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South Africans take on big pharma for access to ‘miracle’ cystic fibrosis drug
Cheri Nel cannot afford Vertex’s Trikafta medicine, so she is suing to end ‘patent abuse’ and allow a generic version

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Plant suppliers say Bunnings pushed them 'into the dirt' with unfair, unprofitable contracts #auslaw #contract #auspol #competition

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Jail for holding a placard? Protest over the climate crisis is being brutally suppressed
Natasha Walter

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Great Barrier Reef suffering ‘most severe’ coral bleaching on record as footage shows damage 18 metres down
Marine researcher ‘devastated’ by widespread event that is affecting coral species usually resistant to bleaching

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New bill would force AI companies to reveal use of copyrighted work

Adam Schiff introduces bill amid growing legal battle over whether major AI companies have made illegal use of copyrighted works. #copyright #AI

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Climate Litigation - Human rights violated by Swiss inaction on climate, ECHR rules in landmark case

Court finds in favour of group of older Swiss women who claimed weak policies put them at greater risk of death from heatwaves

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European court rules climate inaction by states breaches human rights
European Court of Human Rights says Swiss government violated its citizens’ human rights by not doing enough to curb climate change

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European court rules human rights violated by climate inaction

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The ECHR’s First Climate Ruling: What Does it Mean?

Experts say the case has set a vital “blueprint” for holding governments to account over climate change.

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'Big business in Australia faces less competition than almost anywhere in the world and likes it that way. The era of privatisation and “light-handed” regulation has only made matters worse. Turning the situation around will require a full set of policy tools, including conduct measures, divestiture and, in some cases, a return to public ownership.'

John Quiggin is a professor at the University of Queensland’s school of economics

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New York is suing the world’s biggest meat company. It might be a tipping point for

“It’s been 20 years of companies lying about their environmental and climate justice impacts. And it feels like all of a sudden, from Europe to the US, the crackdown is beginning to happen,” said Todd Paglia, executive director of environmental non-profit “I think greenwash[ing] is actually one of the pivotal issues in the next five years.”

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The Artist Rights Alliance, an artist-led non-profit, has circulated an open letter with over 200 signatures from musical artists calling for action against harmful uses of AI in music from tech platforms.
The letter calls “… on AI developers, technology companies, platforms, and digital music services to cease the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to infringe upon and devalue the rights of human artists.”

Some of the letter's supporters include: Kacey Musgraves, Jon Bon Jovi, Billie Eilish, Darius Rucker, Elvis Costello, Jason Isbell, Marcus King, Noah Kahan, Rosanne Cash, Sheryl Crow and Miranda Lambert.

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Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek rejects Aboriginal cultural heritage application at Lee Point via @ABCaustralia

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Ireland’s smoking ban 20 years on: how an unheralded civil servant triumphed against big tobacco
Tom Power led an alliance that brought about the pioneering health initiative which has since been adopted by more than 70 countries – and has saved countless lives. #Ireland #smoking

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Judge dismisses ‘vapid’ Elon Musk lawsuit against group that cataloged racist content on X “Sometimes it is unclear what is driving a litigation, and only by reading between the lines of a complaint can one attempt to surmise a plaintiff’s true purpose,” wrote Charles Breyer, the US district judge, in the ruling. “Other times, a complaint is so unabashedly and vociferously about one thing that there can be no mistaking that purpose. This case represents the latter circumstance. This case is about punishing the defendants for their speech.”
Center for Countering Digital Hate has chronicled rise of racist, antisemitic and extremist content on X since Musk’s acquisition

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London-based artist raises copyright infringement issues when artworks go viral online and are recreated without credit

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Shoppers tricked into providing personal data to get supermarket specials, Senate inquiry told
Coles and Woolworths in-app deals are examples of unfair pricing practices and should be banned, Choice tells supermarket inquiry

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“Businesses are still treating our environment like a free dumping ground for their waste, producing immense volumes of air, water and soil pollution. That massive impact on the environment also has a massive impact on human rights.” In his last report to the Human Rights Council before stepping down, the UN special rapporteur environment expert David Boyd takes big business to task for triggering the climate and environment crisis.

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