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Reflectix brand radiant barrier > Home Depot (Everbilt) radiant barrier, in terms of quality, by far.

lukaso666, to diy Polish avatar

🎵 :anarchismred: 💚

Kontraŭaj al sistemo
Kun helpo por la Tero!


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More attempted music - Robin Trower - Day of the Eagle.
#guitar #music #homeRecording #DIY #coverSong
Rock what you've got.

ai6yr, to diy avatar

DIY stucco repair - repainted around the new sliding glass door. Will see how it looks as it ages, blended this into the existing stucco in hopes it will age better.

Wider view of wall showing matching colors seem to blend in well... at least today

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🎵 🔥 :anarchismred:

nowy, świeży GRIDE!!! morawska bomba prosto w twoje uszy!
na gigach będzie jeszcze lepiej!



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🎵 🔥 😈

ANCST | Razed Eden

teledysk - killer! ku przestrodze...


#DIY #muSICK #black_metal #metall #blackened #crust

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I hope y'all are having a happy Pride Month so far.

docpop, avatar

If you live in SF, Sour Cherry Comix has a ton of great pride events happening. Creative workshops, readings, and lots of comic book related events #SanFrancisco #PrideMonth #DIY #Comics

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🎵 😈 🔥

EGZEKUCJA | Ordo Predatorum

kapela Sławka z ex-S.A.T.A.N. - mocarne, pokombinowane granie, trudne do zaszufladkowania; kompozycyjnie kojarzy się nieco z wrocławskim EVILem.. mniej blastów, więcej ciężaru - polecam!



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Here's a quick little #craft #project you can do that is sure to delight any and all guests!

#Friday #funny #horror #crafty #ArtsAndCrafts #DIY @horror #MotherSuspiriasMorningMeme

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It's done: The wireless version of the button. An Touch ID button, freed from its old and defective keyboard, built into its own case. Now usable with every keyboard you want to use. The battery can be charged via the lightning port.😃

You’ll find the model on :


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Does anybody have some experience with cloning a fob with a flipperzero ? The original has been read and presents itself as EM4100.
Is that possible at all ?


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🎵 🔥

Her​ä​tys :anarchopunk:

rewelacyjny mix suomi hardcore punk z lat 80-tych ze szwedzkim d-beat napierdalaniem - ogień! prawdziwy scandi punk as fuck! 💥


#DIY #muSICK #finnish #punk #d_beat #hardcore #scandi_punk #Suomi #Sverige

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🎵 😈 🔥

VANSINNETS MUN 🇸🇪 | Demon2022

szwedzka d-beat metal-punkowa miazga 💥



eyeinhand, to diy avatar

Even a little stone work is a lot of work. Been putting off finishing these posts for years. Finally got around to it.


Thankfully the pain in my back and hands won’t last as long as the posts will.

A craftsman style post seems to float on a cylinder of concrete next to a garden and porch.
Closeup of the concrete cylinder base with a poured footing ready.
Finished post with laid stone base next to lush garden plants.

acetone, to diy Polish

Przestrzeń w której działam ucierpiała w wyniku wczorajszej powodzi. Udostępniam link do zrzutki ze szczegółowym opisem i zwracam się z prośbą o wsparcie. Z góry dziękuję.

ubo, to diy German avatar

In der Vergangenheit hab ich zwar schon so ziemlich alle Heimwerkerjobs erledigt, aber bei der Wasserinstallation hab ich wenig Erfahrungen. Zwei in Offenstellung festsitzende Eckventile unter einem Waschbecken zu ersetzen klappte dann aber doch problemlos. Armatur, Siphon etc. kann ich so im nächsten Schritt ersetzen.

escuco, to diy German avatar

Da ist der Flipper - ich bin sehr happy, dass er nach vier Monaten Bauzeit fertig ist 🚀

Hier geht es zum Bau-Blog, falls ihr mal nachlesen wollt, was alles drin ist:

NeadReport, to diy avatar

Y'all need to follow @MLE_online because she shares cool (real sleep) dreams and the repurposing of things; along with photos and details of any of her given creative journeys. No fluff about her stuff. Read up!

ridetheory, to kindle avatar

Made myself a case for my old Kindle; bought black craft foam and contact cement from Michael's for a couple dollars, cut it to fit a swag giveaway knock-off Moleskine notebook I got while temping at a trade show years ago. A strip of black grosgrain hides the exposed binding where I tore out the notebook pages. This is version 2.0, after my wife suggested the single tab at the top.

I had a nice-looking, vintage book case, but it wore out. Hence the replacement.

My homemade Kindle cover, open. The Kindle is held in place by black craft foam. There are two triangular pockets which hold the bottom of the Kindle. The top of the ebook is kept in place with a singular triangle tab at the center top.

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(please boost!) - I would like to buy a flat, key-sized, USB-C flash drive. Does anyone know a flash drive manufacturer making USB-C drives with the same form factor as this (pictured) style of Yubikey?

webbj, avatar

I decided to it from a SanDisk Dual Drive, by removing the swivel jacket and drilling through the USB Type-A connector. Seems fine in my Orbitkey.

A compact key organizer containing a house key, a thin security key, and a USB flash drive.

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[Crochet] j ai besoin d'aide pour comprendre un patron de crochet je dois faire des tentacules de poulpes. Le patron est en anglais et je ne m en sors pas ...
Ch. 61, turn work, 2nd chain from hook HDC 3, (Bobble, HDC 2) x19 (60) FO, ends can be left out or weaved
Quelqu'un (e) peut il m'expliquer en français ? Merci d'avance 👍

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