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VHS dropout and cinematic (auto) poster. Not really that much into horror; just federating that way. Also https://write.underworld.fr/settima/. EST Nov 08, 2022. #nobridge

Avatar: Persona (Ingmar Bergman, 1966)
Header: The Savage Eye (1959)

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hermeticlibrary, to random
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Greater Feast of Richard Payne Knight, died April 23, 1824 at London, England https://hermetic.com/hermeneuticon/richard-payne-knight #calendar #historic #OTD #OnThisDay

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@hermeticlibrary Where oh where is the Timothy Spall biopic?

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@hermeticlibrary Ah yes, my phrasing…

In Ken Russell's Gothic, Spall et al use a skull to channel the dead. That's a start.

12pt9, to Stoicism
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– They've created a desert and have called it “”.

, April 16, Culloden (Peter Watkins, 1964) is the . @film ★★★★☆

18+ Ttubretep, to random
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Reverse image search has failed me.

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@Ttubretep Reddit says Jeani Mack but I'm face blind (and slightly distracted by that picture) and can't confirm. Obviously https://wholesalemoney.tumblr.com/post/644399995604303872/jeani-mack

Found via lens.google.com btw.

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silentbeauties, to random
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Inlook forward to taste this Korean ginseng tea. It seems good.

Have you ever tasted ginseng? Do you like it?

Overleaf - A little bag of Korean ginseng tea with the description both in Korean and English languages.

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@silentbeauties Oh, it's good (but do check if you can drink it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginseng_tea#Risks)! Enjoy!

12pt9, to ADHD
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I see quite a few folks with here and their struggles to keep up with tasks. I'm and can find it hard to not feel overwhelmed by what "must" be done resulting in more chaos, more dirt and more things to get about. Sigh…

Using this opportunity to get that off my chest and maybe offer some sort of solution for people like us.

is a free that helps create small routines. It's a bit cutesy, but hey if it helps!

https://apps.apple.com/us/app/trash-panda-cleanup/id6463821439 🧼 🦝

12pt9, to Mexico
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, April 12, Misterios de la magia negra [Mysteries of Black Magic] (Miguel M. Delgado, 1958) is the . @film ★★★★☆

12pt9, to drama
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12pt9, to Switzerland
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12pt9, to uk
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#OnThisDate, March 21, *The Man Who Knew Too Much (Alfred #Hitchcock, 1934) is the #FilmDuJour. #AlfredHitchcock #PeterLorre #LeslieBanks #UK #crime #thriller #film #cinema #CineMastodon @film #1930s ★★★★☆

12pt9, to movies
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Now that I found that there are actually serious communities on , I'm kinda somewhat considering moving over there. Just look! https://lemmyverse.net/communities?query=film

12pt9, to France
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, March 17, La Chambre verte [The Green Room aka The Vanishing Fiancée] (François Truffaut, 1978) is the . @film ★★☆☆☆

12pt9, to Sports
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, March 13, Die große Ekstase des Bildschnitzers Steiner [The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner] (Werner #Herzog, 1974) is the . @film ★★★★☆

12pt9, to fediBots
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@botwiki Hi, could you please remove the Twitter reference on https://botwiki.org/bot/selfhelp_ebooks/? It's exclusively on Mastodon now and uses https://cheapbotstootsweet.com/ (Tracery). Also, it currently doesn't generate feedback.

Thank you!

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@botwiki Thank you :)

12pt9, to spain
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#OnThisDate, March 9, Fata/Morgana [Left-Handed Fate / Panik 75] (Vicente Aranda, 1966) is the #FilmDuJour. #VicenteAranda #TeresaGimpera #Spain #WestGermany #mystery #drama #crime #Barcelona #SciFi #film #cinema #CineMastodon @film #1960s ★★★★☆

12pt9, (edited )
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@jqubed @notfromhere I use LT for books, no DVDs etc (yet) and second the recommendation! No idea if less popular media such as LD, VD or video tapes are supported, but the people behind LT are incredibly helpful and open for suggestions.

Note that it doesn't work with Jellyfin.

12pt9, to uk
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– Burn witch, burn witch, burn!
– Dig that crazy beat, man.

, March 3, The City of the Dead (John Llewellyn , 1960) is the . @film ★★★★☆

12pt9, to uk
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– The conquest of new worlds always makes demands of human life. And there will always be men who will accept the risk.

, February 28, First Man Into Space [aka Satellite of Blood] (Robert Day, 1959) is the . @film ★★½

12pt9, to film
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@guppegroups @datatitian Your instance @film is still generating huge amounts of . Could you please move away from open sign-up until this is under control?

12pt9, to australia
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– On Saturday 14th February 1900 a party of schoolgirls from Appleyard College picnicked at Hanging Rock near Mt. Macedon in the state of Victoria. During the afternoon several members of the party disappeared without trace…

, February 14, Picnic at Hanging Rock (Peter Weir, 1975) is the . @film ★½

12pt9, to movies
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An absolutely gorgeous for The Maltese Falcon (1931)

12pt9, to brainfood
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You can watch it here: https://vimeo.com/467944271

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