

5 habitaciones, una debería ser idéntica a un plano pero hay opciones idénticas.

Si aciertas todas tras la verificación 2FA deniega acceso por tiempo de espera excedido.

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Ya solicité a soporte que me borren la cuenta.
Perderé acceso a los juegos que tenía en ella (que debí piratear y nunca comprar de todos modos) y evidentemente no lo tocaré ni con un palo. Menos atención a juegos de compañías que no lo merecen y más a otros proyectos con considerablemente más merito. 👌

Borré hace años la de por su irresponsabilidad con respecto a la seguridad y privacidad de sus usuarios. Me costó semanas de discusión con varios empleados de soporte suyos.

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A person who stole GTA 6 videos earlier this year was sentenced to life in hospital.

He broke into Rockstar using only his mobile phone, Amazon Fire stick and his mobile phone, absolutely wild.

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Lapsus$: hacker handed indefinite hospital order

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I really don't know anything about this trial but a life sentence for an autistic 18yo hacker who leaked a couple of videos seems excessive? This kid needs help and a Netflix deal 🤔

"Despite having his laptop confiscated, Kurtaj managed to breach Rockstar, the company behind GTA, using an Amazon Firestick, his hotel TV and a mobile phone."

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Vice City is easily my favorite of the PS2-era GTA games so I'm low-key hype for GTA 6

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So the biggest, most heavily funded AAA game studio in the world, bar none, "doesn't have the resources for a PC port"? This is the funniest damn thing I have seen in awhile.
For the record, GTA5/Online revenue has passed 8billion in the ten years since release, which may not be a billion a year but...
More like they don't want GTA6 cutting into GTAO revenue, so they're delaying as much as possibly until the console GTA6 shop sales get rolling.

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The 'Florida Joker' from the trailer now wants millions from after claiming 'Y'all took my likeness' | TechRadar

> A tall order

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Woke up this morning thinking about playing GTA V. I have a PS4 copy that I bought in 2016 and it works on the PS5. It's been an hour of updates and still waiting here to play. I've had two cups of coffee and now re-thinking why I even bother with this gaming stuff on console these days.

It's sad because that initial exciting feeling of playing disappears as soon as the console turns on and updates are required.

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I want Grand Theft Auto VI to feature the luckchain with Bitchcoin, Lifecoin and Dogcoin included

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jumping on the hype with a personalise playlist of songs! 🔥

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shadowbanned Rockstar because the trailer was on youtube

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Deep dive into the graphics in the GTA 6 trailer

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Did Rockstar get bullied on Twitter?

Rockstar caves in and uploads GTA 6 trailer to Twitter - Desk Chair Analysts

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I keep seeing conservatives complaining that used to be good, but has "gone woke." Like, GTA and all Rockstar games haven't always made fun of conservatives and Republicans. I swear, it's like they are totally incapable of thinking critically.

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Clever way to restrict map exploration in the first few hours of GTA VI without it feeling too artificial. Chapeau, Rockstar.

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