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We've opened formal proceedings against Meta regarding the protection of minors on Facebook and Instagram.

The systems of both platforms, including their algorithms, may stimulate behavioural addictions in children, as well as create so-called 'rabbit-hole effects’.

More: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/ip_24_2664


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"I strongly condemn the vile attack on Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Such acts of violence have no place in our society and undermine democracy, our most precious common good.

My thoughts are with PM Fico and his family."

— President von der Leyen, 15 May 2024

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In solidarity we prepare, and united we stand.

We are boosting our preparedness against wildfires through the fleet and a strategic pre-positioning of firefighters. This means:

→ 24 aeroplanes and 4 helicopters hosted by ten EU countries;
→ 550+ firefighters from twelve countries on standby.

We have also allocated €600 million that will facilitate the acquisition of 12 new firefighting planes and several helicopters in the future.

Learn more → https://europa.eu/!xmMQqg

EU_Commission, to Bulgaria
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We've designated under the Digital Markets Act Booking as a gatekeeper for its online intermediation service Booking.com.

Booking has now six months to comply with the relevant obligations under the , offering more choice and freedom to end users.

Read more: https://europa.eu/!H4VB68

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Dear @derPUPE, we are committed to our presence on the fediverse, and we value our community here. Stay tuned for updates.

Aakerbeere, (edited ) to Bulgaria German
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💬 Digitale Unabhängigkeit ist der wohl NICHT wichtig!

Der -Server der EU steht weiter vor dem Aus


13.05.2024, 15:28 Uhr

Es gibt eine Reaktion der @EU_Commission auf mein Posting


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Hallo @Aakerbeere! Unsere Präsenz im Fediverse und unsere Community hier sind uns sehr wichtig. Wir arbeiten aktiv an einer Lösung und werden diese sehr bald kommunizieren.

EU_Commission, to Bulgaria
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📣 Young Europeans are not only ready to vote but are engaged and active in policy and decision-making

Our latest on Youth and Democracy shows:

🗳️ 64% of young Europeans intend to vote in the next European elections on 6-9 June;
🤝 64% have participated in youth organisations' activities in the past 12 months;
📣 48% had taken action to change society including signing a petition or participating in a rally.

Find out more about our findings: https://europa.eu/!XPtmnC

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Die EU ist im Fediverse mit eigenen Servern präsent und damit fast allen Regierungen der Welt voraus. Am Samstag sollen die Server aber abgeschaltet werden, weil keine EU-Institution den Betrieb übernehmen will. Was danach mit den Accounts geschehen soll, ist unklar.


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@stefanjahn @ArneBab @netzpolitik_feed
Vielen Dank für das aktive Interesse an unserer Präsenz im Fediverse. Wir schätzen unsere Community hier sehr, und werden auch weiterhin auf Mastodon aktiv bleiben. Genauere Details folgen bald! 🇪🇺

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🗳️ Do you know which day you’ll be voting? Check this map to see when you can vote in the upcoming European elections on 6-9 June.

Most EU countries will be voting on Sunday 9 June but some will be voting earlier, while others even allow you to vote across multiple days.

Make sure you know exactly when you can .

📷 Copyright: © by European Parliament

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Hi @MostlyBlindGamer! Thank you for your question! You can find information about the voting dates for the upcoming European elections here:

EU_Commission, to random
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Let’s come together for the European Diversity Month!

👏 A time to celebrate equality, diversity and inclusion, and those making tangible efforts to build a true .

Congratulations to the winners of the 2024 European Capitals of Inclusion and Diversity Awards:

Local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants
🥇Zagreb 🇭🇷
🥈Växjö 🇸🇪
🥉La Laguna 🇪🇸
Local authorities with less than 50,000 inhabitants
🥇Corbetta 🇮🇹
🥈 Miranda de Ebro 🇪🇸
🥉 Casares 🇪🇸

A photo of a scenic and empty wooden pier at the swedish lake Trummen in Vaxjo, on a sunny day with some clouds on the sky. There are tall green trees in the background and some buildings.
A photo of people walking down a pedestrian street with tall and colourful buildings on both sides of the street.
A photo of traditional white houses atop a green hill on a day filled with sunshine and clear skies.

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Today, President von der Leyen is celebrating Europe Day in Vilnius.

Lithuania’s commitment to our Union’s security and defence and our shared European values is indispensable.

You’re making Europe so much stronger.

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Thank you for the suggestion, @tinderness. We have edited the post to include ALT-text on our media.

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Thank you for the suggestion, @FiveSeventeen. We have edited the post accordingly.
We wish you a happy Europe Day!

EU_Commission, to random
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Happy ! 🇪🇺

Today, on 9 May, we celebrate our unity and solidarity.

A month ahead of the (6-9 June), it is the perfect day to share your wishes for Europe and reflect on which EU you want in the future.

It's time to get involved! → https://europa.eu/!8jtNqP

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Hello @wilhelm! Thanks for asking! Our presence on the fediverse will remain! 🇪🇺 💙 🐘
PS: This photo was taken on 1 May near the Headquarters of the European Commission, it's not a stock photo. We hope you have a great Europe Day!

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That's great to hear, @ang_mo_uncle! ✉️ ✅

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That is wonderful, @daridrea! Democracy is truly something to cherish. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for the elections. 🇪🇺 💙

EU_Commission, to random
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🔴 We have sent X a request for information under the Digital Services Act to obtain more details on its content moderation activities, including:

➡ its content moderation resources in light of the reduction in linguistic coverage within our Union, from 11 EU languages to 7;

➡ the implementation of generative AI tools.

This request is a further step in an ongoing investigation, which builds upon the evidence gathering and analysis conducted so far.

More: https://europa.eu/!dhHQmN

EU_Commission, to random
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is just around the corner 🇪🇺 !

Tomorrow, we will celebrate the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration –, a milestone in our history that set the foundation for the European Union as we know it today.

👴🏻 : “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create a de facto solidarity.”

Let’s continue to work to build a brighter, more united future for all of us.


EU_Commission, to history
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EU_Commission, to random
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200 candles today for our Ode to Joy!

The European Union’s anthem turns 2⃣0⃣0⃣ today and it is time to celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven’s masterpiece!

Composed in 1824, the excerpt from the prelude to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony was adopted as the anthem of the EU in 1985 and is one of the most known symbols of our unity. It speaks volumes through its melody, embodying the shared European ideals of freedom, peace, and solidarity.

One anthem, a whole Union. Happy birthday, Ode to joy!

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Vielen Dank für den Kommentar, @Doris! Beethoven ist wahrhaftig eine Inspiration für uns alle!

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Hello @NatureMC! Rest assured, we are committed to the fediverse and our presence on Mastodon is here to stay.

EU_Commission, to random
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Diversity is our Union's strength, and it must be protected and valued 🤝

Join us in celebrating the 5th , dedicated to recognising companies and organisations that are committed to building inclusive workplaces and communities.

By championing inclusivity, we can build a future where every individual's talent is recognised and given the opportunity to flourish without barriers.

ℹ️ European Diversity Month → https://eudiversity2024.eu/european-diversity-month-2024/

Elderly shoppers pull a cart as they look at goods displayed for sale in an outdoor market at Piazza Garibaldi in Sulmona, Italy
Paris Opera Ballet's 'danseur etoile' Stephane Bullion teaches young dancers in Cayenne, French Guiana

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Hello @VoxClamans! Actually, working towards inclusivity in the workplace does fall within our competence. Did you know that your right to be protected from discrimination at work is enshrined in the treaties that establish the functioning of the EU? You can learn more about what is and what isn't an EU competence here: https://europa.eu/!vT3NFB

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