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Do you follow climate change scientists? Here are some @Flipboard Magazines that you might also want to follow:

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If you would like to follow my blog in your Mastodon/ActivityPub feed, you can follow it directly at @chrisblog. Future posts will be automatically published in that feed in full. I'd recommend enabling notifications in your client as I don't publish there every day :)

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Susana Muhamad, ’s minister, who is expected to be the Cop16 president, said the South American country would use the summit to ensure was a key part of the global environmental agenda in the year building up to the climate in the Brazilian Amazon in 2025, where countries will present new plans on how they will meet the .

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The Ministry of Environment updated a list of threatened species in Colombia for the first time since 2017, adding hundreds of species facing a wide range of threats, from deforestation and mining to illegal hunting and fishing.

The country now has 2,106 species listed as critically endangered, endangered or vulnerable, up by about 800 species from the last time the analysis was carried out.

By Maxwell Radwin

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AgroecologyMap, to permaculture avatar

Ecovida PGS Network - INOFO is a small-scale farm that grows organic food through resilient organic agroforestry systems, which is a food production technique based on forestry principles.

Find out more at

Ecovida PGS Network
Ecovida PGS Network
Ecovida PGS Network

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For the past 10 years, marine biologist and conservationist Stan Shea has been leading a citizen-science program called the 114°E Hong Kong Reef Fish Survey to compile data on local reef fish species and raise awareness about the marine environment.

The program relies on a core network of around 50 volunteer divers, who assist Shea with his mission to raise awareness about Hong Kong’s aquatic life.

By Elizabeth Claire Alberts

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Budget 2024 silent on environment, conservative on climate
Torrance Coste, Charlotte Dawe
4–5 minutes

Climate measures focus on reacting to disasters instead of bold emissions cuts, no new funding for biodiversity and conservation

#BC #canada #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Climate change linked to rise in mental distress among teens, finds study

a quarter of those adolescents who had experienced the highest number of days in a climate disaster within the past two years and the past five years—such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, droughts, and wildfire—had 20% higher odds of developing mental distress than their peers who experienced few or no disaster events

#teens #MentalDistress #USA #US #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Historic winter heat wave hits Japan as unusual warmth hits U.S., other areas

Extraordinary winter warmth has struck Japan in recent days, with hundreds of monthly high temperature records for February broken by rare margins

#Japan #MassExtinction #pollution #ecology #environment #climate

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Why Are Companies Reneging On Emissions Reductions?

Dear EarthTalk: Why are some companies backing off their previously stated commitments to cut greenhouse gas emissions? How can we get them to turn it back around?

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Gulf corals still suffering more than a decade after Deepwater Horizon oil spill, scientists report

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We know how to save these beloved endangered whales. Yet we’re mindlessly killing them.

@Vox reports on the plight of the North Atlantic right whale:

#Whales #Animals #Endangered #Ocean #Environment #Fishing

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FAA Adopts Carbon Limits For Airliners (

The FAA has issued a final rule that will require most larger aircraft built after Jan. 1, 2028, to meet new efficiency standards designed to reduce their carbon emissions per passenger mile. The new rule will cover all subsonic jets with a maximum takeoff weight of more than 12,500 pounds and turboprops with an MTOW of 19,000...

Air freighter taking off.
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Climate change to slash Africa's GDP by 7.1%: Report
~2 minutes

Feb 22, 2024 04:16 PM IST
The Center for Global Development study shows that the developing world will bear the brunt of the impact of a warming world

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I just received an email from one of my lab providers that PFAS tests are available -- just in time now that the state legislators are planning to loosen regulations on "forever chemicals."

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Esta's Farm Family road-side rain water harvesting Agroecology practice BOOSTS the bio-diverse nature plants library and pharmacy for sustainable availability of biodiversity, food and income.

Find out more about this practice

Esta's Farm Family
Esta's Farm Family
Esta's Farm Family

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In 2019, the collapse of an iron-ore tailings dam in Brumadinho, southeastern Brazil, killed 272 people, flattened entire villages, and caused widespread environmental damage.

Since then, engineers have tried to understand the mechanics of how a dam that hadn’t been in use in three years, and of which there are tens of thousands around the world, could have failed so suddenly and catastrophically.

by Sarah Sax

#News #Conservation #Environment #Brazil

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Panama: Key Services Lacking at Climate Relocation Site

Develop Policy for Moving Numerous Other Indigenous Communities Facing Rising Seas

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Read a well-researched overview of the environmental cost of solar energy:
: "Do I report what I’ve learned about PVs— or live with it, privately?":

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Here a recommendations to governments about mining.
It follows a fact-finding report on El Salvador’s detained water defenders, the potential return of environmentally destructive mining, and the state of human rights under the Bukele administration: @environment

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