deaduser, to animals Polish avatar

Moje wsparcie przy pracy...
#catsofmastodon #blackcat #because_cat

golgaloth, to Cats avatar
ashleyspencer, to random avatar

Nikita has already blessed the new Autistic AF pillow with her fluffy fur.

Lichtenbergian, to animals avatar

I ask yet again: Why are there animals in my house? #CatsOfMastodon

cowboycatranch, to Cats avatar

"For a girl her age, her blood values are impressive."

Annual exam results from the veterinarian today.

Pumpkin, 15 (with us for the last almost 8 years):

Jennifer, to animals avatar

Tiny Cat had a hard day. #CatsOfMastodon

littlemiao, to Cats avatar

He needs a smooch on the forehead 😽

nekoow_, to mastodon avatar

Hi People of Hope you all have a nice day♥️ I was sick for the past few days 😢😔 Include me in your prayers..

trillium, to animals avatar
ogdimora, to Cats avatar

And here we have Mama Prudence saying "what good is having kids if you can't use them as pillows??" 🤣

(That's mama on top of daughter Ingrid in front, and son Boris in back. And yes, her kids really ARE that much bigger than her.) 😻
#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

jeridansky, to animals avatar

A sleepy Tennessee extends one paw so you can appreciate his toe beans. #ToeBeansTuesday #CatsOfMastodon #today

Greenseer, to photography avatar

Wiped out by eventful & somewhat rewarding day. Began by piercing both my ear lobes (yes, I know what I'm doing). Long walk, delayed by thunder and hail, eventually took place. Climbed very high. Many more pics to follow tomorrow (too tired now). Probably saved a life (yes, really). Found a lady in her 70s, unconscious on lonely country road, bleeding heavily from head wound, after fall over 9ft wall. Long story.. details unnecessary. Anyway, a couple of teaser pics..

Steeply sloping and rocky hillside in foreground, short yellow green grass. Distant slope rich oranges and brown. Far distance, valley floor far below, lush green fields and woodland. White clouds and some blue sky on horizon. All sunlit

Greenseer, avatar

And finally, the beginning. The one who started all the trouble and tempted me to cheat on Dotty. A feline spirit on an empty country road I saw at the beginning of my walk

(also a pic, sadly a little out of focus, of a wild orchid I spotted)


Spike of purple flowers rising from leafy base close to ground. Leaves spotted. Identified as Dactylorhiza fuchsii, one of Europe's most common wild orchids. In a grove of its own with surrounding mosses and low tree branches overhanging. Dappled light and blue skies seen through gaps in canopy above

KydiaMusic, to animals avatar
markarayner, to Cat avatar
Randon_Ashcroft, to Cats avatar

My little Princess Luna napping💕, apparently the wind outside is more calming than I’d give it credit for.

SteveThompson, to Cat avatar
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LilianaP, to animals Portuguese avatar

Tabby is Hope and the furry black is Blue. #CatsOfMastodon

LilianaP, to animals Portuguese avatar

Yo Yo. I have 5 black cats.

nekoow_, to mastodon avatar

Look at this adorable cute little kittens 🥺♥️

#Mastodon #Fediverse #CatsOfMastodon #kittens #kindnessmatters #MastoCats #Cats #today #Boost

shanoreily, to Cats avatar

Vampire kitty doesn't look terribly trustworthy today.

chrissie_c, to animals avatar

RIP Eddie. 15yrs 11 months. Wonderful Siamese cat. He was bright, friendly, loving and a rather distressingly good (and innovative) killer of small birds and rodents.

He was also an excelltent drummer.


maou, to Cat French avatar

This is my left back paw :blobcatcoffee:

Even my back paw is cute :blobcatheart:

EricIndiana, to animals avatar
RickiTarr, to random avatar

What if the weird thoughts I have popping into my head are animals trying to telepathically communicate with me?

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