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White House Warns Time Is Running Out For Ukraine Amid Republican Congressional Inaction

The absence of U.S. funding has significantly limited the ability of Kyiv to defend itself, U.S. officials said.


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FL GOP Rep. Maria Salazar Takes Credit For Children’s Hospital Funding She Opposed

“I am thrilled to have secured over $1.4 million to provide cutting-edge medicine to children,” said the Florida congresswoman, who voted against this money.


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Trump plans to post only $100 million bond, asks for stay of 'punitive' $464M judgment in civil fraud case

"The exorbitant and punitive amount of the Judgment coupled with an unlawful and unconstitutional blanket prohibition on lending transactions would make it impossible to secure and post a complete bond," defense lawyers wrote in the filing. "Appellants nonetheless plan to secure and post a bond in the amount of $100 million."


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Judge in Trump civil fraud case received envelope with white powder

The envelope was addressed to Justice Arthur Engoron, who imposed a nearly half-billion dollar judgment against Trump.

Justice Arthur Engoron was never in any danger, sources said.


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"I shudder when Mitch McConnell is considered a last Republican of reason left in Congress!"

  • Aure

Mitch McConnell To Step Down As Senate Republican Leader in November


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Pentagon considering tapping last source of Ukraine military funding ($4B) as Congress stalls on additional aid


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A 5.50 magnitude earthquake has occurred near AK, United States at 10:50!


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"What the f*ck is that!"

  • Ukrainian soldier as he films

Ukrainian troops film disc-shaped UFO hovering over warzone


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Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-Colo.) oldest son was arrested on Tuesday and faces 22 criminal charges, including five felonies, following a string of alleged thefts in Colorado.
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Real Time Trump Debt Tracker

Turns out, being a piece of horse dung can be very expensive!

Let's see how much Donald Trump owes in court judgements.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GOP #Politics #USA #Trump #MAGA #Republicans


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Temps Hit 100F in Texas!

Wildfires across the Texas Panhandle force residents to evacuate, seek shelter

Firefighters are working to contain the ongoing spread of wildfires as red flag conditions persist.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #Texas #Breaking #BreakingNews #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange


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Trump lawyers fail to wring out testimony from ‘star witness’ in Fani Willis hearing

Terrence Bradley says he was only ‘speculating’ about a relationship that now threatens an election interference case in Georgia


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House Republican hardliners are trying to block a permanent budget deal to trigger automatic spending cuts through the recently enacted Fiscal Responsibility Act.

Congress faces two expiration dates for government funding, the first of which is on Friday and could result in a partial government shutdown.

Analysts note that fiscal stimulus has been key to averting recession, and sudden spending cuts could rattle the economy's teetering recovery.


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@lizstl13 Elizabeth, good point! Thank you.

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Wildfires spread through the Texas Panhandle and Oklahoma

The Smokehouse Creek Fire in Texas exploded in size, growing from 40,000 acres to 200,000 acres in just six hours.
#AureFreePress #News #press #headline #GlobalWarming #climatecrisis #climatechange #BreakingNews #Breaking


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The Russian army temporarily reduced the pace of its offensive during the cleansing of Avdeevka, but continues to advance west and north-west of the city, - ISW

Russian soldiers have a relatively fast pace of attack. They are trying to advance before the Ukrainian Armed Forces gain a foothold.

Russia may capture settlements to the west and north-west of Avdiivka.

They may be hindered by difficult terrain, where the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be able to stop this offensive.

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How The Domino's Fall...

  1. Putin Orders Trump
  2. Trump Tells Johnson
  3. Johnson Blocks Aid Bills
  4. Ukrainians Die
  5. War Moves Closer to NATO
  6. More US Lives at Risk
  7. NATO / Russia War Closer
  8. Trump Win = NATO's Loss
  9. Putin Wins, Wins, Wins


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Hunting Russian Shaheds at night in Ukraine.

Each downing saves a strike on a civilian target.


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The body will thank you: an exercise that will help eliminate spinal kyphosis


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The most compact two-seater electric car was presented in Switzerland

The length of the electric vehicle is 2.5 m and the width is 1.47 m. Weight is less than 600 kg.

The car has a steel unibody structure and a 6 kW engine. The Microlino Lite is classified as an L6e vehicle, so anyone with an AM class moped license (eg teenagers over 14 years old) can drive one in Europe.

On one charge, the electric car can travel up to 177 km.


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@AlejandroP AlejandroP, that's a perfect word to use - squished. Thank you for your comment!

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@brie Brie, I saw a rusted out version that sold for $11,000. I think top speed was about 45 mph. It's amazing that design is making a comeback. Thank you for your comment!

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A natural disaster has been declared in more than 60 counties

The fire COVERED 200,000+ acres (over 809 sq. km).
Rescuers and police continue to evacuate people from dangerous areas.

There have been no reports of casualties.

According to local police, dozens of houses and several farms have burned down.

The cause of the fire is said to be fire-hazardous weather, which was created by record heat, dry air and gusty winds.


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