jrefior, (edited ) to Sony
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Sony might want to rethink its marketing strategy.

m10l, to Sony

Old door lock on the door of a chapel. Photographed with alpha7 II and Zuiko 35mm 1:2.8

whoisryosuke, to Sony
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parigotmanchot, to Sony French
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Chargement en cours...
Mais de quoi s'agit-il ?
@cheziceman Tu n'as jamais dû goûter...

paninid, to ai
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It took 18 months for lawyers to agree on language for public distribution.

mms, to Sony
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new blog post

「 CDP-897 is a unit from 1992. It’s 32 years old, and it works flawlessly. All buttons work, CD reading is spot on, audio it generates through all outputs is clear. It even came with a full service manual, which till this can day can be easily found on the web. Nowadays not many things exist after 5 years of purchase, and here I am. Just another happy owner in the 30-year history of this player. 」


cliffwade, to bapcsalescanada
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I am now about 5 hours into Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut on PC and absolutely enjoying the game so far.

The graphics are beyond amazing. The combat is super smooth and fights with enemies can be tough at times if you're not careful. I love the open world and being able to explore things on your own in a lot of ways. Definitely glad I picked this game up.

VJ_Efemerides, to Sony Catalan
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Aquest any es compleixen 20 anys que arribava "Silent Iron" per "PlayStation" de 🕹🎮.

majorlinux, to Amazon
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remixtures, to Sony Portuguese
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Sony Music is the prototype of the company that uses artists as mere puppets for getting the only thing it really wants: free money extracted through IP rents. It's a parasite that doesn't contribute at all to the promotion of arts and science.

#Sony #SonyMusic #AI #GenerativeAI #AITraining #Copyright #IP: "Sony Music is sending warning letters to more than 700 artificial intelligence developers and music streaming services globally in the latest salvo in the music industry’s battle against tech groups ripping off artists.

The Sony Music letter, which has been seen by the Financial Times, expressly prohibits AI developers from using its music — which includes artists such as Harry Styles, Adele and Beyoncé — and opts out of any text and data mining of any of its content for any purposes such as training, developing or commercialising any AI system.

Sony Music is sending the letter to companies developing AI systems including OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Suno and Udio, according to those close to the group.

The world’s second-largest music group is also sending separate letters to streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple, asking them to adopt “best practice” measures to protect artists and songwriters and their music from scraping, mining and training by AI developers without consent or compensation. It has asked them to update their terms of service, making it clear that mining and training on its content is not permitted.

Sony Music declined to comment further."


majorlinux, to Xbox
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This week, there’s Ghost of Tsushima news, Twitter making normal words slurs, and people really think Microsoft cares about the Xbox numbers.

Tech Talk Today (05/15/2024) - Desk Chair Analysts


FoW, (edited ) to Xperia Korean
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85-170 광학 줌 렌즈 카메라. 120 매크로.

majorlinux, to Amazon
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Today, Hot Labor Summer continues, WBD gives devs their games back, and PlayStation has two new bosses!

Tech Talk Today (05/14/2024) - Desk Chair Analysts


#AdultSwim #Amazon #Canada #ChatGPT #Gaming #OpenAI #PlayStation #Sony #SquareEnix #Superchargers #Technology #Tesla #Twitch #Union #WarnerBrosDiscovery #DCA

gamingonlinux, to Steamdeck
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thejapantimes, to business
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Sony Group said it expects operating income of ¥1.28 trillion in the year to March, missing analyst expectations for both profit and sales as PlayStation 5 hardware sales wane. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/business/2024/05/14/companies/sony-profit-outlook/

majorlinux, to ads
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On this inaugural episode, I cover some more Xbox fallout, Ghost of Tsushima refunds, and I got follow botted.

Tech Talk Today (05/13/2024) - Desk Chair Analysts


#ads #Apple #AppleStore #Asus #ATT #EA #GhostsOfTsushima #Maryland #Microsoft #Mobile #PlayStationNetwork #ROGAllyX #Sony #Strike #TMobile #Verizon #Xbox #Unions #Tech #Gaming #DCA

hyde, to Sony
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bsm, to Sony German
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Wie froh bin ich, dass meine ANC-Kopfhörer im (italienischen 🫢) so gut funktionieren, vor allem gegen…

  • telefonierende Leute
  • Menschen, die nicht wissen, dass es einen „Lautlos-Modus“ gibt
  • jene, die ohne Kopfhörer TV/Tiktok o.ä. schauen

matt, (edited ) to iPhone
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What operating system is your phone running?

@matt@oslo.town avatar

I think I would really like a Sony Xperia phone but I really don't want to use Google products.


thejapantimes, to business
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Sony’s shares have fallen by the most in nearly three months after its $26 billion proposal to buy Paramount Global raised concerns among investors over how it plans to finance the deal. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/business/2024/05/07/companies/sony-share-falls/ #business #companies #sony #stocks #paramount

aldi80s, to minidisc
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Artist: 佐井好子 [JAPAN]
Title: 萬花鏡
Genre: Psychedelic, Folk, Avantgarde
Release: Label Black, Japan, 1975.
#NowPlaying #MiniDisc #SONY #ATRAC #Japan #JapaneseMusic #1970s #YoshikoSai

Imperor, to Sony
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Tonight we dive into hell with Helldivers 2

Join in 30 minutes over on https://twitch.tv/imperorthefirst and cheer for democracy with this new recruit. Capitalism for once defeated itself and thus the stream card for tonight will commemorate this momentous event!


SomeGadgetGuy, (edited ) to tech
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Replay Crew! We had a fun romp through tech headlines this week! https://somegadgetguy.com/b/44j
Jack Dorsey is no longer on the board of BlueSky. We're wrapping up the closing arguments in Google's anti-trust case. The Rabbit R1 is an app. Sony's marketing materials for the next XPERIA leak.

And we should probably chat about this next iPad thing-y...

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