polykit, to modularsynth
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I finally started a setup. I think I’m going to design some simple utility modules first to get me going. Any other diy modules that you can recommend? @synthdiy

jake4480, to Synthwave
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I spotted @laamaa's post about his new album 'M8 II' on Friday but only just now had a chance to listen -- it's incredible. If you like chiptune or synthwave at ALL, this is a MUST hear (and his other stuff too). The melodies, and the dynamics, the tracks all flow so well. 🎹 🔥


jepyang, to SynthDIY
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Synthcube* has acquired Modwiggler**, which is weird in that it seemingly comes out of nowhere, but also doesn’t necessarily seem like a bad thing?

  • one of the 2-3 biggest -specific retail shops out there

** one of the biggest online forums, and probably the biggest independent forum, for discussing

hissquiet, to synthesizers
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#introdution Heya! I'm Ash (they/them) I play with:


on a personal note:


I wanna cultivate a space outside of meta and google so let's be friends if you're interested in any of the above! ♡

douglasvb, to synthesizers
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If I wanted to get into what would a good budget option be to start experimenting and having some fun?

MattCrumpLab, to music
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Released an album this weekend called "Basement Tapes 1". It's mostly experimental synthesizer music from my basement that I ran through a tape deck.


AlgoCompSynth, to synthesizers
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yougenius, to modularsynth

Tonight, tonight, tonight... oh oh

Seriously though, take 13 minutes and listen to the featured track on this... and come by tonight and say hello during the listening party for the whole album!

If you like - Stravinsky, Woodwinds, , , Bitches Brew, Miles Davis, Inner Mounting Flame, , Vocalise, Electric Bass, Guitar Pedals

It honestly is giving me goosebumps...



AlgoCompSynth, to synthesizers
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Fred's Lab Töörö Polyphonic Hybrid Desktop Synthesizer



drahardja, to music
@drahardja@sfba.social avatar

The SynthAxe, a 1980s guitar/MIDI interface, was pretty damn awesome.


voiceofunreason, to synthesizers
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Happy New Year!

Merry !

Here's a short and gentle one I put together today.


GetMusic, to Nutanix
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itnewsbot, to ExperimentalMusic
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Restored 478-key, 31-tone Moog synthesizer from 1968 sounds beautifully bizarre - Enlarge (credit: Ryan Young/Cornell University)

Mathematician ... - https://arstechnica.com/?p=1991938

forestine, to modularsynth

Super excited to be a guest on Modular World this Sunday, November 12th at 1pm PST. It's really neat to be on the show with Schmooster/Dr. A. Gon as we are two of Earth Modular Society's busy raccoons in a trenchcoat. It will be streaming on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@ModularWorld/


Here's the link to the scheduled stream this Sunday if you'd like to be notified when Modular World starts (ignore the wacky thumbnail, it should say canada)


Jyoti, to ElectronicMusic
@Jyoti@mas.to avatar

Hallo! I'm live now on Twitch doing HALLOWEEEN SPOOKY TUNESSSSSS


simonjanssen, to Dragonlance

Hey everyone! Moved my account over here now, guess it’s time for an -

Hi! My name is Simon, I’m a 33 year old , and currently living in

Feel free to use any pronoun with me, if you’d like to talk about music, tech, , or anything else!

laamaa, to demoscene
@laamaa@mementomori.social avatar

New instance, new :)

Hi all! I'm Jonne from Janakkala, Finland. On the internet I go mostly by the alias "laamaa".

I like to make / / influenced music with trackers and as a hobby and I post stuff mostly related to that. I like handheld music devices like the and with a lot.

You can find my releases from Bandcamp (https://laamaa.bandcamp.com)

I'm interested in , , and among other things. Looking forward to see familiar and new faces here, feel free to ask anything!

Dirtywave M8 tracker on top of a red tray that has a picture of 2 white kittens.

WilliamKretschmer, to music
@WilliamKretschmer@mastodon.world avatar

Trent Reznor’s collection of modular synths

amadeus, to thailand
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Does anyone know if there is some sort of popular online platform like eBay in ? I am looking for used such as , , etc.

Jyoti, to Musicproduction
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Hallo! I'm live now on Twitch doing stuff, come and gimme a TOOT!

TONIGHT - 's new PS3300 mega polysynth!


stevecooley, to synthesizers
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Jyoti, to Musicproduction
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Hallo! I'm live now on Twitch doing stuff, come and gimme a TOOT!


TONIGHT - the new AI plugin, SYNPLANT 2!

Jyoti, to Musicproduction
@Jyoti@mas.to avatar

Hallo! I'm live now on Twitch doing stuff, come and gimme a TOOT!


LadyMarth01, (edited ) to guitarpedals
@LadyMarth01@mstdn.games avatar

Alright , I want your thoughts. One of my friends is selling off his synths and pedal collections to get a more focused setup. I'm thinking of nabbing a few for myself to add to my own excessive collection. 😆

What I want to know: what would everyone else choose to grab before he sells them off?

What I have, for reference: https://mstdn.games/@LadyMarth01/110811157643903929

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