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I've just popped the recipe for my Pistachio and Pomegranate Blondies up on my website. It's the first non-pie-related recipe there, but I think it holds its own 😂

White chocolate blondies with a pistachio cream, chopped pistachios and pomegranate seeds.

A photo taken from above of the same pile of blondies on a plate.

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Hungry? Us too! Here are a few Magazines to follow just in time for dinner. 👨‍🍳

Dinners by Eating Well: Healthy dinner ideas and recipes for every night of the week.

Dinner Recipes by Food & Wine: Essential dinner recipes for every home cook, whether you want an easy sheet pan dinner, or something fit for a dinner party.

Nik Sharma Cooks: Approachable Food Science and Delicious Recipes For Everyone

The Recipe Exchange: Follow this Magazine for recipe inspiration, cooking hacks, and tips from Flipboard's foodie community.

Vegan Dishes That Slap!: Fill your plate with vibrant, plant-based magic that'll make your meals the talk of the town! These vegan dishes are not just nourishing; they pack a flavor punch that'll keep you coming back for more.

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In this week's The Tastiest newsletter, we invited Michelle, the creator of @SiftandSimmer, to share her tips and recipes for making dim sum. Here's her @Flipboard Storyboard, which has recipes for all your brunch favorites, from siu mai and spring rolls to silky mango pudding. There's even a method for how to cook chicken feet, if that's what floats your culinary boat. Sadly, the Storyboard won't make you magically acquire the skills to fold and wrap dumplings, but there are plenty of tips and diagrams so you can start practising.

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Meet Louisa Moje! She is the creator of Food Plus Words and Flipboard's newest food writer-in-residence.

Check out a few of her Magazines to follow, featuring her favorite recipes:

Easy Recipe Ideas: Looking for easy recipes for dinner, breakfast, lunch, sides, appetizers, or desserts? You'll love this magazine!

Dinner That Slaps: Dinner meals so good, they'll make you want to dance.

Desserts That Slap: Celebrate the joy of baking with desserts that go above and beyond the everyday.

Read more about her love of cooking in her interview on Inside Flipboard:

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Kristina Cho has a delicious recipe for making pesto out of 'tong ho' or chrysanthemum leaves

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Come on , I need a foolproof recipe for or potato scones if you would prefer but not potato farles. The shops in Cornwall, for some reason have stopped selling them, even the tory Warburton ones have vanished. So please help a Scottish lass in exile in Cornwall to remember hame wi a good recipe and tell me how you make yours? I can get proper black pud and square sausage nae bother but hame made tattie scones have tae be the best, nae?

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I’ve gotten into the habit of making flatbreads. It’s just such a win, gets me into flow state, and is a cheap and tasty thing to do that makes such a huge difference (I don’t like soft store bought tortillas or wraps, unless I go to get specific local Mexican brands..)

Might want to explore making the Indian breads I miss. Like rumali roti

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Super U Gaufres Liégeoises

When you’re trying a bit too hard to make Belgian waffles French

Oh and palm oil damn it. Not buying these again!

And they could have used French sugar, but didn’t…

Enterprise de France on the label
Some ingredients are not from France on the back

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@jon The tourist board has an authentic recipe on their website. Besides flour nothing mentioned on the supermarket waffles is used 🤔

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Pancakes have been around since 11650 B.C, curry has been around even longer! Check out this list of 11 foods that have survived the test of time.

Posted into The Ancient Food Cookbook @the

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The James Beard nominations for 2024 have just been announced, and a few of the folks we've worked with over the years are in the mix. Here's the full list of nominees, via @Eater:

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Abi Balingit was James Beard nominated for her Filipino dessert book, "Mayumu." Here's a @Flipboard Storyboard she put together about the rise of Filipino food.

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I never loved eating potatoes until I started making this recipe regularly.

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Are you tired of the same old dinners? Give our cabbage varenyky with chicken legs and vegetables a try!

This recipe is easy to make and packed with nutrients, making it a healthy and delicious meal option.

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Tfw you're leaving the seder at 1am

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Piece of matzo, covered in cream cheese, thin layer of raspberry fruit spread on top, (this is important!) eaten over the kitchen sink.

I call this the "Passover Danish" or the "Dayeinish."

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Looking for something to this evening.

Am I the only person who is repulsed by with 'creamy' or 'cheesy' in their titles?

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According to Gordon Ramsay, we're in the golden age of dorm-room cooking, as a result of social platforms where students can exchange cooking hacks, and the proliferation of devices like crock pots and portable burners. "These low-budget, accessible, and creative dorm-room meals are opening up new possibilities for all cooks with limited kitchen access, from low-budget travelers staying in hostels to anyone struggling with housing insecurity to housemates tired of waiting for their turn to use the oven," writes Grey Moran. Here's their story for Civil Eats. We'd like to know: How would you rate your cooking abilities?

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Speaking of tofu, Pailin from Hot Thai Kitchen has a banger tofu episode in which she lets loose several tofu rants I agree with:

  • in most of Asia, tofu isn’t a meat alternative
  • tofu is often cooked with non veg items
  • people who try to ‘make it like chicken / steak’ have no idea what they’re doing
  • if you think tofu is horrible, I’m sorry you’ve not had great tofu and tofu dishes

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Tofu techniques:

If you don’t eat meat just omit the meat, or replace any instance of ground pork (commonly used to cook tofu in Chinese cooking), with minced mushrooms

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"Chicken Of The Trees - Iguana Recipe Ideas

According to Dr. Bill Kern, associate professor, En-
tomology and Nematology Department, Ft. Lauder-
dale Research and Education Center, UF/IFAS
FLREC, iguana meat is mild flavored and usually not
tough. Most of the meat is on the legs, along the spine
and on the tail.... De-boned iguana meat is very well suited to cur-
ries, soups, stews, gumbo, and etouffée. The imma-
ture eggs from females can be saved and added to
soup and stews."


@ukuku Iguana Tacos/Burritos!

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Who knew chicken could be this easy AND amazing?

Posted into The Recipe Exchange @the

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Today is going to be good day, starting out with one of my favorite salad recipes.Getting back on my feet after my breast cancer surgery.Me and my husband are going to have a barbecue 🤗🎈💐🌞🌭🍗🥩🥙🥗🎂🥂🍷

Chicken pasta salad
Pasta,red onion, cucumber, romaine lettuce,and diced chicken pepper (ground) fresh grated Romano cheese (block cheese) 🧀home style ranch dressing
Pasta,homestyle ranch dressing, Diced chicken,red onions romaine lettuce, cubed cucumber Romano cheese, ground pepper, and spicy garlic powder seasoning

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