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Raw vegan, music producer, open source enthusiast and expert in digital arts. Unity consciousness explorer with a focus on creating abundance and fulfillment for everyone and everything.

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alf, to Musicproduction
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This weekend I made a custom setup for my new Zoom F3 recorder.

If you're interested I wrote a short article about it here


#fieldrecording #linuxaudio #musicproduction #audio #diy

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@alf Wow, that's cool! My setup is much simpler. 🫣

daviwil, to random
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Yeah, I guess it's about time to start writing my LibrePlanet talk 😅

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@daviwil What will you be speaking/presenting about?

amadeus, to Dragonlance
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Could an #audio #plugin possibly read the host #os #darkmode or #lightmode state? #linuxaudio #linux
What about if it is running in a #sandbox #daw with #flatpak?

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@x42 Thanks for the insight! Yeah, too bad.

amadeus, to random
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wraptile, to thailand
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Happy new year !

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@wraptile 💦🔫😊

amadeus, to random
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Checkout debut covered in this article by and make sure to comment too. 😜

X31Andy, to music
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Funny how a good bit of music can completely change your mood. I was feeling a bit under the weather this morning then had Navras come up on my YouTube recommendations. I'm now eager to face the world :)

Forgot how good it was, definitely benefits from having the volume turned up.


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@X31Andy I often change my mood with music. Without music, my life would be a lot less enjoyable for me. 🙏

nund, to linux German
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Do you already know the great VST plugins from @fullbucket?


Not currently available for , but will be in the near future. 🎉

Thanks Björn for this information.

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@nund @fullbucket Oh, amazing! The family grows! 🥳

amadeus, (edited ) to random
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A series of alphabetically ordered accounts of lovely humans for your enjoyment. 😇

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@mxv @Ercanbrack @SKRiley_Author @alf @falktx @gmslater @graves501 @macberg @nund @vlcam Oh no! I hope you'll be feeling better in no time! 🙏

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amadeus, to random
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Just saw that nice announcement banner for Sinevibes' first #linuxaudio #plugin Integer! Look at those eyes! 🤩 https://www.sinevibes.com/integer/

pele, to random German
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Pflanzen sind machtvolle Gurus, weil ihr Dasein die reinste Meditation ist. Was tun sie denn anderes, als in absoluter Stille zu verweilen und mit ihrem grünen Laub das Licht der Sonne aufzunehmen- der Sonne, die das ewige, alles erhaltende OM, den Urton der Schöpfung, unablässig aus sich herausströmen lässt. Mit ihrem Netzwerk von Wurzeln sind Pflanzen mit dem Gegenpol zum Himmelslicht, mit der feuchten, dunklen Erde, mit der Pilzwelt, dem Wasser und den Mineralien, verbunden.
Wolf-Dieter Storl

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@pele Schön! 🥰

amadeus, to random
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Oh, wow, I just realized that I currently have a perfect following count of 303! 🫣🥳 Almost etherial! 😇

amadeus, to Dragonlance
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Today is a special day for me and I think for all (s).
Sinevibes, a true innovator in the field of unique yet easy to use (s) (s), joins the family by releasing Integer, their new digital-analog buffer device, as their first native Linux plug-in. 🥳🥰
Get it here: https://www.sinevibes.com/integer/
PD: They created their first plug-in almost 20 years ago and were all in on Linux at the time. So in a way this is like "The Return to Linux"! 🤓

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@nund @solidtrax I love their plugins. 🥰 I am really excited that their entire range of little plugin friends will come to .

macberg, to music
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This is one of the weirdest and most pathetic music related regulations I've ever heard of. Only music between 80-116 BPM is allowed. Sometimes conservatives really are the saddest bunch of pathetic losers in existence.


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@macberg 😕

solidtrax, to amiga Dutch
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A few days ago we found out about Amigo. A sampler made by PotenzaDSP and Stekker that emulates the #Amiga samplers from the 80s. It is
cheap and very good. You can pick it up here: https://potenzadsp.com/amigo/

FYI: We started with these kind of tools in the 80s! #trackers #scene

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@solidtrax Amazing find and for too! 🤓

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@solidtrax In the meantime you may have already heard that Sinevibes are coming to Linux Audio! 😜 Integer has already been released as a Linux native Plugin an hour or so ago:
So, who knows what might be possible next. 😇

amadeus, to random
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Have any of you users experience with VSTGUI in conjunction with Linux? https://github.com/steinbergmedia/vstgui
Can a who maintains Windows and macOS plug-ins with assume that Linux (s) should be farily easy to create?

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@falktx @graves501 That is very helpful indeed, thanks! I'll forward that to the developers. 🙌

amadeus, to Energy
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I wasn't aware of the #sand #battery. 🤓 Very interesting stuff! https://youtu.be/KVqHYNE2QwE #thermal #energy #storage

graves501, to random
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Happy belated

@neil - It's Neil! Also puns.

@babe - Mostly haha joke funny - FYI: sometimes NSFW stuff as well

@amadeus - Lovely human being that shares his adventures

@thelinuxEXP - One of the most prolific Linux Youtubers... and he likes Dune!

@Gina - Professional memefluencer, but should post more cat content!!!111!

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@graves501 @neil @babe @thelinuxEXP @Gina I am looking forward to next Friday, because absolutely, I feel pretty much at home on Mastodon. 😊

amadeus, to linux
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I would like to create a small as a starting point for developers who want to support as a platform for . I plan to interview existing like u-he, TAL, AudioThing, Bitwig and others about this. Who of you would like to accompany and/or support me with this? 😊

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@consint @alf @gmslater Would it be all right if I sent you an email with a suggestion on how to proceed? @consint participation is optional, but I'd like to keep you in the loop. 😊
If ok, @gmslater I'd need an email address from you. 😜

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