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Israeli military intelligence chief resigns over 7 October attack

Maj Gen Aharon Haliva is first senior figure to step down over role in deadliest assault in country’s history

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Interview with Chris Hedges

On Iran, Israel, the genocide in Gaza, Julian Assange, the future of journalism, & more

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This a clip from an Israeli TV channel Now-14 (aired in November). Shai Golden, a Zionist TV presenter, vows to conquer Gaza, Lebanon and Iran, destroy everyone who posts “Free Palestine” in their social media accounts and says Israel is ready to fight against anyone including the US. Sorry, it only comes with Spanish subtitles. @palestine #gaza

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Israel has yet to provide evidence of Unrwa staff terrorist links, Colonna report says

Not to worry. Israeli lies worked to cut aid - their primary objective. I just don't think even the US will listen to them in the future. The IDF have been pushing ‘alternative truths' for a long time and being believed - it can't last.

#Gaza #Israel #Lies

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#Israel has yet to provide evidence of #Unrwa staff terrorist links, Colonna report says - oh, what a surprise; so reinstate the funding... #gaza

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#Gaza #Palestine

Bezalel Smotrich, Israel's far-right Finance Minister said in an interview a few days ago on Galatz an Israeli army-owned radio station that there are '2 million Nazis in Gaza who want to slaughter, rape and murder every Jew'.

He added that Hamas must be destroyed and that Israel has to develop 'local moderate forces' that can replace Hamas.

Smotrich already claimed in November last year that there are "2 million Nazis" in the West Bank.

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For those interested in assessing the myriad claims of anti-semitic activity at Columbia's 'Gaza Solidarity Encampment', Columbia's student newspaper offers some context:

#Columbia #StudentProtests #Gaza #Israel ..

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Increíble. Obviamente, un #sionista #israeli presentador de televisión, llamado Shai Golden, ha amenazado con matar y destruir a cualquiera que ponga #freepalestine en las redes sociales.

Incluso amenazas para atacar a países de todo el mundo. Incluido Estados Unidos. Esta es la bestia que #carnicerobiden ha estado alimentando.

Solo he visto el video con subtítulos en español. No sé si está disponible en otro lugar con subtítulos de otros idiomas.

#politica #guerra #gaza #genocidio #palestinalibre

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Unbelievable. Obviously an #israeli #zionist TV presenter, called Shai Golden has menaced to kill and destroy anyone that puts #freepalestine in social networks.

Even menaces to atack countries worldwide. Including the USA. This is the beast that #butcherbiden has been feeding.

I watched only the video with spanish subs. Dont know if its available somewhere else with other language subs.

#politics #war #gaza #genocide

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Pro- US groups plan $100m effort to unseat progressives over - “What we’re seeing is Republican billionaires using Super Pacs as vehicles to spend in Democratic primaries against mostly Black and brown progressives”

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The day before October 7

For decades, Gaza has been gripped by a chokehold. Life there has often been described as an open air prison. No one leaves without the express permission of its neighbour, Israel.

"This is nothing new. But in the weeks and days leading up to October 7, the feeling on the ground was changing..."

#Gaza #Israel ..

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UK unlikely to make snap decision over funding - well, it made a snap decision to cancel funding, based on zero evidence, so why the asymmetry...?

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New student protest camps at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Emerson, & Tufts

Students are demanding their institutions cut ties with Israel.

The moves come after students at Columbia University launched a Gaza Solidarity Encampment at their campus. That protest is now in its fifth day. Some 100 students were arrested there on Friday.

4.30 GMT Apr 22 AJ updates

#StudentProtests #USPol #Gaza ..

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Israeli missiles

Israel’s military spending—the second largest in the region after Saudi Arabia—grew by 24 percent to reach $27.5bn in 2023. The spending increase was mainly driven by its war on Gaza.


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A video shows the moment an Israeli airstrike hits a residential area in Gaza City on April 21.

GENEVA (8 Nov. 2023):
“Carrying out hostilities with the knowledge that they will systematically destroy and damage civilian housing and infrastructure, rendering an entire city – such as Gaza city - uninhabitable for civilians is a war crime,” said Balakrishnan Rajagopal, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing.

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The number of bodies found in a mass grave at Al Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis has reached 210 this morning. The hospital was raided and occupied by Israeli forces in February. Rescue teams say some of the bodies have hands tied behind the back and shots in the back of the head.

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The Palestinian civil defence on Sunday said it has found hundreds of bodies of Palestinians buried in mass graves by Israeli forces in the courtyard of Nasser hospital in Khan Younis.

At least 200 bodies had been retrieved from two mass graves in the medical compound. As the search continued, rescuers estimated there to be at least 400 bodies.

Some of bodies found had been decapitated, and had their "skin and organs" removed.

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Israeli air attack hits residential area in Gaza City | Israel War on Gaza | Al Jazeera


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“Every second we live in terror."

Reaction continues after an Israeli air strike on a family home killed 22 people, including 16 children and six women, in southern Rafah.

“These children were sleeping. What did they do? What was their fault?” asked one relative Umm Kareem.

Mohammed al-Beheiri said his daughter, Rasha, and her six children, the youngest 18-months old, were among the dead. A woman and three children were still under the rubble, he said.


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PEN America faces policy rethink as authors refuse awards over

"Working group of authors and scholars to review PEN’s work— not just over the last six months, but indeed, going back a decade"

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#FreedomFlotilla ready to sail and break the siege of #Gaza

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🔴 En direct : Israël s’apprête à accentuer la pression militaire dans la bande de Gaza

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