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Queer af founder of Glass Bottom Games. BAFTA Breakthrough. Now working on codename #BIRDahoy (previously: SkateBIRD, Hot Tin Roof, etc).

Things I tend to do include: #UnrealEngine, #IndieDev, #GameDev, and I love #Birds

Sometimes a bit of #GameNews / #GamingNews and #IndieGame / #Gaming too!

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PetePlaysTheGames, to random
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Not that anyone really cares, but I got all the issues I caused this weekend sorted. I installed a wire in the wrong terminal, ended up only frying two wires and no components. Very fortunate.

So, back to it. Grinding away, trying to be a better me. Sometimes treating yourself needs to be in the form of improvement, and not just sweet treats or watching two movies. (There's nothing wrong with those options either!!!)

What kind of projects do y'all have going? I know there's some games getting made, how do you keep pushing?

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@PetePlaysTheGames oh, damn, yeah you got lucky on the wire heh- but luck is good! Glad it didn't go worse.

As far as how to keep going, woof. Mostly I just keep my head down and put one food in front of the other. I'm at the depressing point in the middle where it seems like we're not making progress and little fires keep cropping up, and we keep missing deadlines (that aren't real deadlines but still), etc.

glassbottommeg, to gamedev
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Uh. I'm pretty sure this just killed every single indie/AA owned by Embracer: https://embracer.com/releases/embracer-group-announces-its-intention-to-transform-into-three-standalone-publicly-listed-entities-at-nasdaq-stockholm/

Indie doesn't scale. You can't katamari up a bunch of tiny studios and then say "alright break into 100 teams and each make small games!", it breaks down. But that's essentially what they did

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@belghast right? Like the logic barely made sense originally. They essentially acquihired a ton of indies and poured them into a massive AAAA bucket. At least there, you can dissolve them into larger entities. You lose a ton in the process, but between IP acquisition and the difficulty of hiring lately, it might work out.

But breaking them back apart into sorted buckets just. Like. Now you can't even do that? WTF are they thinking.

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@kaynSD @runevision exactly. Indie barely functions when it's a single studio. The way profit expectations and cost scale with size, that math just gets worse and worse and worse as you get bigger, and breaking into a ton of smaller "internal" teams never works as a result.

They only had a chance before because they could essentially hide behind the huge AAAA shit.

Embracer almost certainly knew that. They did this intentionally. This is "right sizing" by just cutting the indie out entirely, without them having to admit it.

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@rtm223 @kaynSD @runevision The maths don't really work out, though. AA / mid-tier is always balanced on a razor's edge, those studios are simply at risk by their very nature. They don't have the overages necessary to sustain smaller teams. Even if they did, simply by integrating smaller teams into a larger org, you make those smaller teams operate at significantly lower efficiency, and they won't be nimble enough to survive. Not to mention that they lose any semblance of community support for "underdogs", lose access to funding initiatives aimed at small studios, etc etc etc.

There's a ton of reasons why taking a large studio and chopping them into a bunch of smaller teams doesn't work for anything but loss-leaders. You could write a book on the subject, or at least a really big chapter. What they've done here, while not precisely the same, will fall victim to essentially all those same foulings.

The extremely brief explanation is that both profits AND costs tend to scale way over linear VS team size.

logicalerror, to random
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crazy impractical thought; would it be possible to generate electricity from the difference between high and low atmospheric pressure over time?
I mean, probably? doubt it would be efficient though

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@logicalerror that's essentially what wind power is, I think?

glassbottommeg, to gamedev
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I've been trying to work this whole morning, but my brain keeps spinning back around to "even SockDreams itself, the central website, calls them programmer socks now" https://sockdreams.com/products/xl-foot-extraordinarily-longer-programming-socks

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Anyways I think I would hate programmer socks, I don't think I have good leg shapes for them, the tops would roll down and I'd hate it and also my body doesn't do well with being kept too warm, but I keep thinking "what if programmer socks tho"

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@jjacobsson I mean, yes? Most do, heh.

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@biphenyl tragedy

how can I be a programmer without programmer socks

it's a paradox

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@jjacobsson I mean,


glassbottommeg, to gaming
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Well this looks great- someone is taking a swing at Indie Morrowind: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2907890/Wizzerd_Quest_64/

getter7seven, to random
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@getter7seven @worthlessbums huh, looks great too

glassbottommeg, to random
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I was not prepared for how cute Hummingbird (Sphinx) Moths are.

She was sunning on the door, came back out to her in a deathmatch with a Towhee, so drove the bird off, got her into my hand, got her some heat then into cover, etc.

(she hadn't lost any bits, looked like I got there before injuries)

#Moth #Insect

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She was trying SO HARD to fly, but just, wasn't quite there yet. She did a bit better after some heat, though still kinda fell out of the sky after a bit. Likely wasn't quite ready. Hopefully the cover she found is good enough, can only nurse her along so far really.

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@tomtrottel Yeah, but apparently it's really hard to get them to take it (as compared to butterflies). Video/sources online suggested you sometimes have to unroll their little tongues manually and I just, sooooo do not trust my klutz ass to not hurt her doing that.

also, she did buzz off after some warmth, and I'd have had to fight her to get her back out of cover at that point, so- figured she'd taken what help she was willing to, heh.

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@tomtrottel Oh, yeah! Once they're actually uh, awake? mobile? it's a little easier. But when they're in this state, I gather they aren't really thinking about food yet.

But yeah! Once they're flying, they're basically like hummingbirds in terms of how you can interact with them. Except they're way less vicious and territorial.

EDIT: Well. I assume less vicious. I don't actually know how insects view territory. Pretty sure tho? It isn't like these guys come equipped with swords they can joust/bite with in the same way, at least.

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@tomtrottel They also get slow when they're "fresh". They emerge from their burrows (they pupate in burrows! it's cool!) mid-May, and as she sat on the window she was actually spreading her wings out, meaning she was probably just hatched. They go through this process where they sorta, dry out? Wake up? which isn't a matter of food, just, a delicate point in their development.

ghosttie, to random
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"Eyeballs" is sexist, use "eye ovaries" instead

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@ghosttie I prefer the gender-neutral "eye folks"

glassbottommeg, to foss
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I continue to be super pleased with HomeBank (a alternative to QuickBooks or whatever)

Even when I fuck something up royally and have to back out to my last backup, this is STILL taking less of my time than QuickBooks did. Also, I can actually fix it when it breaks, unlike, say, QuickBooks fragile magic af account connections.

Been using it for a year. Spend a few hours every few months on importing transaction data and reconciling. I barely ever think about it otherwise, which is the mark of good accounting software.

Also there's something genuinely satisfying to opening up an actual Accounting Software Application (tm) and Doing The Books (tm). Feel like a proper adult, heh.

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@Kaiyalai There's some learning curve, of course, but mostly it's just- really simple? But yeah! I poked at a few options (I was very tired of Accounting As A Service) and settled on this one, since it's more or less what Quicken used to be (I think anyways / only ever saw my grandma use it).

If you hit confusions, @ me, I can at least try to help. There's decent forums posts and such though that cover most of the basics at least.

SirTapTap, to Marvel
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How did I not know there's a Ghost Rider movie

...where he has a human face most of the time

.......and he's Nicholas Cage?!!?!


#ghostrider #marvel #comics #movies #niccage

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@SirTapTap there are


of them.

And what nobody talks about is that the second, while terrible in some ways, let Nick Cage the leash, and he goes mad with the power.

kimhu, to random
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twitch stream doodle

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@kimhu huh he got lipstick on he sword

glassbottommeg, to gamedev
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Got another blog up! This one's a further dive into my switch systems: https://www.patreon.com/posts/switch-systems-99406783

(basically all of my gameplay logic boils down to switches and switchables, I power EVERYTHING this way)

sinbad, to random
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@glassbottommeg your combat tracing Patreon post could not have been better timed, I'm working on that next week. Hell yeah for dumb boxes!

I was really worried about lag and differences between server & client perceptions of hit timing but I guess this means a little fuzzyness is probably going to be fine

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@sinbad the boxes are in fact substantially better for remote/client sync, because you're already doing a lot of work to get the server VS client's idea of "which direction am I facing" closely in sync. So throwing a box in front will be super accurate.

Getting an actual weapon trace, driven via animation, in sync? Haaaaaa.

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