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og, to random

How are you @ritualdust

og, to ShareYourMusic

I want to give a big shout out to ALL the Amazing and and on

I love what you all do !!!!

og, to random

I have account and it is still receiving my forwarded email from Gmail??

But, I canceled forwarding and deleted the account out of Gmail's "Forward" section.


@bohemianchic OMG I totally forgot about that part. Thanks so much

reginagrogan, to security
@reginagrogan@mastodon.social avatar

Look at the new little #phishing attempt

Who can spot it? #security #infosec

Let us know it wasn’t you luhlllllll


@reginagrogan why would an email say "check where you sign in " lol 🤣

Shanitoba, (edited ) to food
@Shanitoba@mastodon.social avatar

Dinner! Spaghetti With Homemade Tomato Sauce & Fresh Mozzarella and Salad With Homemade Green Goddess Dressing. 😋


@Shanitoba well that looks delicious 😋

og, to random

I made a new account on

Go follow if you are so inclined too...


og, to music
MartinGuay, to Life
@MartinGuay@mstdn.ca avatar

Many people often forget some valuable rules in life.

Messages are like voicemails, often not read, replied to and simply deleted. Remember you don't owe anything to anyone.

The same goes for hanging out. When you want to hang out, it might not be when I want to hang out. But, when I am hanging out I often hang out at the Pub where everyone who wants to hang out can meet me!

I personally do not go out of my way to say "Hi or make plans with anyone". I'm content with and without people.

og, to random

@NadiaPurge Wasn't I following you already?

hellgy, to random
@hellgy@oisaur.com avatar

Sweater weather 🍂🍁


@hellgy it's fall season

jcrabapple, to random

Woke my wife up this morning...

Me: Time to get up sweetheart.

Her: why? It's Saturday.

Me: no, it's Thursday

Her: oh fuck


@jcrabapple oh nooooo

og, to random

What is going on with the sign ups 🤔😬 @cliffwade

og, to random

Good morning 🌞


@cliffwade how are you ??

og, to random

@sabrinaweb71 Hey how's your doing 😊


@sabrinaweb71 oh gotcha 😅

Where you from again? I have a in the US I'm trying to get rid of 🤔

jcrabapple, to random

Coffee time!


@cliffwade @jcrabapple I'm only on 1 lol.


@cliffwade @jcrabapple on the way to work and usually finish by 8am


@cliffwade @jcrabapple Honey Dew store in my home town

neenish_tart, to random
@neenish_tart@aus.social avatar

I shut down my X account and am going to break up with Optus, happy days!


@neenish_tart what is Optus ?

og, to random

So this happened... I bought a by


@john definitely 😀

emma515, to random




@emma515 looking 😊 good

tangleofwires, to music
@tangleofwires@mas.to avatar

I spoke to Moby recently about the first time he heard punk rock, his early years in the hardcore scene, how punk led him to veganism, and - of course - The Punk Rock Vegan Movie.



@tangleofwires very interesting 😎🤔

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