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This one is up at the entrance to my friend's place, a really magnificent painting of a pug, this one is perfect for anyone out there who loves pug and'd like to have a nice large rendering of one in their place. It is affordable too so let me know if you like this one and want some more info on it! ~

a close-up photo of the pug's face

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'Screaming Elephants'
oil paintings on canvas, hand-painted by my friend A, on display at the studio + gallery he works at downtown, about a ten minute drive from my home. If anyone is interested in this set of intense wildlife artwork, let me know! ~ #art #arts #artwork #elephant #elephants #animals #nature #naturelover #naturelovers #supportthearts #supportlivingartists #handmade #illustration #artmarket #artforsale #artfinder #mastoart #artistsonmastodon #painting #paintings

another black and white elephant painting, an elephant rearing its head back and screaming, white paint and grey and black paint splattered about , lots of thrashy energy in it

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I've got something really special to present to all of u out there, get a nice look at this one below. My mom just sent me an e-mail w/some photos of available , this amazing one below measures 52 x 72 in (133 x 183 cm), it is nice and large and'll cover a large bed nicely. It's affordable + easy for her to send to u so please contact me if u can envision taking a very stylish nap under this one! ❤️🤍🩷

the quilt seen from the right side at a different angle
the reverse side of the quilt, different sized red and tan floral prints all sewn together in a cool geometric composition
a close-up of the face of the quilt

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My latest blog post is about the Kirby amigurumi plush I made for my brother's birthday! It includes the patterns I used and some bonus Woobles pics at the end 🦁 🦊 🦖

#handmade #crochet #kirby

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Look at how pretty this orange cream soap turned out! 😍

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"In crafting, there's a simple truth: what we create with our hands, we also build with our hearts. Through this process, the maker and the made forge an unbreakable bond." - Anonymous

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Let's spread some happiness with this colorful maple leaves in yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple happily dancing across the paper in this hand-painted acrylic painting.

See more here:

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Morning all. It’s Tuesday. Oh dear never mind. Have a pied flycatcher. xx

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"Your hands manifest the dreams of your mind. Let them not idle - for in creation, you find purpose." - Amara Kone

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I'm not sure I like how this batch of cotton candy soap turned out...I think they're a little too dark 😢 But they're all 50% off in my Etsy shop right now! 😉

Free shipping on orders $35+

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Is there anything more than a willow (or other natural fiber) basket? I use the for , plant supports, living fences, , kindling, garden terraces and so much more. Cutting it makes it grow vigorously. It’s grows wild in the ditch or creek and in cultivation in the field. It composts! I keep discovering new uses every day.

Basket under construction in the snow
Handmade willow basket holding green beans
Woven willow structure holding compost

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Did you ever want to give a lil egg with lil arms and lil legs a new home? Now is your chance! My shop has a total of 3 crocheted that wait for a new home. It could be yours!


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"Creativity is not a competition; it's the heart's gift to the world. In every handmade piece, there’s a story of culture, creativity, and connection." - Anonymous

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Discover the Coconut Ginger Almond Shave and Shower Soap! Enjoy a rich lather with nourishing ingredients perfect for shaving or indulging in a luxurious wash. The scent combines ginger, lime, coconut, almond, and vanilla. Featuring coconut oil, known for its moisturizing benefits, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed.

#verdantgent #CoconutOil #LuxurySoap #ShaveSoap #Vegan #Handmade #SkinCare

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"In the world of handmade, imperfection is beauty. Making something with time, tradition, and skill, imbues objects with soul and love." - Unknown

#Handmade #Artisan #Creativity #SoulfulCrafts #ImperfectionIsBeauty

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