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Teri (California, USA) has been reviewing the house expenses. It is her expert opinion that there should be room for more cat snacks.


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This is MY cloud cushion, I use it as I want :blobcatcoffee:

#cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #mastocats

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So I just got back from Bali 🌴 ... and the first thing I see when I get home is my mom attempting to feed mommy cat using a spare floor tile we had in the storeroom :neocat_confused:

Context: I've been trying to find the perfect surface to feed the cats because they sometimes ignore food if they can't pick it up within a few licks. So I've been experimenting with different feeding surfaces.

My mom's logic was that since the cats like to pick up wet food and drop it on the floor before eating, why not serve food on a piece of tile instead?

As you can see, it didn't work... :neocat_facepalm:

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Got a pretty decent picture of the other day. A lovely cuddly boy.

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when you find a loaf on the street at 0:14 in the night

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in basket update:

The cat is in the basket.

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Defender Oleksandr Lyashuk and cat Shaybik congratulate all the wonderful people who support Ukraine on Vyshyvanka Day! 💙💛

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Real progress! Our tabby named Sunday and our black cat named Peck are eating together, side by side. Not long ago this would have been impossible. There would have been hissing and fighting. But Sunday has come a long way in accepting Peck and the other 3 little foundlings into her life.

mrcompletely, to Cat
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An unexpected but clever development on the Esther front: she's shifted from one purple sleeping surface to another, better lit one. Kind of a loose stance here but a bit of extension and as always with Esther the sweetness is in the details: the little whiskers and ear highlights and such. I feel like there's more potential here. Stay tuned

Same cat and chair, close up.

mrcompletely, to Cat
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Good news, unexpected sunlight means Jumpy has attained a very tight tuck position in his favored office-bed window spot. If you're going to contend with a basic approach like this you have the nail the technique and I think Jumpy is showing his veteran experience here, 14 years in and the cat knows how to nail a perfect curl and tuck.

Same cat, from behind, shown by windowsill

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Starts today, use this thread and the hashtag.

My crew has nothing to offer as of yet.

Saving it up I hope !!

Sleep On !!!

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@tor_haxson Esther is in position and warming up. No sleep yet but it's coming

Nimes, to animals French
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PAPRIKA, 5 ans, est un chat pot de colle et très affectueux, qui demande beaucoup de caresses. Il est propre. Il a vraiment besoin de compagnie humaine. Il est stérilisé.

N'hésitez pas à contacter sa famille d’accueil pour pouvoir le rencontrer, numéro que vous trouverez en cliquant sur le lien : ⤵️

evelynefoerster, to Cat
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RIP Mars, 2010 - 2024
This morning I found Mars run over by a car. I miss him very much. We got him from the shelter and he showed his gratitude every day. He was cuddly, playful, a rascal and very curious. Wherever I was, Mars wasn't far away and he spent many cuddly hours on my lap. I am stunned and incredibly sad. My heart is broken and I am crushed 🖤
Goodbye Mars, miss you, Thank you for love 😭 😿

Mars, black cat, sitting on Paving stones, looking curious left
Mars, black cat, sitting on Paving stones, licking one of his front paws

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Pax is conked out for the evening. Time to say good night or good day to all our Mastodon friends!

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Do you have a cat and do you feed it pouches of food and do you tear open those pouches with your hand at the point that is specifically made for tearing instead of cutting them with scissors and does the cat food juice spray across your hand almost every time you open it or is that just me?

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et toujours pas de CW ou de niark niark niark...

cat_news, to Cats
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Dinner isn’t coming fast enough, and unable to stand being ignored, Roland (Greater London, UK) has decided to ignore his human back. He is now sitting with his back to them.


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