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Reader and sometimes writer. Ukrainian. Also a programmer, among other things.

Long form: https://keepthinking.blog

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mousebot, to emacs
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imagine if all the org functions that involve moving point around to do stuff programmatically had a common name prefix, e.g. org-nav- or org-move-. (as it is i have no idea how to discover what they are, which functions even exist...)

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@mousebot install vertico + ordeless

vjprema, to random
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After blocking most annoying things on the web already, one of the main design anti-features that still annoys me is those login screens that default to entering an email address, and then it emails you sign in link to log in 🤦‍♂️.

Jeezus. Most sane people will be using a password manager these days with a hot key or autofill set up, and such a design just gets in the way of that secure instant login convenience.

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@vjprema it’s actually much more secure than passwords for people who don’t use password managers, which is almost everybody.

al3x, to emacs
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Question for #Emacs users & experts:

I have tried to use replace-regexp to replace ) at the end of
a set of lines with B).

For the matcher I entered: )$.
For the replacement I entered B)

And it did not work. Why?

(I tried the second time entering B) as a replacement and it worked though)

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GossiTheDog, to random
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Google search thinks you should use glue to stick together a pizza as its AI is trained on Reddit, where 11 years ago a user called “fucksmith” posted suggesting it was a good idea.

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@GossiTheDog we didn’t troll on reddit all those years for nothing.

samwho, to random
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@samwho this is very well made!

ezpy, to random
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git blame should be renamed to something that sounds less accusatory maybe?

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@ezpy git achievement

olav, to random
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if only

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@olav sure. Clojure.

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@holgerschurig @olav i like the ? In predicate functions, like odd? :)

brejoc, to random
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It's nice that Scarlett Johansson can hire a legal team for that. Meanwhile the rest of us just has to live with all of the things they've created being used to train those AIs without seeing a cent.


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@brejoc so she’s creating precedent for all of us?

extenebris, to emacs

Trying out Gnus is a humbling experience that also provides a perspective on why people might not want to deal with Emacs, preferring alternative editors: it is not immediately obvious that overcoming a steep learning curve would bring benefits compared to an easier solution (like using a different news client). I just want to read my RSS feed, presented in a concise, elegant fashion, I don't want to battle with an UI that might've made sense back in the modem era

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@extenebris elfeed is zero effort

digitalstefan, to random
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Now that my unRAID server has 64GB, I could set up a couple of VMs.

Already got an Ubuntu desktop VM purely so I can run an instance of the server for my accounting software, but that's hardly exciting.

What to do

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hajovonta, to emacs
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I'm trying to create an user interface where the user should be able to edit a list, including the adding, removing and ordering of items.

Unfortunately, with the ordering requirement, I'm a bit stuck - how is it usually solved in Emacs?

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@hajovonta @screwtape you can add commands to add/remove/move up/move down

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@hajovonta @screwtape there’s a very advanced interface here: https://kubernetes-el.github.io/kubernetes-el/

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@hajovonta @screwtape in terms of reordering, always think about searching/filtering first. It’s more natural in Emacs.

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@hajovonta @screwtape also check out prior work to be within the same paradigms: https://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/DiredSorting

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@hajovonta @screwtape I understood that. But order is not that important when you have search+filter. Anyway, you just need to implement commands and let user run them easily.

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@hajovonta @screwtape ah, ok. If you want this to be totally zero-elisp, you can use the customize interface and set some columns variable there.

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@hajovonta @screwtape you can also make a myapp-reorder-columns command, which opens a separate interface for that.

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@hajovonta @screwtape or select a column, and there have moved-right, move-left and hide-column commands.

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@hajovonta @screwtape that’s easy, just use completing-read

worldsendless, to emacs
@worldsendless@qoto.org avatar

One of the issues with the (and which is just a great big text-oriented repl) is that it is additive in nature; it usually takes major effort or a restart to REMOVE things once they've been added (thinking on plugins which modify app state).

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@worldsendless something like this will work: https://github.com/tonsky/clj-reload

nikitonsky, to random
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New blogpost: Going to the cinema is a data visualization problem


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@nikitonsky that's exactly what heroku used to feel like

ctietze, to Notmuch
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Any users on the frontend?

I sometimes notice that Emacs freezes up when I press a key like d to delete (adding the tag:trashing) for a couple of seconds. It's hard to track down, but I believe that I run into a conflict with a cron job updating the notmuch database, and Emacs waits for the notmuch tag change command to finish, which waits for the cron job to finish.

Does that sound likely? How do y'all debug and improve this?

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@ctietze M-x profiler-start RET, choose mem+cpu. Do the thing that freezes. Then M-x profiler-report RET

smiergahttu, to random
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Which is the best comprehensible way of representing land use in different models, knowing that the most optimistic (dark grey, "Bekels 2") is around 9% of the patch and least-optimistic (light gray, "Piggott") is ca. 40%?

I like the simplicity of the v.1 pie chart, but I don't know if the adding pieces is as obvious to the reader as to me. And I want to use this kind of representations throughout the thesis, so I want to choose good one.

version 2. a donut chart representing the same data as version 1 (with different pattern for not used land).
version 3. a donut chart representing the same data as version 1. the first model is multiplied to avoid the apparent differences between most- and least-optimistic models. light green area represents land not used.

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@smiergahttu pie charts are never a good idea. Try bar chart instead.

kickingvegas, to emacs
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Okay here's another Transient I've made a while back, in this case for Avy. A bit esoteric, but this has enabled me to get a lot more out of Avy than just using avy-goto-word-1 or avy-goto-char-timer. Wondering out loud if I should publish this on MELPA.

Also yes, I've read Karthik's post on using Avy wrong. I readily admit I'm not sophisticated enough to put filter-select-act into practice.

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@hajovonta @kickingvegas sure they are a great idea. I just don’t think they should be on MELPA, but admins will figure it out.

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