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There is so much fluff around at the moment. So. Much. Fluff.

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Students of natural history? Voyeurs? Ambitious role-players? It's a mystery.

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I just got back from teaching a photography workshop in Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. I think this is my favorite shot of the trip that I've processed so far. If you look closely, you may be able to see the herd of bison in the distance.

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Downsized window.

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Ein paar Schnappschüsse vom heutigen Heimweg. // A few snapshots from today's way home.


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A week ago I found such a symbol of biodiversity in the forest. I counted 6 species on one stump. Who will be the winner? 🙂

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Jour 21: Désordre

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The Last Sun Of The Day.

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“Flooded gate at Lake Nakuru”

Lake Nakuru joined in 2013 the list of other lakes in Rift Valley whose water levels have abnormally increased endangering the lives of residents and the ecosystems around the lake.

Some lakes are recognized as Wetlands of International Importance, and all are Important Bird Areas, with several being within UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites.

The lake level rises are worrying because of the destruction to homes, livelihoods, industry, and infrastructure, and loss of terrestrial wildlife habitat.

The effects on lake ecologies are a concern as flooding increases lake turbidity and dilutes the saline waters of alkaline lakes. Alkaline lakes like Nakuru provide unique feeding habitats for East Africa’s famous lesser flamingos.

You can watch a local news story:


📅 27 February 2019

📸 Fujifilm X-T3 + 56mm
🎛️ ISO 160, ƒ/1.2, 1/10000 s

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Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

carspotting, to cars

Chevy Camaro SS

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riding bikes every day until I can’t for some reason, day 1366

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Moynihan Train Hall, Pennsylvania Station, NYC, 2021.

A trainload of pixels at

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📷 ricoh gr iiix ( + cross process)
📦 high res

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Trying a juxtaposition shot. Way too much haze to see Eryri in the distance.

A Spring Evening.

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"There is only one way to get the attention of the Jedi. Slaughter of the innocent. Mercilessly and without compromise".

All shot practically using figures and miniatures only digitally added element was the light saber beam.


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From a distance it disguises itself has a bit of flower fluff, but up close you can see its true form... the fluffhog!

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