haloandherb, to Nutanix
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Cistus oil, derived from rockrose plants, is less known but highly potent. It aids in balancing emotions and fostering a sense of peace and calm. Ideal for meditation or stress relief, apply diluted on wrists or diffuse.

sugarfuel, to Plants German
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haloandherb, to relationships
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Embrace balance and harmony in relationships today. Focus on enhancing mutual understanding and respect. Strengthening these connections brings peace, joy, and deeper bonds.

KissAnne, to Ukraine
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Bodling, to Stoicism
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"To allow governments to pour more and more billions into weapons that almost immediately become obsolete, thereby necessitating more billions for newer and bigger weapons, is one of the most colossal injustices in the long history of man. While we are doing this, two-thirds of the world is starving, or living in conditions of subhuman destitution.”

Merton, Thomas. “Peace: a Religious Responsibility.” (1962) in Selected Essays. Edited with an introduction by Patrick F. O’Connell. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 2013, p. 139.

#peace #ethics #inequity

banned_tweets_of_john_cusack, to Palestine
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#gaza #palestine #israel #civilian #bravery #heroic #SofiaOrr #resistance #peace #respect


This courageous young #Jewish #Israeli #woman Sofia Orr was sentenced to twenty days in #prison for her refusal to serve in the #IDF.
Like her #peer #TalMitnick, Sofia is a real #rolemodel for #courage.

haloandherb, to KindActions
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Today, embrace gratitude. Recognize and appreciate the small gifts in life. This simple act can transform your day, bringing joy and peace. Gratitude opens the heart to receive even more blessings.

#gratitude #joy #peace #transformation #mindfulness #haloandherb

Celrunia_QT, to Stoicism
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jmb, to Israel
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Here are the words of Sophia Orr, a brave Israeli conscientious objector who is going to military prison rather than agreeing to serve in the IDF:

"I'm coming here today to refuse to enlist in the IDF, as an act of solidarity and love to the Palestinian people. And to say that war has no winners, that violence only leads to more violence, and that everyone's being held by this war and by the occupation, that the only way that we can ever solve this is by a political solution and to share peace to everyone.

It's also a message to the people of Gaza . . . (that) here are people fighting for them and that we are trying to make peace, some of us, and it's also a message to the people in Israel, to show them that refusing is possible, and to raise that message and to raise that voice as loudly as they can.

#ConscientiousObjection #Israel #Peace #ShalomSalaam #IDF #Israeli #Palestine #Gaza #Mesarvot #Mazeldon

sugarfuel, to nature German
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sugarfuel, to Plants German
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sugarfuel, to Sleeping German
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LEAD_Coalition, to Stoicism
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If you needed to see this, maybe someone else does too. So please pass it along. This world needs us all to believe in the good .. and to do our part to make the good be real for everyone.

altlife, to Stoicism
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"The soul is healed by being with children" Fyodor Dostoevsky said. What happens to one's soul when children start wishing for death?

Day 140.

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KarenKasparArt, to Happy
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arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
arkadiusz, to Amsterdam
jmb, to Israel
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It is hard to take seriously the claims that the state of is taking all necessary steps to prevent civilian casualties, when they end up attacking a known food convoy.

Exclusive: Israeli forces fired on food convoy in Gaza, UN documents and satellite analysis reveals | CNN

earwigplanet, to Halloween
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"Peace Under the Pines"

A modern temple in Greco-Roman style under the fir trees in early autumn at the New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill. 2014

sugarfuel, to nature German
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MarjoleinRotsteeg, to Haiku Dutch
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banned_tweets_of_john_cusack, to Palestine
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haloandherb, to Stoicism
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Amethyst is the chosen crystal for today. This stone promotes peace, emotional healing, and spiritual awareness. Ideal during the Moon in Cancer for soothing emotions and enhancing intuitive understanding from Pisces Sun influences. Carry or place amethyst near you to balance mind and spirit.

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