aarbrk, to SanFrancisco Spanish
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Would anyone local benefit from this audio gear? Write to me if you would like to come take it all away (seven items).

• Asus O!Play HDP-R1 HD Media Player
• Audio Authority 1154A Signal Sensing Digital A/V Input Selector
• Lanzar Heritage HTG237 Mosfet Amplifier
• M-Audio Fasttrack guitar/mic recording interface
• Mackie HM-54 1U Headphone Mixer/Amplifier
• Niles SPS-6 Speaker Selection System
• Psyclone Component Source Selector

silmathoron, to Dragonlance
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Anyone knows a music player on Linux than supports the format?
Preferably a @kde styled one but I'll take others.

As far as I can tell, and do not seem to support it (please let me know if that's wrong since I'd rather use one of these two).

I've seen that VLC reads it but I don't find it very satisfying as a music player.

Vivaldi, (edited ) to Dragonlance
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If you’ve been following us, you’ll know that we’re big on the Fediverse.

It was incredibly important for us to create an instance and provide everyone with a social network free of ads and algorithms.

Join us live this Saturday as we talk about why it was important for us to do more than just be around here.

We’ll be joined by @beardedtechguy and @cliffwade from @AllThingsTech, who will also talk about the Fediverse and why it matters to them.

🎧 Join the audio event here: https://audon.space/u/@Vivaldi@social.vivaldi.net

boilingsteam, to linux
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chris_hayes, to Dragonlance
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I always enjoy Posy's obscure deep dives. I'm impressed in 1993 this device could show a list of nearby radio stations using RDS.


moodeaudio, to Dragonlance
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Hi, moOde 9.0.0 is available in the Media Player OS section of the Raspberry Pi Imager or as a direct download at https://moodeaudio.org. Visit the Forum for more information https://moodeaudio.org/forum/showthread.php?tid=6484&pid=54308#pid54308

Zenek73, to Dragonlance Polish
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metin, (edited ) to music
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From the archive…

3D intro illustration for our coder's music editor Syntrax (a.k.a. Jaytrax), published in the early 2000s as an unofficial Windows and Pocket PC sequel to our old music editors SIDmon and Digital Mugician.

You can listen to some Syntrax tracks here (my favorite is King Tut)…


[ Side note: I didn't design the Syntrax UI ]

Check the hashtag for more tunes.

mms, to Sony
@mms@emacs.ch avatar

new blog post

「 CDP-897 is a unit from 1992. It’s 32 years old, and it works flawlessly. All buttons work, CD reading is spot on, audio it generates through all outputs is clear. It even came with a full service manual, which till this can day can be easily found on the web. Nowadays not many things exist after 5 years of purchase, and here I am. Just another happy owner in the 30-year history of this player. 」


#sony #audio #cd #blog #100daystooffload

suonoreale, to foss German
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I was looking for nice #foss #software for kids to play with #audio. I found the Sugar software package that looks promising: https://www.sugarlabs.org/
Anyone has tried it and can give me an opinion?

researchbuzz, to Dragonlance
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'Winamp has announced that on 24 September 2024, the application's source code will be open to developers worldwide.

Winamp will open up its code for the player used on Windows, enabling the entire community to participate in its development. This is an invitation to global collaboration, where developers worldwide can contribute their expertise, ideas, and passion to help this iconic software evolve.'


SomeGadgetGuy, to music
@SomeGadgetGuy@techhub.social avatar

Going FOSS really whips the llamas ass!

Winamp is going to publish their source code and go open source!
Who's going to take that nostalgic trip with me and start digging through skins and visualizers?

(ht to this lemmy post https://lemdro.id/post/lemdro.id/8912364)

vitriolix, to flstudio
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you can stop FL Studio from adding 30-60 seconds of silence at the end of your exports:

on the export dialog switch "Tail" to "Cut remainder".

make sure you do your own fade out or you'll get a sharp cutoff, as the name implies.

unutao, to videos French
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Appel à la communauté :

Connaissez-vous des chaînes éducatives, de dessins-animés, de documentaires animaliers, de chansons pour des enfants de moins de 6 ans sur ou sur ?

Merci d'avance aux personnes qui repartagerons ma question pour lui permettre de collecter davantage de réponses. :)


audiomo, to Dragonlance
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A federated recording app / platform would be a cool thing. Like a federated version of now that would be great for

beanjbunny, to gamedev
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I'm doin sound design this week so this is what it looks like over here


metin, (edited ) to commodore64
@metin@graphics.social avatar

I love the 8-bit and 16-bit compositions and arrangements of Tim Follin.

This is a 3-channel Commodore 64 SID chiptune for the 1988 Black Lamp game.

Be sure to wait for the solo starting at around 42 seconds into the track. 👍👍

LeoDJ, to MemeryAlpha
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SomeGadgetGuy, (edited ) to tech
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These are the LEAST expensive wireless microphones I've ever tested. The price is great, but the most important part of a mic is whether it sounds good...
We're taking a listen to the Saramonic mics in my office and hooked up to my Vivo for some walk-and-talk vlogging!

linuxiac, to linux
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PipeWire 1.0.6 audio server brings important bug fixes and memory leak resolutions for smoother multimedia handling.

kubikpixel, to fediverse German
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»Ückück und das Fediverse: Was ist der Wert von Social Media?«

Danke @ueckueck für deinen Beitrag auf @gnulinux zum Thema und weshalb es ein Vorteil im ist und wie die und Menschen sich darin bewegen:

P.S. Auch als -Beitrag hörbar, den sie selber spricht.

📰 https://gnulinux.ch/was-ist-der-wert-von-social-media
🔊 https://podcasts.homes/

arth, to hamradio
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What do you guys use for audio routing on linux? Since my radio is already connected to my computer for rig control, I want to route its audio to and from my bluetooth headset that is connected to the same computer. It's an FT-991A that can send and receive audio through its USB port, so no crazy cabling tricks should be necessary.


linuxiac, to linux
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Developed by the author of FFmpeg and QEMU, TSAC is a new high-quality audio format with ultra-low bitrates that require NVIDIA GPUs.

Vivaldi, to Dragonlance
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🎙️ We kicked off the first Live audio Community Talk with our cherished Community members recently.

🎧 In case you missed it, grab your beverage, kick back, and listen as Vivaldi hosts @marialeal and @devina, talk to them about "What makes Vivaldi unique?" 👇🏻


AceArsenault, to Electronics
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1940's signal generator

Recently, I was repairing an old circa 1940's signal generator.
The point-to-point wiring on this is like a work of art!

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