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I just want to know the terminology for the technology that allows a battery backed PV system to continue to function in the event of an outage.

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Friday's electricity bill was -£0.70. Yesterday's electricity bill was -£2.18.

#solar #solarpv

SiR_GameZaloT, to solar avatar

Buying and installing #Solar Panels in #Pakistan is almost 50% cheaper compared to the #UK

Even factoring in the currency, inflation,& excluding labour/installation costs in UK

With NO state credits or supports or financing

Having seen both, I can safely say #Lahore alone has more solar installations than all of #London

No kidding when people question why is UK a "developed" country...

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateDiary #ClimateChange #GlobalSouth #Renewables #RenewableEnergy #SouthAsia #SEA

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: A $19 Million investment has been made into installing solar panels over irrigation canals in the USA, to generate renewable energy and increase water conservation. What are your thoughts on this plan? News Source:

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Yesterday I let my bot manage the inverter charging and discharging for the entire day. It did quite well! Our entire electricity demand was met for less than zero cost with solar and automated load shifting on the Octopus Agile tariff.

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A Consumer’s Guide To Rooftop & Home Energy Storage via @cleantechnica

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My housemate and I were joking about our production during the .

They ran the numbers in this piece.

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Here are some stills I pulled from the 1080p proxy of the 12K video. The only reason for the difference in brightness between the images (other than the sun going behind the moon) is that there was some light cloud cover that rolled in during totality.

On the plus side, you can clearly see the solar prominences in the 3rd and 4th pic. I can’t wait to look at the full res from the cameras.

Shot on a Blackmagic Design 12K Pro with 100-400mm lens with a 2x extender.

An image of the total eclipse. On the left side a solar prominence can be seen.
Some clouds rolled in during the eclipse, allowing to more clearly see the solar prominence on the left side.
From the last moments of totality when Bailey’s Beads can be seen. Small beads of sunlight shine through the rough landscape on the edge of the moon giving a lovely spectacle before you blind yourself by staring too long.

simplenomad, to solar avatar

So. That was impressive. Here’s a quick sample from the backyard. Of note: temperature drop from 79.3 to 74.8, production from the panels dropped to 0 and the house draw from the grid was the usual constant 420 watts, once the sun started coming back out the panels ramped back up, the temperature continued to drop for a few minutes to 74.5 but finally started edging up, and the dog could give a shit and just wandered around sniffing like usual.

Wow. The pictures don’t do it justice. Jupiter was visible to the left and Venus to the right (not in picture).

Solar eclipse under way, minor experimenting with lens selection from iPhone 15 Pro Max. Held an ISO 12302-12 eclipse glasses lens in front of the camera.
Solar eclipse under way, minor experimenting with lens selection from iPhone 15 Pro Max. No eclipse glasses lens this time.

nixCraft, to solar avatar

i love light hearted humour 😂🔥🌞

Webwasp, to solar avatar

This cosmic coincidence is truly fascinating: the Sun is about 400 times wider than the Moon, but it’s also 400 times farther away from Earth. This perfect balance makes them appear almost the same size in our sky, allowing the Moon to occasionally cover the Sun completely during a solar eclipse.

KrissyKat, to solar avatar

Our view here was about 95%, but I really enjoyed watching it and seeing the sky darken.

cs, to solar avatar

Look at the impact of on charts during eclipse.

cassidy, (edited ) to random avatar

Hey uh something is up with the sun

cassidy, avatar

As seen by our solar panels:

cassidy, avatar

The full day’s solar generation. We hit the usual peak of 6 kW around 11 AM until 11:55 AM, and then it dropped to 2.3 kW by 12:50 PM. By 1:55 PM it was back up to 6 kW. Around 2:30 PM it started the usual drop to 0 kW by 7:25 PM.

kayb, to solar avatar

An die Bubble:
Ich möchte einige Wechselrichter kaufen und deren Daten loggen.
Mir scheint, die haben meist WiFi und RS485, evtl. ETH.
WiFi ist raus, aber RS485 hört sich geeignet an.

Das ist ja eigentlich ein Bus-System.

Leider habe ich den Eindruck, dass die Wechselrichter immer nur Master sein wollen und sich mit genau einem Slave verbinden wollen.

Habe aber bisher keine RS485 Dokumentation gesehen -- wsl. ist das Modbus?

Weißt da jemand was?

Ich hätte gerne 1x RS485 für alle WR.

ChrisPirillo, to science avatar

i don't know why everyone's making a big fuss about the total solar eclipse today because it happens every damn day in seattle (as you can see right now, but don't ever stare directly at it)

stux, to solar avatar

I made a little something that has some tips for during the 😉

goodthinkhunting, to solar German avatar

Ich möchte nicht fünfmal am Tag irgendeine Petition unterzeichnen. Ich möchte eine Partei wählen, die dann die Forderungen und Werte umsetzt, die ich vertrete. Gibt es so etwas noch? Parteien, die loyal zu ihren Zielen sind? Die grüne, soziale oder christliche Politik vertreten, ohne heimlich in Richtung Konzerne, Geld, Rassismus und Klimazerstörung abzudriften?

Was politisch läuft ist nur noch frustrierend.

#Bezahlkarte #solar #tempolimit #kindergrundsicherung #cumex #GenderVerbot uva

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exported 13.2kWh yesterday.

cassidy, to random avatar

I have to do a bunch of number crunching to confirm this*, but it appears our house is generating as much electricity as we use—if not more—thanks to our solar panels!

This fact brought to you by digging into our energy billing after seeing a huge spike in bills for the TWO MONTHS it took the solar company to come back out and reinstall our panels after getting our roof replaced due to hail damage. 😬

*Xcel could make this 1000× easier to understand…

GustavinoBevilacqua, to solar avatar

If you're thinking to install panels in places other than an existing roof, remember they can be used as rain collectors, too.

enobacon, to random avatar

Testing this flexible solar panel for the electric bakfiets roof, looking at 20-50W realistic rate with sub-optimal exposure and a lot of clouds, it's a 100W panel. With the 1.6lb box it's 5.2lb, probably 10-12lb by the time I have a stiff enough roof mounted, (articulated?) and charging the bike battery. What should I make the roof out of?

enobacon, avatar

Now 6-8W light rain over Hillsdale

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