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All religions, arts and sciences are branches of the same tree. All these aspirations are directed toward ennobling man’s life, lifting it from the sphere of mere physical existence and leading the individual towards freedom.— Albert Einstein




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lilacsinthedooryard:Nicholas Roerich (Russia 1874–1947) In a Monastery, 1914
Wikipedia : Nicholas Roerich




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New blog post AND OMAKE!

「 I am proudly introducing the first Omake on this site: User Friendly Archive. This adds over 5000 subpages, so I am now a webmaster of a significant website. 」


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Might work on my today 😄 :apusheencomputer:


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Five years ago was my graduation from on this very day.

I looked back and wrote a GIANT post: https://stevefrenzel.dev/posts/from-boot-camp-to-blog-five-years-in-the-tech-industry/

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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🤖: Buenos días! AutoTrick here with your daily #hachybots #BlogReminder. Yesterday, Trick made 1 posts on his #blog. Including post about: #chess.

Here's the day's archive for you to read: https://trickjarrett.com/2024-05-16.html

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Je ne sais pourquoi, je repense aux romans d'Aragon, au formidable Cycle du réel, et à l'extraordinaire Semaine sainte, et donc forcément à mon billet sur Blanche ou l'oubli, le roman de la grande confusion #blog

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Saya tertanya-tanya bagaimana jika buahnya telah besar dan berat sedangkan pokoknya masuk belum kuat.

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The efficacy of religion lies precisely in what is not rational, philosophic or eternal; its efficacy lies in the unforeseen, the miraculous, the extraordinary.

— Henri-Frédéric Amiel




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Dear tech blogs. Please stop.
These are massive trillion+ dollar megacorporations.
There’s no “war”, no need to choose sides. No flame wars to be had to take more of our money.
These are appliances to get stuff done or enjoy for fun.

via @verge


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Looking to add a /stats page to my blog and website? If you have one, what do you put on yours? So far I have total posts and a nice graph

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New : hangs on opening

After years of working perfectly for me, my text editor up and broke on me.

Spoiler: The underlying issue was actually a mount, turns out KATE walks the filesystem on launch, even if not opening a file


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Un officier anglais que le gin désespère,
Pressent un ami sûr dans tous les réverbères
Sur le #blog Louis Brauquier, La nuit dans la rue ✍️ 🎶

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"Le charbonnier jette sa veste sur l’épaule, La sirène des Docks hurle un cri déchirant..."
Sur le Louis Brauquier, Soir sur les môles ✍️ https://chezmarketmarcel.blogspot.com/2024/05/la-pluie-tombe-sur-locean-pacifique.html

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Sur le #blog Maryse Condé, Victoire, les saveurs et les mots 📚

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After a couple of weeks break from posting a blog, I'm back.

This week's blog post is my roadtrip to the 45˚ Fibre Festival in Gore at the beginning of May. It features knitting and spinning and buying crafty things, and winning a raffle prize.

#blog #blogging #knitting #spinning #fiberarts #crafting


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To worship, to comprehend, to receive, to feel, to give, to act: this our law, our duty, our happiness, our heaven.

— Henri-Frédéric Amiel




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Selamat hari guru diucapkan. Terima kasih contoh ucapannya, telah digunakan sedikit sebanyak di media sosial. Apapun selagi hidup, belajar tidak akan habis. #blog #comment #malaysia

#blogging #informasi semasa #drama #filem #telefilem #sukan #photography #resipi #tanaman #tutorial #tips

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Antara kuih kegemaran juga popia goreng ni. Apatah lagi jika intinya premium, memang boleh menggantikan nasi.

Ayam Sayur .com: Popia Ayam Sayur .com

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